Morning Buzz: Is A Motivated USC Team In Texas?

USC arrived in Texas and the big question is how motivated the Trojans will be for the game.

Caleb Williams seems to want to play in the game, which is a good sign. It’s still hard to imagine USC will be as motivated as Tulane.

“We want this game and this week to be reflective of the journey we’ve been on the last 12 months,” Lincoln Riley said Tuesday.

The part of the journey USC doesn’t want to reflect is the defense.

  • USC gets to practice in vast AT&T Stadium today for its first Cotton Bowl practice in Texas.
  • It won’t quite match Lane Kiffin donning a sombrero at the Sun Bowl but Riley was given a cowboy hat by the Cotton Bowl on Tuesday.

73 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Is A Motivated USC Team In Texas?

  1. One question: Why would this team —which has come SO far from the 4-8 mess that Clay and Donte created in 2021— be unmotivated in front of the largest audience it will enjoy all year?

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    1. It would hard to be motivated when you were one win from the playoffs and now you get Tulane, plus kids not playing and transferring, college football is a mess.

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      1. I mostly agree with Buddha.
        If you would’ve stated we’d be playing in the Cotton Bowl before season started, I’d say motivation would not be an issue. BUT, considering everybody was making plans to play NYE, I’m concerned that there will be a a let down and/or overlooking a non-traditional football power in Tulane. This is on the coaches to have players fired up. We need the exact opposite of a Clay Helton prepped team on Jan 2.

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    2. Really MG, what about SUCC vs UCLA in front of a sold out RB crowd of 71k and change.

      Remind MG why would Tixan’s pay more than a $1.25 a ticket to watch Clown U vs Tulane in the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl. I mean the last time the bozos showed up in Tixas they “shocked the world” losing to Alabama, in Jerry’s House 52 – 6. The bozos didn’t even score a TD.


      1. Stop the embellishing! …The game was 10k short of a sellout…..82k is the general admission sellout number listed on the ruin’s site

        Let’s not forget this attendance record…..ouch!

        On Sept 22nd, UCLA football set a program low for single-game attendance at the Rose Bowl during its 45-17 win over Bowling Green in Week 1. Only 27,143 fans purchased a ticket for the game, snapping a record that has stood for roughly 30 years.

        According to a recent press release, Abbott will bus 20k tourists from south of the border to fill the vacant seat at the Taco bowl of El Paso, due to a lack of ticket sales.

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    3. USC gets all the breaks, they skipped through an easy regular season schedule, and end up playing a patsy in a bowl game. 😂😂. Lucky Lincoln is his name, being overrated is his game .. Lmao 😂


  2. btw, Colin Cowherd’s Super Bowl prediction [actually multiple Super Bowl prediction] for the Denver Bronco’s solidifies his football knowledge reputation…

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      1. Crabs, you stinking, imbecilic morphydite, UCLA has never lost a home game (Or any game) to a 41 pt., ‘dog.

        Stanford 22 – Clown U, the 41 pt., favorite 21 @ the crumbling mausoleum.

        Who could forget Little Petey Pom-Pom in that after the humiliating defeat, press conf. He was gulping for air like a dying mackerel, on a seagull shit covered San Pedro pier.

        Little Petey still doesn’t know what Harbaugh’s deal is or was.

        #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or Bust. Shock the world bozos, score a TD. Try not to choka, choka, choka, choka choke Clownsters.

        O/U Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl attendance: 20k

        Somewhere on earth Crabs, it’s 13 minutes to 9……LOL

        SUCC men’s BB…….OOOOOOOOOOOOOOferever and proud of it.


      2. He gets a mulligan from me right up his juicy Ass,because my my fat stank wife can’t handle my boner. He gives them much more air-time than they deserve, which makes me jealous 😢


      3. Wait, you have this backward! I can’t handle my wife’s “boner”…. Usually, for about a week, I don’t fart the same. But it hurts “so-good”

        I label you envious!…..(butt-dart).


