USC-Tulane Live Chat

Choke job.

It’s just awful here the final few minutes.

USC tacks on a field goal and it’s 45-30.

Tyjae Spears fumbled but not before he gained another 39 yards on that drive.

USC leads 42-30. Should be over, right? Right?

Brenden Rice with the nice TD catch and Tulane immediately comes back thanks to the atrocious tackling. It’s 35-30.

Tulane gets a field goal, which is a victory for USC.

An 80,000-seat stadium and the song girls are forced to be in the stands?

USC needs a kicker for next season too.

The second half begins and USC still can’t tackle. USC 28, Tulane 21.

Brenden Rice is the guy who is benefitting the most from Jordan Addison’s absence. His TD catch gives USC a 28-14 lead.

Who would guess a 39-yard rushing TD would stop the madness? Raleek Brown does the honors and USC leads, 21-14.

Korey Foreman on the initial coverage on the TD.

The USC defense has actually gotten worse throughout the season. How did it give up that 87-yard TD?Tulane ties it up, 14-14.

Tulane isn’t even rushing Caleb Williams and he throws an interception. Terrible decision.

Just when it looked like USC would blow Tulane out, the Trojans’ defense decides to make it a game. Is this the worst-tackling USC team ever? Tulane cuts lead to 14-7.

Who needs Jordan Addison?

Caleb Williams with the easy TD to Terrell Bynum. USC, 14-0.

Caleb Williams runs all over the field and then finds Brenden Rice for a 30-yard catch. His hamstring looks OK.

Courtland Ford, who lost his starting job early in the season, is called for holding.

Caleb Williams to Michael Jackson for the TD. USC leads, 7-0.

152 thoughts on “USC-Tulane Live Chat

  1. This game was a no-win situation. USC wins and it’s no big deal. USC loses and its a huge embarrassment and disaster. Number one, the D. Nightmare. Number 2, Riley slowing down the offense late in the game let the momentum go.

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    1. Also what’s up with slowing the game down and trying to run clock yet sweeping brown and he runs out of bounds then running a short boundary rout on third and 8 while tulane was starting to burn time outs. Those 2 plays alone take away tulane’s last 3 offensive plays if they both stay in bounds or even if the rout is nun 9 yards down field instead of 5. game over. But then should have never even been in that position.


  2. The wrong play call led to the safety. ….from there Tulane had the momentum….. Their defense was gassed but found an extra gear……

    Tulane didn’t win the game, we Lost the game due to poor tackling again…….MAJOR CHANGE MUST TAKE PLACE IN THE OFF-SEASON

    (where is my little bitch, slo troll?)

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    1. Shut the fuck up Fanboy, USC got their Ass kicked 😂😂😂. And those Fools thought they should be in the playoffs 😂😂😂😂


    2. You are so correct! A really dumb call on the safety. Jones was 5/6 yds.
      deep in the end zone. Riley is a loser when it comes to Bowl and
      playoff games. Grinch and Donte Williams must get fired immediately
      if not sooner. I feel bad for Caleb who could have sat it out to have the
      defense/special teams blow the game. How hard is it to teach tackling?


  3. Ah the bozos choka, choka, choka, choka, choka choke again. Some things don’t change.

    “IMHO, the Green Wave kicks bozo butt.”

    MG, don’t you hate it when I’m right.

    Cue: “Send in the Clowns”


      1. Since then Crabs, the Clownster’s are OOOOOOOOOOO “n” 2 or as I term it, back to back choke jobs.

        SUCC got another H/T winner but so what. Twenty years from now there will be no Clown U, Pac-12 Championship or Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl “we were choking chumps” FB reunion.

        Oh well Crabs, SUCC is comfortable with pathetic athletic humiliation.


      1. Just owns when was the last time UCLA had a Heisman trophy winner clown?. 1966 When was the last time USC played in a rose bowl game? 1998. So STFU, you’re just showing what a lame ass troll you are, as usual. Keep burning yourself clown. Get a fucin life. Always trying to bring USC fans down because you are a miserable human being. 48-45 scoreboard! There goes the victory bell again! Ding a ling!


