Sunday NFL Talk, Part II

USC produced this graphic of Trojans in the NFL playoffs. The only problem is the bracket is wrong. Otherwise the 49ers would have played the New York Giants today. Oops.


20 thoughts on “Sunday NFL Talk, Part II

  1. What?– Scottie I only skimmed your words
    so I don’t ‘get you’ but anyway here is my
    ‘2-cents-worth” opinion reduced to 1-Cemt or Cent due to 2020s-inflation–
    (Sorry but I just lost my train of thought I am tired but I am not worried because I have Always been tired, at least a little)


    1. “Waaaahhh!!! Only people who are on a severely limited income ‘cry’ about inflation!! Waaahhh!!!”

      Well, according to one dimwit on this blog anyway. LOL


      1. Actually Scott the NFL re-seeds for the Divisional Round so this is how all brackets look at the start of the playoffs.

        Try again.


  2. gee prety shur moar then 17 poeple evr plaid the fotbal fir usc,seams lazey to not menshun the ressed,but i geuss thay not taikin evry wun aint get no trophey to lidderulley,smdh


    1. Maybe that’s the way Scott keeps things going in between bowl games and spring practice [and during summer]…

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      1. The difference between us and Mr. Wolf? He doesn’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt. His compliments are backhanded and his judgements are summary and lack context based on his earlier commentaries. It’s the laxy/lazy logic of a contrarian.


    1. It’s against flag etiquette to display the Stars & Stripes in any other color than red, white & blue. So I’m fine with it. People should respect the flag, if they claim to be Americans.


  3. To MG’s comment about how everybody engages in arguing their particular points-of-view,
    I don’t believe it is argument to present the facts, come to a conclusion, and then Invite the reader to accept or decline the interpretation

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  4. Reading that statement reminds me of Shakespear’s legendary phrase. Is is too much to ask that some modicum of decency and respect as well as balance from someone who spent so much time in a professional setting to avoid the need to disparage the school at any and every opportunity? Then avoid any mea culpa or hosannas when the alma mater achieves anything of note? Is balance so detestable a concept that when others point out the “recruiting rankings are crap” then “look at Riley’s recruiting rankings” makes us wonder if medication is involved in some of the postings?

    Can the school get some love when they get things right?


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