  3. Motivation can be found in many forms. Hugs used to praise the heck out of his worst players and he got them motivated. Toa was so motivated he put extra zing and sent the snap into the opposition’s end zone, just for being told he was Helton’s great love of his life. The offensive coordinator was motivated so much he played defense and the defensive coordinator played offense. Helton’s motivation techniques were peaceful and useless.
    Riley uses a different technique. He praises sparingly until the players actually earn it. He doesn’t kiss his players like his immediate interim predecessor did. He treats them like men. He keeps it real. There are plenty of reasons to play well at the cotton bowl. The national audience, for one thing, is a free tryout for those eyeing a future as a pro. The chance to bring home a bowl trophy and maybe pickup some recruits is another motivation. And as spoken by Travis Dye, having the most fun playing football ever. If Dye could run on his mending ankle he would be out there. For Riley, motivation is about playing a game the best possible way and not some gibberish platitudes spewed by a second string quarterback and his confused coordinators.
    Oh, I made it home in one piece. I brought the rain back with me.

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      1. Anything up your kazoo Crabs, motivates you. Especially the $0.05 payment you charge to spread wide.

        Crabs bends over for horny chihuahuas.


    1. Nailed it, Ed. And you’re not the first person to discover this amazing approach to sports. I loved it so much when Knute told his Notre Dame players, “If the other team scores first let’s roll over and die.”

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    2. ugh,u iz so troo john,wen things do go awl waiz rite fir me i jussed givv up and go suck da first peenus I see. Btw, I’d like to jiggle ur balls if I may. 😃


      1. How many months later is it now that you are still posting as impostors, which everyone presumably finds sophomoric and not even close to humorous?

        Ed clearly got under your skin by referring to you as “old penis breath” and your only response is to further make a fool of yourself by posting crass comments.

        And I’m guessing he doesn’t care what you have to write since I don’t think he has ever responded to you.

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    1. “Master Your Mind & Defy the Odds.”


    1. Speaking of “misery”…..The shar pei lives it every day! She’s changing your diaper multiple times a day, taking you in and out of the highchair for daily feedings, and forced to listen to your obnoxious political rants.


  4. One thing I haven’t seen spoken of this year is the value of the bowl practices. When Pete Carroll was here he valued the opportunity to have a few more weeks of practice that were used to really develop younger players for next season. Not making a bowl game in recent years really hurt that development. And those players getting more reps will certainly be motivated in this game.

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    1. 100%. Helton used Holiday Bowl practices to urge players to adopt Bill Murray’s mantra in “Meatballs”: “It just doesn’t matter…”


      1. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall the last bowl game we played in. The loss to Ohio St. stands out for all the wrong reasons…..maybe that was our last bowl game?


    2. …but Pete was usually playing in the Rose Bowl (a USC favorite) or in the Natty Champ game….

      So many of these bowl games are only for the ESPN money.
      Schools get money, ESPN gets money, the host town gets a few tourists to show up between Christmas and NYE.

      The players get dick.

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  5. Scooter,

    If the team is not motivated, why would the fans be? Game starts at 10:00 A.M. on Monday. The Rose Parade is not even over and they are playing ball. I will watch, but I better have a gallon of Mimosa ready.

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      1. Michael,

        Just treat News Years night as you would if you were studying for the bar, stay up all night and drink plenty of coffee so you won’t miss the game. The game will be either 7 or 8 A.M. your time. Too early usually, but it is SC football

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  6. Motivation will not be a problem when the best player on the team- who happens to be the best player in college football decides to play in spite of the risk of injury. That said, confidence is going to be more problematic when you need played to step up and finish for a complete game. Not just a quarter, half or three quarters. Missing guys and having time to find their replacement is what this staff has shown this year that they are more adroit at coaching than the previous staff.

    I expect a ten point win. Tulane is UCLA at best.

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  7. Motivation, ‘I don’t need no outside stinkin’ motivation,’ ‘I got all the motivation I need right inside me, football may be a team sport but it gives me a chance to stand-out as an individual player for the pro scouts not to mention a lot of people watching on t.v. including my grandma’
    ‘Motivation,’ get that talk out of here’

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    1. THAT’S the John we know & love ….


  8. Michael G. – if not for your work in the field (spotting Owns and Scott together), we would’ve had to conclude that they were the same person. #SeparatedAtBirth

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      1. Better than you Crabs, your harelip face had to be separated from the AH of one of your nine swine siblings.


  9. They will be motivated because this is a whole different culture at USC. Those days of helton are over, these players actually play to win. Unless they can’t tackle.

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    1. If our offense does it’s part, the defense will be fine…


  10. This is has to be Tulane’s biggest bowl game since WW II (?) and there is zero doubt Tulane will be up for this game. With that being said, I would have preferred to play an OG school. I don’t want to see a Boise St v Oklahoma type bowl game.

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