    1. You guys, UCLA choked against Pittsburgh STFU owns. Number 1 Trojan stalker. Pathetic ass troll get a life!. UCLA still sucks and is irrelevant. A glutton for punishment on here that’s all you are, Bruin Rob. Go away!


      1. Oh no boogs, are you pissed ’cause your boys choka, choka, choka, choka choked again in a game they were favored? I mean the GW never lead until the final 9 seconds of the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl.

        Oh the OOOOOO “n” 2 humiliation. In essence, LR pulled an Andyain’twinning. And I only cost SUCC $10 million…..LOL

        #Stink on


      2. Lol UCLA has been a humiliation for 25 years now owns, lol. You are too senile, like our president to see it. Go choka choka on some soup. Your takes suck just like UCLA, owns. It a new Year and UCLA is at home watching as usual along with their pathetic fans, that wish they we’re all Trojans. Fight on!


  4. Our defensive coaching, much schematically, is so embarrassing that I can’t imagine any 3+ star defensive player signing on to program. Lincoln Riley’s loyalty to this guy is a window into our future. Oklahoma 2.0 without playoff appearances. Not many CW’s in this world, so then what. If a change isn’t made immediately, then we have another Helton on steroids.

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  5. Defense and Special Teams…. AGAIN! All a Special Teams coach had to say was “don’t touch the friggin’ ball..let it roll into end zone” instead Mario Williams miffs it!

    Can we agree we need a Special Teams Coach, Mr. Riley? Instead of 3 WR coaches?

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  6. MG if you are out there …
    You will require my asserting copyright on
    At least on this, “I’m a visionary” (borrowing Martin Lawrence line from “Life”)
    Program was closer to being restored under Larry Smith (relative to that era). Defense and physicality are clearly less important now, but still count for something (along with discipline and acumen).

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      1. And more Helton “Stir of Echoes” …
        This season was obviously an improvement…but still a long way to go to undo the damage, and still many questions remaining as to whether this coach/staff will be up to the task…
        Think we’ll learn a lot about whether they are up to it by what transpires with the staff now.
        If nothing but talk – then OUsc it is…

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  7. The blame is totally on Riley. He is the one who wouldn’t hire a special teams coach and had to use a walk-on kicker with less than 50 yard range. Undersized D-line but plenty of wide receivers. There is a reason why he now has a 1-4 bowl record and never won a CFP game. But he did win another Heisman.

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  8. This is a blessing in disguise because there is no way we are in contention for a football playoff with this defensive coach! NO WAY! Riley has to make a change. Over the next month all he should be doing is researching and searching for a new DC period! Pathetic!!!!

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    1. It’s NOT a blessing—I’ll tell you why: If you can read faces Caleb was on the bench at the end thinking, “I’m stuck here for ONE more year —and I’m gone.”


  9. If Riley can’t figure out how to recruit, develop, and prioritize defense I don’t want him. Big time teams play big time defense, I have yet to see a Riley coaches team do this.

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      1. I understand giving up 40+ to the teams the caliber of this year’s CFP teams considering the quality of their QBs and 3 weeks of game planning …But to Tulane!?

        Georgia & Michigan we’re dominant throughout the year on defense and I wouldn’t be surprised if Georgia dominates on that side of the ball in the final.


    1. Not if Bohn tells LR to fuc off and hires his own DC. Sends a message he does the hiring and firing around Troy Athletics. Which I would like to see. No coach is bigger than USC. Period.


  10. The defensive line coach has to go also GT. They are missing out on top linemen out there. Also in recruiting and in the portal..


  11. Riley going conservative with about 6 minutes to go and then Mario making one of the dumbest plays I’ve seen in years.
    This falls squarely on Riley’s shoulders as he feels we don’t need a Special Teams coach AND he cannot recruit defense worth a crap.
    Riley needs to make changes at DC & Special Teams and get out there and recruit defensive players.

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  12. Not sure why the Clownsters making up chicken sh*t excuses for the humiliating last second choka, choka defeat.

    Next year, with essentially the same team, the pollsters will make Clown U FB the pre-season #1 team. The rah-rah’s will go nuts, strut their mighty, mighty SUCC stuff, and then piss and moan with chicken sh*t excuses why the bozos finish # 36 at the end of the season.

    #P.T. Barnum knew what he was talking about.


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