USC Might Face Receiving Duo In Crosstown Rivalry

Former USC wide receiver Gary Bryant is expected to visit UCLA today.

Bryant is also strongly considering Arizona and Miami.

So the odds are pretty good USC will see Bryant next season. Imagine if USC plays UCLA and the Bruins’ starting receivers are Kyle Ford and Bryant?

But will incoming freshman quarterback Dante Moore be the one throwing passes to them?


28 thoughts on “USC Might Face Receiving Duo In Crosstown Rivalry

    1. Ford and Bryant are good players, but they werent good enough to get sufficient reps at USC. Ford seems like he could really flourish in an offense where he can get more touches.

      The back-half schedule next year is brutal.

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      1. The back half of our schedule is SUPPOSED to be brutal, game. And there are NO byes to help us.

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      1. P. S.
        btw, I’m on your side all the way …..

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      2. Well, maybe a couple of questions need answering.
        Does it happen mainly in parks? Are the kids just following mom’s advice?


    1. Gee Ed. G. I know what you mean. After getting a hair-cut to clean up my sometimes too long and scraggly hair, I usually say to my barber, “That’s better you cleaned me up, now women and children can stop hiding when I walk by-

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  1. I’m shocked that Colorado didn’t try to get either one onto their program. Ford is a legit 1st rounder trapped by a negative perception and Bryant needs to show he can be healthy and available. Offensively, where’s the TE group for the Trojans if Robinson and Lyons go elsewhere and who can take the top off the defense other than Williams or the freshman?

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    1. USC doesn’t seem THAT interested in long ball, Saul. We think we can get it done with short & intermediate stuff, the occasional short yardage run for a first down and two or three scrambles per game.


    2. Tahj Washington is very fast. Caught some long ones against Tulane. Michael Jackson III and Brendan Rice have decent speed. Brown lines up at WR in some formations. These players along with Williams and Zachariah Branch give up plenty of home run capability.

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  2. SC has lost a lot of good receivers. That’s why I’m hoping they can still sign JoKobi Lane. That guy is a sleeper.


      1. Lincoln Riley to do list:
        (1) Petition NCAA football rules committee to rescind ineligible receiver rules.
        (2) Petition NCAA football rules committee to fully restore playground rules.
        Caleb don’t need no stinking blocking linemen. He needs more targets.

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  3. Bryant drops as many passes as he catches. Ford catches well but is a better blocker. I think the writing is on the wall that the receiving corps is getting beefed up. Ford and Bryant were probably asked to move to defense to open up spots. Anyway worrying about players who might play against USC is not a real worry, it’s a fantasy. Putting together these two receivers stats for the whole of last season won’t amount to one game next season.


  4. Ford has one last chance to make a jump up higher onto draft boards. I just don’t think that UCLA will be good enough to get him enough passes next year. New qb, rb starters and rebuilt line. Why not Washington? Bryant has to be more available.

    Who’s at TE? McRae? Yikes!


  5. Hard to believe that SC didn’t encourage Kyle Ford to transition to a tight end position.I don’t know how good his blocking skills are, but he’s really made for the position. He can run the routes and has good hands.The answer probably lies in how little the Trojans use the tight end. What a waste.

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  6. Scooter,

    I believe this year ugly will struggle with the offense since they put all their eggs into that qb last year and cried like a girl on the side line and who faked their injury in the bowl game.


  7. Scooter,

    I believe that ugly will have problems with the offense since they put all their eggs into that one qb that cried like a girl on the sideline and who faked his injury in the bowl game


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