Rick Singer Sentenced To 3.5 Years

Rick Singer, the mastermind behind the Varsity Blues scandal, was sentenced to 3.5 years today.

The big question is whether Singer implicated anyone else . . . like from USC, perhaps?

It is the longest sentence handed down in the scandal that ensnared some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and put a spotlight on the secretive admissions system already seen as rigged in favor of the rich.

22 thoughts on “Rick Singer Sentenced To 3.5 Years

    1. The announced sentence is for the press. Things [i.e., length of time] change as soon as the public looks the other way.
      Big Question:
      Which will happen first —election of a new Speaker of the House or announcement of a new D. C. for USC?

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  1. Are there not more important cases to resolve like cold cases? What a waste of taxpayer money.

    Entry into elite schools have always been around. Big donors get their kids in do they not? Are not athletes allowed into schools with preferential treatment? This all became a problem because money was not going into the pockets of the institutions.

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  2. “…and put a spotlight on the secretive admissions system already seen as rigged in favor of the rich”

    Mr Wolf, you say this as is if it is a negative thing. Shame on you!


  3. Clown U prestigious? More like a run-of-the-mill, diploma mill, with highly inflated tuition chgs., and zero administration integrity.


    1. Didn’t a UCLA professor get shot repeatedly by his graduate assistant for stealing his ideas and research?

      Also, didn’t the UCLA hierarchy approve the surgery for one of Okinawa’s most dangerous Yakuza bosses at Ronald Reagan Hospital?

      I mean, I can go on and on for days about UCLA’s dirt like why Glorya Kaufman took her money from UCLA and sent it to USC. . .

      People in glass houses, smh.

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      1. …and that’s not even including the stuff happening on the floor of the UCLA Law School Men’s Room…


      2. Clown U runs a highly respected Trauma/Emergency Hospital. I’m just spitballing here, but 70% of the major Trauma emergencies are gang/thug related. A doctor’s Hippocratic Oath applies to all medical patients and necessities…..Dr. Geo. Tyndall excepted.

        The Yakuza patient has as much right to UCLA medical attention as law-biding citizen.

        Who the f**k is Glorya Kaufman? And why do I care?


      3. Cal 75, crypto collaboration by Berkeley was a mistake. I’ll just leave it at that. If they had any honor they’d decline the $10 million handout/ransom that the Regents extracted from UCLA.


  4. Looks like us whistle ass clean Berkeley boys are entitled to throw stones.
    If we ever had poor morals or ethics then please ignore my selective memory. It comes with age.
    I dated Morgan Fairchild. Yea, That’s the ticket.

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    1. Hi Cal75,
      Morgan Fairchild’s boyfriend, Craig Denault , was a bud of mine —we played CYO football together. He died a sad death. Very tragic.


  5. Heinel should have squeezed what she could out of the PA’s office – taken the initial offer and stretched it out as well instead of her losing her home in Belmont Shores to a purported high end criminal law firm – if Singer got 3.6 that’s the worst she’s facing. She’ll serve 21 mos. get out and have no home.


  6. I think this is a farce of a sentence. Yes, it’s serious because prison is serious. But this guy has been raking in over $15 million dollars in scam money. He obviously knew it was wrong but he greased the wheels of a criminal enterprise. The poor parents that were caught up in this were victims of this professional con man. The parents obviously had no idea how to go about their crimes without this guy leading the way. It’s pathetic that the law enforcement agencies let this go on for so long. This guy ruined the lives of many people and he was the center of the crime wave. I sympathize with the victims who he coerced into doing the wrong things. Without him, many of the crimes would never have happened. I was shocked when I heard about this case and I thought about the people who were involved and how they were not too many degrees afar.


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