Lincoln Riley Proclaims Caleb Williams Fit; What About Defense?

Lincoln Riley proclaimed Caleb Williams fit for the Cotton Bowl.

“He is ready to go,” Riley said. “He has progressed maybe a little faster than what we anticipated. Certainly, very fortunate on our part that we had the opportunity to have a month, really, before this game. I mean, had it been even two weeks, I doubt he would have been available. And so that extra time has helped. And he’s practiced well really with no limitations, and we expect that he’ll play very well.”

And how is USC’s defense heading into its matchup with Tulane?

Alex Grinch said USC allowed 24 broken tackles in the Utah game and he’s trying to avoid a repeat performance Monday.

“We just evaluated that game, learned from our mistakes, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure we don’t repeat them,” free safety Bryson Shaw said. “We expect to make those plays. We don’t believe in getting lucky and getting the football popping out. We believe in making those plays happen and it’s something we really stress every day in practice.”


43 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Proclaims Caleb Williams Fit; What About Defense?

  1. Coach Riley calls it straight —-so I guess the stiff warm ups I saw weren’t really representative of where Caleb’s at……meaning he’s ready to scramble if he has to [which he will]….

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      1. Bet the farm big guy, and put something on the overs. Caleb could be going to set the Cotton Bowl record tomorrow for yards and td’s. This is the game LR uses the tight ends like crazy.

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      1. It’s occurred to me. The only thing stopping me from coming to that conclusion is —- Carol wouldn’t let them….


  2. Oh well Clownsters, Andyain’twinning trips, stumbles and falls to Wash. St. 81 – 71.

    I sight the loss because some SUCC rah-rah are pissed Wolf is ignoring Clown U BB wins. But, obliviously, Wash. St., isn’t a cupcake BB team.

    Now you know why he wasn’t impressed; some things don’t change.

    Cue: “How Much is that Doggy in the Window”


    1. Happy New Year and a prosperous 2033 to all my Trojan brethren. Today is a Red letter day because it was five years ago today where this blog witnessed the mother of all meltdowns when BruinRob completely lost his shit during the epic 22 point 3rd/4th quarter comeback against Penn State in the 2017 Rose Bowl. The genesis of this began a month previous during the Bowl game announcements when USC was selected to play in the Rose Bowl over Colorado, the Pac 12 runner up. Remember UW went to the CFP that year. The one little tidbit that BruinRob forgot was that USC defeated both UW and Colorado that season. As soon as I got home from the 52-49 Trojan triumph I checked Wolfman’s blog and you could see during the 3rd quarter BruinRob was strutting around like a peacock running his mouth like no other. As soon as the comeback began you could see the panic set in for BruinRob. This hit epic proportions when Boermeester split the uprights from 48 yards sealing the game. Just how big was this meltdown? Imagine Three Mile Island and Chernobyl times 100. Fast forward five years and BruinRob is still running his mouth on this blog every chance he gets. The reason for this is very simple to understand, BruinRob suffers from Trojan Derangement Syndrome. Many UCLA fans suffer from this syndrome, but BruinRob has taken it to an art form.
      Happy New Year and Fight On!

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  3. –In other news what is going-on here, all day long I have been waiting
    for the change in me from the old 2022-Model to the new ‘improved 2023
    More-Impassioned Good guy
    — But so far I don’t feel a thing

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  4. I hear more about basketball from the peanut gallery than from Wolf, who only interest in the men’s team is when they piss him off.

    I’m not confident in a rebuilt o-line and a stubborn DC who won’t get bigger linemen at least at d-line to spend cash on this game.

    UCLA? How did they lose to Pitt in the Tony the Tiger Bowl when Pitt was missing EIGHT STARTERS?!?!!

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  5. Oh by the way, Jim Harbaugh could join the Denver Broncos and become the highest paid coach in the NFL. And Michigan would take him back if he fails!!! Would you rather be Michigan or USC right now?!?!!


  6. the Lincoln said CW is ready to go & that is from his health stand point;
    the defense that is going to take the field is healthy too, and I have not read that any one is not going to play, except those who left the team for the portal;unlike the offense which has at least 2 starters who will not any longer be part of the team,by their choice.

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  7. Caleb’s agent needs to lock him in a room and throw away the key until after the game is over and needs to talk to him and make sure he doesn’t suit up for next season, Every play every down he is jeopardizing his draft status, Look what happened to Matt Barkley he came back and got hurt.


    1. Last week I was talking to this 94 year old homeless woman in the parking lot in front of Hawaiian Moons Grocery Store and she explained there was a bit of a speed, talent and strength difference between Matt and Caleb to begin with….and there ALWAYS would be….

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  8. USC will lose to Tulane. That part of the country is just tougher than you Southern California Powder Puffs!!


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