Pick The USC-Tulane Score

With the Cotton Bowl such an early kickoff, you can start predicting your score now.

This is a tough game to call: If USC comes out motivated and Caleb Williams is 90 percent, the Trojans can win. But if it goes through the motions, Tulane could win big.

I guess it depends on how much you think this game means to USC?

Did you know Tulane left the SEC in 1964? How much different would it be if it stayed? Or would it have merely been Vanderbilt? The difference is Tulane was a national power in the 1920’s and 1930’s.


74 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Tulane Score

  1. This is a meaningless game!
    Keep Caleb on the sidelines and play the other QB’s.
    They all need game time experience and it will keep them motivated and on campus!


    1. Why would you keep the best player in college football on the bench? Have you listened to any of Caleb’s recent comments to the media? No disrespect, but you need to get up to speed.

      How can this be a meaningless game when you claim- “They all need game time experience and it will keep them motivated and on campus”

      I don’t know any true USC football fan that would not expect USC to bring their “A” game and win this game…..it would be a significant letdown for any Trojan supporter

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      1. You’re talking like a selfish football fan!
        Would you like to see Caleb pull up limping and re injure his previous injury?
        Sounds like you’ve never played football at this level. If you did, you know you have to be very cautious while the injury sorts itself out and heals.
        You want Caleb 110% for next Fall!
        It sounds like you’re out of your league
        With your criticism!


      2. You’re talking like a selfish “know-it-all”

        Would you like to see Caleb sit on the bench and not to knowing if he’ll pull up limping and re-injure his previous injury?

        Sounds like you’ve never played football at this level. If you did, you know players play through this type of injury all the time….you have to be very cautious while the injury sorts itself out and heals, and 8 weeks is plenty of time for a grade 1 hamstring to heal, according to expert medical sources

        You want Caleb 110% for next Fall, and playing isn’t going to further damage a strained hamstring, …..get educated!

        It sounds like you’re out of your league
        With your criticism!


    2. There is no such thing as a meaningless game or practice. When you take the field you go all out and try to win the game or get better in practice. When you go half ass is when you get hurt.

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      1. This game is really hard to predict. I honestly wouldnt be surprised with a Tulane blowout, or a USC blowout. I’m going with a USC blowout, assuming Caleb is close to 100%. I think this team is still learning and that extra month of practices took them to a new level. But more than that, I would love to see players like Domani and Raesjon get playing time and make some big plays.

        This also depends upon whether the o-line has come together in the new formation. If the o-line and defense have taken strides, it could be a great game for USC.

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    1. gametv, agree with everything except about not being shocked if we get blown out. Losing , I’d say a decent possibility as the spread odds state as such, but even with Moss & a makeshift line, no way getting blown out by an American Athletic Conference team…unless Helton is made honorary HC.

      USC 38
      Tulane 24

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  2. I remember when tulane had very good teams and back then Rice had good teams and they had all americans…SC had them at the same times and still do ; SC will win by 2-3 td’s if all is healthy with CW 45-31…if not then MM will have to deliver his 1st ever win,a closer game ,but SC 38-31. Look up Dicky Moegle of Rice Univ for an example, a Cotton Bowl winner from about the 1954-55 era, he died last year…

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  3. Guys — this game is un-predictable. We have no idea what the QB situation is. Everybody who plays will be up, no question. But we have a makeshift o-line and, perhaps, a relatively immobile QB.
    I know what Caleb is SAYING about his readiness —and I admire his attitude….BUT….do yourselves a favor and watch the practice video and judge for yourself what it means to see him throw that one pass off of ONE leg…and then hop. He would never throw a ball like that in a million years if he weren’t still feeling the effects of his injury.
    I give Lincoln credit for having the brains to have Moss ready to start, having a gameplan that compliments Moss’ skillset and having the entire offense ready to play on the same page if they have to go without Caleb [who, frankly, I can’t see withstanding one hard hit].

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      1. Dear Gabby,
        I’m forwarding your reply to Carol….
        [It’ll be fun if you reply to her]……


      1. Prediction: broken down to pre and diction (loosely, “before saying” ) my “prediction”consists of a shrug and a throat clearing followed by saying 34 – 28, one way or the other—with a USC lean, given the paucity of useful medical updates on key players. In other words: the score is impossible to predict.

