Big Upset For Women’s Basketball

The USC women’s basketball team upset No. 2-ranked Stanford, 55-46, before 2,418 at the Galen Center.

USC snapped Stanford’s 39-game winning streak vs. Pac-12 opponents and this was the first victory for USC vs. a No. 2-ranked team or higher since 2008.

Destiny Littleton scored 18 points for USC, which shot just 27.3 percent from the field. USC was without leading-scorer Kadi Sissoko, who has been injured.

19 thoughts on “Big Upset For Women’s Basketball

  1. 2,418 came to see that game and I’m willing to bet that that number has been artificially expanded to make womens basketball look good. I’ll bet there was nowhere’s near that many. That’s why I’m not big on Title IX, which seems to say that we should put as much emphasis on all sports as they do on football and basketball particularly womens sports. Nobody cares about womens sports. It isn’t a big draw. It doesn’t make any money. There’s a reason for that. The women aren’t that good as athletes.

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  2. –And so the standard argument that women’s college sports sport no income
    so should be ‘assigned’ second-hand ”citizenship’– the basic reason for the rise of
    ‘The Women of the World’ assaulting males’ 1000-year oppression of their freedom


    1. Let’s just say that I’m not a big fan of Title IX. There are colleges out there that have no mens baseball team because Title IX says that if you are going to have a male baseball team you must also have a womans softball team. The problem is that they can’t find enough women who want to play softball to field a womans softball team. So, as a result, you don’t get a mens team when there are plenty of men who would like to play organized baseball at those colleges.

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      1. Obviously, they are not consistent with that because I know schools that have womens soccer and cross country teams but they don’t have a mens team. But nowadays, that’s not a surprise since the laws are not applied equally anymore. I’m just not crazy about Title IX.

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      2. If the school is receiving Federal financial aid(grants) it must adhere to Title IX policies. Which encompasses sex discrimination and equal financial aid for women.

        Equal means the amount of money available for academic and athletic scholarships, it has nothing to do with an equal number of teams.

        Schools may not offer the same men’s/women’s team due to budget restraints or the ability to field a competitive team.


      3. I can assure you there are tens of thousands of girls who would play college softball. That’s not it at all. For every high school boys baseball team there is a softball team. The issue is equal scholarships. You have to give out just as many to women’s sports as you do the men. Yes, women’s sports do not generate the money that power five division 1 football and basketball do, but that’s not a good argument. 99% of division 1 men’s baseball, track, swimming, wrestling, hockey, soccer programs lose money. If we spoke in those terms there would only be two men’s sports and only at the highest of levels. All other college athletics would be gone.


      4. I’m just going by what I watch on the news but “60 minutes”(which is not exactly considered conservative) once had a program on Title IX where they highlighted a college that had a pretty successful baseball team until Title IX came out and then they had to disband it because Title IX said that if you have a mens baseball team then you must have something comparative with women and it said that you could not find enough women to field a womens softball team. John Stossel also covered the subject and came up with similar examples.

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    2. Or maybe watching people who play and don’t complain after every freaking play could be the reason people watch women sports? Women’s soccer is more watchable, John Wooden was a big advocate, Kobe Bryant watched and coached women. Way less ego with the players. . . .

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    1. I coached a womens softball team. It was pure hell. They would say stuff about each other that would bring men to blows, but the women just kept stabbing each other in the back. It was a constant cat fight. One season was all I could take.

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    2. Ha!
      As my [99% crazy] former tax lawyer reported to me he said to his woman shrink:
      Lawyer: “All women are fucked up.”
      Shrink: “ALL women?”
      Lawyer: “Yeah, every single one.”

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      1. She was thin-skinned and took it personally. What!….not me. Actions of a truth denier. (laughing)

        Happy wife happy house, within reason

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      2. I was around the Pi Phi house quite a bit in 75. Those gals are far nastier and more vulgar than most guys could ever imagine.
        Winter Formal: a real sweety was going with Joe Roth … And she developed a small red stain on the butt of her white gown. Nobody in Pi Phi told her but her new nickname in the house was ‘SPOT’.

        Don’t ever let a nice smile confuse you. What’s going through that brain could melt the northern ice cap.


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