Say What? It’s The 17th Anniversary Of USC-Texas

It’s a cliche but how can today be the 17th anniversary of the USC-Texas game?

It really doesn’t seem that long ago to me. But maybe it does for you.

One of my pronouncements before that season was USC would never win a national title without Norm Chow. I also felt if USC had beaten Texas, it could have just kept winning national titles. Remember, USC was on the verge of making the BCS title game in 2006 before it lost to UCLA. Remember, also the playcalling in that game.

If Pete Carroll, Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin had not forced Chow out, USC probably wins national titles in 2005 and 2006 and who knows for how long.

That said, it still feels crazy to read the big USC-Texas game was 17 years ago.

34 thoughts on “Say What? It’s The 17th Anniversary Of USC-Texas

  1. Imagine if your Lincoln Riley and your at home this week, drinking your favorite adult beverage. Your phone rings and you answer it saying “hello?”

    On the other end of that phone is Jerry Rice. And he has Ronnie Lott on three way and they’d like to hear from you what your plans are for the future of the program. What do you think he’s telling them? What would happen next?

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  2. That’s why I’m not a big fan of Sark. Chow was his mentor. He owed everything to Chow. He played for Chow…..and then Chow brought him to USC as an assistant. Then after the 2004 season Sark, Kiffin and Pete Carroll plotted against him to make Sark and Kiffin the play callers. They offered Chow, in name only, as assistant HC. It was a title and nothing else. Sark turned against someone who did so much for him. I’m not a big fan.

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    1. I agree totally and I have said that from the beginning. Those 2 numbskulls were drinking and chick cruzing buddies and probably cooked the whole thing up over cocktails. Thats why they are both bloated, divorced losers who were lucky to both fail up.

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      1. I think that Kiffin is a good HC. I’m not that confident about Sark. I think he will get fired in the next couple of years(a pretty good play caller but not a great HC). But that’s what I have always heard about Sark and Chow. If it’s not true, somebody should put an end to this rumor because that story has been going around for years.


      2. I have a feeling, having worked around them in the department at the same time, that Kiffin planted the seed since he was willing to do anything to move up latter. He had a partner in crime who was a Judis on the inside. Sark was pretty tanked most of the time so he would follow along with anything.

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      3. I can’t argue with you because I have no inside sources and I don’t know for sure what
        really happened. That’s just the story I have heard for years that Sark and Kiff backstabbed Norm Chow to get his job and Pete Carroll went along with it because PC could never work with anyone on a business like relationship. His coaches always had to be his good buddies. Sark was one of his best good buddies. I don’t think he even liked Kiffin but Kiffins father was one of PC’s main mentors and Lane was also probably Sark best friend so PC kept him around until Kiff decided to leave on his own.


    1. …cuz, prior to the 2 yard disaster play, White was gliding thru Texas like a knife thru butter…and it caused Pete to forget he was up against the best defense in College football …


  3. Because Reggie had enough glamour and ole Pete decided it was Lendale’s turn. I wonder where I’ve seen Pete do that before?


  4. 17th anniversary of Lorena Bobbitt also,

    When Lorena Bobbitt famously cut off her husbands wiener and drove across town with it, she decided to throw it out the car window and when she did it hit the windshield of the car behind her with 2 old ladies in it, the driver said “what kind of bug was that!?” and the passenger said,..

    “I don’t know but did you see the **** on that thing?!”

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  5. I have been watching for the final days of American-style football for decades now
    The “game” is so inherently dangerous that no country even allows it be played
    But Americans love their violence and so continues death-defying football
    Until somebody actually dies on the field of “play” or almost dies
    Resurrecting the idea of “Maybe our Past-Time is too violent to continue-on’


  6. Does anyone think it a coincidence that so close after the absolute collapse of the USC D in the Cotton Bowl that the Blogger decides to write about another “memorable” USC defensive collapse?




  7. –And so the argument of “American Football is too violent to be called true ‘football’
    may come to a close as a USAer footballer is hanging on for his life after a legal hit during a game which may kill him– a critical issue never before faced by the NFL with billions at stake and the Future of football on the line (Long live college football, a less violent sort)


    1. @ Lawyer John: When I was at USC, the coaches didn’t care that I had been hit in the head and my ankle was twice the size of the other one. They kept on telling me to “suck it up” and blamed my weight. Also, the “so-called” fans were ripping me to pieces in this blog. They were threatening to rape my mother and sister because I got hurt! Do I have a case against USC and the fans like that mother fu@ker Pasadenatrojan?

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      1. Yikes! What hell Mama, you could have pulled a Lott and cut your foot off above the ankle and continued to play.


      2. No, your performances at St John Bosco were so overrated that the idea you are a victim is quite the comedic relief we’ve been missing on this blog. How’s the Jenny Craig thing working? I hear Equinox is hiring.


  8. There were a lot of factors which contributed to the Texas win all those years ago. The refs admitted they blew two crucial calls, but they also went holding blind in the fourth quarter. I still believe that there is a psychological element in football that contributes to the collapse of a team. Norm Chow knew this well. He has a doctorate in psychology and he used it to win football games. He almost always took advantage of a turnover by going for the jugular. He knew when to put in the backup players, because it demoralized the opposing team implying they weren’t good enough to play the varsity team. He has said as much. A lot of coaches embraced Chow’s approach and very few figured it out. If he had the talent at HI he had at SC he’d have won more than he did.
    Now we have the everybody gets a trophy group in football. The kind of people who frown on the head coach trying to pick up on the pregnant wife of a school trustee, are running the show. The players are out to the highest bidder and the coaches are busy catering to the whims of entitled… oh sorry got off topic.
    Anyway the Texas game is over. We lost. Live with it. (I can’t)


  9. Can’t choke on something that never happened, eh? Fake News it is by the law of King Emmert, Lord of the Lilliputians!!!


  10. Seems like lots of Power 5 players entering the transfer portal in the last day or so. USC said to be in the running for a Miami OL and a Texas A&M DL. Would seem like the Utah RB from Cerritos coached by McDonald would be a possibility.

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