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  4. USC will win ( that’s a prediction) However, in the sixty or so years of watching football’s bowls grow I do not remember a bowl game ever being an option for pro bound players. Until recently the game was a team effort. Now there are individuals who think their needs outweigh the needs of the team. So called stars who seek to dictate the team’s priorities. Many of these “stars” wouldn’t be included in McKay’s plans. It’s too bad the amount of entitlement being displayed by so called scholarship recipients.
    There are no meaningless games.

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  5. Poor Nicky!….. Always whining and crying, just like slo cal, because the CFP refused to give Nicky an exception and allow Bama to be the first 2-loss team to play in the CFP. They made the right choice!

    Nicky: “I think the way the team performed out there together as a group was something to prove,” Saban said. “I think we had a little bit of a taste in our mouth if we had a dominant performance, it would show people that we did probably deserve to do a little better than we did in terms of the playoff picture

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      1. He’ll be breaking in a new and unproven QB next season. I have no idea what direction it will go in from a performance standpoint. I do know, QB play over the last 5 or 6 seasons has been a strong factor in their overall success

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    1. Dumbass still doesn’t know the difference between whining & crying and laughing.

      Many of us on this blog LAUGH at the people who voted for not only what the country is going through, but much of the world. I laughed the hardest, so he cries the loudest in my direction.

      A shame he can’t admit that. But that’s why he often has to bring me up, even when I haven’t posted about this joke of an administration.

      It’s time for you 6:00 breast feeding! Go ask mom to whip them out.


      1. Same old shit just a different pile…..Get a new shtick!

        The part about my mom is childish, creepy, and perverted. You talk about taking the high road, yet the road continues to elude you.


      2. I promised to take the high road if that was what I got. If you’re going to continue to act like a child, that’s what you’ll get.

        So, KNOWING that if you act like a child, I’m going to remind you that it appears you’re still being breast fed and you know that’s coming…it would appear YOU are the sicko perv who WANTS to see it in black & white. You ask for it; Nothing is sicker than that.


      3. Joking aside, you’re talking in circles and make no sense at all. I have mentioned numerous times you fail to comprehend the context of what you’re reading.

        Then you respond in the opposite of what you preach….I can’t help but draw the conclusion you have some age-related memory and cognitive lapses. Hey, MG, and I will not think any less of you…..relax!

        No sugar coating it….. you’re experiencing early to advanced stages of dementia(Joe is laughing his ass off, you earned it)


      1. Took your word, MG, that the Port Wood Dalmore was worth the price over the 12 year old. Got the bottle yesterday and will have a taste, if we win tomorrow.

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  6. Our Defense has given-up a ton of yardage to the worst of the Pac12 and I don’t see us changing now. We are who we are…

    If Caleb plays: USC 49 – Tulane 45
    If Caleb sits: USC 31 – Tulane 45

    The Defense needs a strong showing for any potential transfers or highschool recruits who are still considering USC. The O line just needs to open a few holes for Raleek to have a breakout game! Hope they worked hard the last few weeks to come out as a cohesive unit and pound the green wave!
    FIGHT ON✌🏻

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  7. Scooter,

    It depends on which USc team shows up. If they revert to their old bad habits of being a helton team, they will lose. Also, this hired mercenary idea of players playing for themselves hurt. If Caleb plays with one peg leg, he will need to be pulled and Moss put in. If Moss comes in, expect t see u to blitz and play man coverage to rattle him. Also, the start of the game is in play. Lots of us will need mimosa’s to get started. The energy of the tv fan helps SC because the players feel the vibe from the tv audience. Right now what is important is to see the action and reaction and play from SC will they come out with vengance or will they lay an egg. TSEEU will come out with fire in their eyes and play for blood. Will SC come out with fire? if so, SC wins 45-32.

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    1. P. T.
      I only hope all USC fans understand the “players thrive on good vibes from the television audience” argument. I personally have always suspected that’s the way it works….obviously having 2 people believe this at one time confirms the theory. I could tell many stories about the bad things that’ve happened to the Trojans while I’ve taken the briefest of snack breaks. It’s imperative NO ONE get up to go to the bathroom during this game. The team needs us!

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  8. The Two Lane mascot is a pelican named Riptide. That name was given the pelican by the administration, overruling the preference of the student body which was Pecker. Not sure where the Green Wave came from. Possibly that bedroom scene in the Exorcist.

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    1. ..thanks, Rushmore…..tomorrow I’ll be smiling condescendingly at every televised reference to the “Green [Puke] Wave”….

