USC Morning Buzz: Some Expected Announcements

Seems like the obvious still has to be announced.

Jordan Addison announced this morning he was turning pro. The fact he didn’t bother to play in the Cotton Bowl was enough of an announcement.

The other day tight end Josh Falo made his announcement even though he didn’t have any eligibility left.

  • Offensive lineman Justin Dedich will return for another season. He will play center next season. This is viewed as a positive for the offensive line although the Cotton Bowl showed mixed results.
  • Broadcaster Al Michaels texted the New York Post in reaction to criticism over the energy level of his broadcast during the Los Angeles Chargers-Jacksonville Jaguars game.

“Read some comments that we didn’t sound excited enough. Internet compost! You know me as well as anyone — no screaming, no yelling, no hollering. It’s TELEVISION! Ellipses and captions are [sufficient] when pictures tell the story.”


32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Some Expected Announcements

  1. Everyone knew Addison was turning pro at the start of the season, after he won the Bilitnekoff Award the previous season. He had a high ankle sprain, and nobody knows how much that would have limited him during the Cotton Bowl. The other WRs more than made up for him not playing.

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    1. Almost in 100% agreement, pardner. Hate to keep harping on it …but… Mario’s drops throughout the game [and especially THAT last one] fell a little short of what Jordan could have done for us….

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      1. Absolutely right – Brendan Rice had a career game, but Mario…well, did not. I forgot about Mario. And his goal line fumble…

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      2. Damn MG, I hear you. If DRT hadn’t chucked his late INt, the Bruins would have at least tied the game, or more probably, won the game.

        Coulda, shoulda woulda; but no excuses from me or UCLA.


      3. hope mario is able to turn things around the way Rice did in that final game. either way, we have plenty of receivers that are going to be lights out.


  2. FYI SUCCsters, UCLA is #5 in the AP’s top 25 BB teams

    As usual, bozo men’s BB SUCC’s hind titty. Clown U didn’t get a single AP vote……OUCH!

    College basketball bracketology doesn’t project bozo BB in the NCAA Tournament……OUCH squared


  3. Hunter Biden #Bagman

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    1. Damn CR:

      Hunter is not quite in Reggie “I saws the money and I tooks it” Bush’s league.

      As I far as I know, it’s not illegal to pay your father rent.

      On the other hand, IT IS illegal to finance your deadbeat parents a $50K a month crib from illegal funds provided by a sports management organization based on Bush’s future NFL earning while he was in college.

      And I’m not going mention those greedy Trump swine, Don Jr., Eric, Ivana and their sow Donald J. Trump.


      1. The racist shit is really stupid. You can do better than be a ducking punk ass because you don’t have the sack to say that to Reggie’s face. UCLA is better? Ball, Lamar Ball speaks like that, not Reggie. We can go to town on Lamar Ball and his inbred family that couldn’t get the youngest son into UCLA or any junior college because he stopped going to school. I don’t see any inbred Ball brothers at USC.


      2. What? Btw it is not illegal to do what you said. If that is what happened it was considered against the ncaa rules at that time but it was not illegal. Let’s get some perspective here. Money laundering is illegal.


    2. And nobody cares if they’re willing to elect a President who sold a house that was market price $55 million that was bought for $141 million from Putin’s sponsor or received $40 million from a Turkish bank for the inauguration and charged the Secret Service twice the normal rate for protecting him AND his family at the golf courses he was supposed divest from like previous presidents did. Get over it, they’re all corrupt.


  4. You have 2 possible USC commits left. 1) Roderick Pleasant 2) Duce Robinson. I don’t think that we will get Robinson. I think he’s going to Georgia. As far as Pleasant is concerned….I used to think he was locked into SC but I’m not so sure anymore. I seen an interview with him at the Polynesian Bowl where they were asking him about his official visit this last weekend.
    He did say it went well but he didn’t seem overly excited about it. Maybe he’s just a low key guy and that’s his personality. We’ll find out on February 1 when he is scheduled to announce. If he was really excited about the visit, you would expect him to say so. He just said the visit went well. I hope we get him because I’ve watched his tape and he really is a great coverage corner. He sticks to the receiver like a glove. We’ll soon see what happens.


      1. Yeah and they are a track powerhouse and he is a track superstar. But you are right……ultimately, it’s all about the money.


    1. Pleasant should be locked in. Oregon will make him redshirt. USC will play him right away. There’s a reason he waited. Robinson goes to Texas because of Arch and baseball. They need a 330 lb lineman for the defense.


      1. We can live without Robinson. We’re not exactly hurting for receivers. And so far I haven’t seen SC using the tight ends much except as blockers in the run game. But I do hope you are right as far as Pleasant is concerned. Watch his tape. He really is a great coverage back.


  5. greetings fan dom , Well the cinc v baltimore contest lets relate and review that! holding the ball up and out at the goal line ? not a good technique just a bad habit!how about that oklahoma andrews ,mark the te trying to catch up with bengal as he ran 98 yards for a td ! he ran out of gas at the 25 yard line and hit the ground with a thud !!!!! well the bengals in the fourth quarter with burrow could not move the football and there ol tackle play was lousey broke down ! and that will be the end for cincy in the playoffs ???/ Regards , E


  6. Quick comment regarding big Al Michaels call on the Chargers Jags game, perhaps everyone noticed Al’s less than enthusiastic call because Al is a self professed Charger fan. I don’t think he was too excited by that display of 4th quarter ineptitude….


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