Morning Buzz: Two USC Players In NFL Draft First Round

Mel Kiper of ESPN did his first mock draft and has USC defensive lineman Tuli Tuipulotu going to the Los Angeles Chargers with the 21st pick

Jordan Addison is selected by the New York Giants with the 25th pick.

If true, did Addison increase his draft stock by transferring to USC? I don’t think so.

But he made more money than at Pitt. He probably could have come out last year and been drafted as high or higher.


12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Two USC Players In NFL Draft First Round

    1. Jordan Addison will not be a first round selection, I guarantee. Is a matter of fact, I don’t think he was the best receiver on the Trojans roster last season.


    2. He’s has an encyclopedic mind and memory – nothing prepared when he’s on the air. This morning at 6:05 am on Keyshawn, Jay Will and Max they had Kiper and he was on his game knowing teams, players and he had Jordan Addison at # 25 for the NYG with Max Kellerman ‘…to the moon.’

      He was able to shut Keyshawn up because he knows his stuff. Don’t have to agree with him but unlike most sports hosts Kiper is no joke.


  1. I do not believe Jordan Addison had the choice to ‘come out’ last season, he had to do the mandatory 3-years college-ball before turning to the NFL. One thing he got at SC over Pitt was more television exposure so pro scouts could study him.

    He got hurt in the first Utah game and could have changed the outcome thus eliminating SC having to play the Utes a second time, and then who knows?– SC v Georgia maybe. Why are dreams so often superior to “real” life-


  2. Scooter,

    What matters is that SC gets better at coaching these kids. SC needs to have more representation on the defense and oline in the nfl draft. In the ol’ days, you used to see lbers, oline, and dline drafted all day long. Now you just see receivers and a db once in ahwile. Sc has shrunk in their presence at the nfl dfraft and that is because the kids are not coached up properly.


  3. Is the 25th millionaire as less than the 21rst? Addison was slightly above average at USC. Teams painted a target 🎯 on his back and Caleb found other receivers. I will bet he gets hit hard in the NFL.
    The Blinknotcough award is prestigious to those who can’t play soccer because they use their hands.
    Finally predicting NFL draft choices is almost like watching a fat lady at the ice cream counter. You wind up guessing what order her top ten scoop flavors will be. (Oh and if my wife asks I love fat ladies- warmth in the winter and shade in the summer)


  4. Bryce Young is too small for the NFL, and he will get beat up in the NFL eventually. I hope for his sake that he gets a lot of guaranteed money up front. If I was a GM, I wouldn’t take him. Both Levis and Richardson have more upside.


  5. NIL needs some regulations. The transportal needs some regulations too and the NCAA is just looking the other way. These things are going to ruin college football. The teams in the NCAA need to dump the NCAA and start a new organization. What are they paying the NCAA for?
    I don’t think anyone can afford the NIL. Is it a surprise that in 2022 Texas A&M has the best recruiting class in history(far greater than anything that they have ever had before) and then in 2023, twenty five players are transferring out. Do you here someone calling out “where’s the money honey?” SC needs to keep close ties with all of those players who signed on to Miami in 2022 with a promise of big bucks. I’ll bet there will be a lot of players transferring out of Miami in 2023.


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