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  9. USC 35 – Tulane 24. And, Miller Moss has a garbage time TD pass until Tulane rallies in the end to make it look respectable.

    You want to know why Tulane left the SEC? Its football players were making grades and could actually read. Something that wasn’t required of SEC players then. And, maybe even now.



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  10. What do you mean “if SC comes out motivated”? If they are not motivated, then they are a bunch of Clay Helton players who lack a championship attitude and maybe LR should start over and go out and get new players who want to play. Do you only play hard when you feel like playing?
    Personally, I think that if they are healthy they should all be out there. This stuff about how they can’t play because they have the NFL combines coming up and they have to save themselves for that event is BS. That all started with Christian McCaffrey, his senior year. He’s the first one I ever saw doing it and now everyone is doing it. They have an obligation to their teammates, coaches and fans.

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    1. 100% agree!…. The defense should be extremely motivated after their pathetic performance against Utah. Their self-dignity was crushed, and I see this game as a chance to regain some respectability, IMO

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      1. I hate to be the spoil sport but if Jordan Addison and Andrew Vorhees are healthy (and it appears that they are) they should be out there just like Tuli. You can’t just work hard all season, working with your teammates towards a goal and then skip out on them because it would be a better business decision to walk away from the team in the bowl game.
        If you want to do that…fine. But stop with all this baloney about the team being a “brotherhood” and “my teammates are my brothers”. You’re not brothers! Brothers take their place next to each other especially when they are in the frying pan. Brothers stand by each other. Instead of calling your teammates “brothers”, just call your teammates “business associates”.
        Can you imagine a soldier on the battlefield skipping out on his fellow soldiers because getting killed is not a good business decision. They have a term for that….it’s called “AWOL”.
        Could they get hurt and lose a lot of money…..YES!!! Life has it’s risks. But make sure you understand that there is only one thing important to you and it’s not friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, obligation…..it’s MONEY!!!!

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      2. You make some excellent points, as always. The word ‘AWOL” is the perfect way to describe it. Here’s the reality, if this was a CFP game these players, we all know who they are, would be front and center ready to battle. But the perception of this being a “meaningless game” shouldn’t change their mindset.

        USC gave these young men a free education and a vehicle to get to the next level(NFL). In return, they should show loyalty and dedication to finish, instead of bailing in the 11th hour….. Fight the good fight to the absolute end.

        Unless these guys are hold-outs over medical or academic reasons, they need to be suited up and contributing…..We as fans deserve it!

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      3. I agree. If you have listened (in between the lines) over the years to what these coaches have said when interviewed(from Pete Carroll all the way up to and including Clay Helton), you get the impression that during the season(Monday thru Saturday), these coaches sleep in their office and only go home on the weekends(and they only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night). I coached football at a major SoCal high school power and even there, during the season, the coaches got there at 5 in the morning and got home at 10 at night.
        After the Cotton Bowl the hardest part of the season is over for most of the players. Not so with the coaches. They must recruit and what happens in the Cotton Bowl will definitely influence their recruiting. It seems to me that these players owe these coaches just for all the time they spent preparing them and developing them so that they would be asked to come to the NFL combine. Loyalty should go before business decisions. I know that that is old fashioned. But that is the way I think and always will. There is some truth to the slogan, “it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks”.

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  11. God bless all you Trojans believers. I’m thinking slow start by the offense, Tulane goes up by the half. Second half? SC plays like monsters but Tulane keeps it close. Fourth Quarter? Depth takes over and USC is hearing Conquest and an astonishing 17 point win 48-31. Of course, I will not put a wager on this, thank you very much.


    1. Is it our o-line depth …or our d-line depth…. or our QB depth ….or our running back depth you’re referring to?


  12. Tulane runs the ball well, including their QB, so expect some gashing runs. I think USC defense plays hard and keeps the run game to under 200 yards. Yeah, not much of an accomplishment, but a winnable outcome. I’m not sure how talented are the QB and WR, but I think our pass rush and DB’s come up with some big plays.

    Riles will be smart and play some ball control with balanced run pass. Per FPI, Tulane is the third best defense USC will face this year, though none of the offenses which Tulane played against were notable. Hard to know where USC’s offense will settle in.

    USC 34
    Tulane 31

    I’m thinking a double shot of Woodford to celebrate a really fantastic season.

    Remind me, which University has the most Heisman trophy winners in history?

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  13. A better question may be the Over/Under on the Number of Punts by both teams. I’m guessing 3.5. I’ll take the under.


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