Is USC And Bronny James A Good Match?

With USC in the top 3 for Bronny James, is he going to be worth it if he plays for the Trojans?

It feels problematic. He will need to play or else.

What about the circus that will accompany him? He has a bodyguard at Sierra Canyon. When Sierra Canyon played in Hawaii, he had three security guards with him. He does not speak to the media. Will that continue at USC?

Would it be a distraction to the rest of the team?

And would it all be for one year? So many questions.


23 thoughts on “Is USC And Bronny James A Good Match?

  1. It’s funny reading this post about basketball. Snoop Dogg running around the Coliseum with his entourage. Will Ferrell and his antics at USC or a school giving the Mayor of L A a shady degree. There’s a lot worse things for the media to focus on about the school. If Master P son, Romeo, can play at USC, the school will be fine. Stick to thrashing Donte Williams.

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  2. It takes 3 very good basketball players on a basketbll team to have a chance at a championship and SC had that in 1971 with Westphal, Williams and Riley, in the ’90s with Harold Miner & Company, and 2000-2001 with Clancy, Trepagnier and Bloomfield, great years for SC basketball but a lot of years in-between that were not so great.

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      1. Why are you always forcing me to think, MG–
        I would say that a college football champion team had better have 5 strong offensive linemen, 1 outstanding quarterback, 1 back to keep the defense honest, and at least 2 honest-to-goodness receivers, so that is 9 guys on offense,
        Now defense, which according to some folks SC Coach Wiley has no concept of,
        I would say have a middle linebacker to plug the holes, at least 2 rushers who can apply Quarterback pressure, 2 defensive linemen who can help out the middle-backer
        and at least 3 defensive backs who can knock down a pass attempt or 2, so that works out to 8 defensive guys.

        9 offensive and 8 defensive gems should do the trick. But please stop proposing questions that require deep deep thought

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      1. I think he meant Gus Williams. One of the great trojan round ballers. And Btw, Scalabrini and Grandville were the straws that stirred that drink with Trapangier, Bluthenthal and Clancy. Damn that was a good team. Never saw any of them missing free throws or turning over the ball 5 x by them selves (Peterson!!!!!). Take care of the damn Ball!!!!!


      2. @Vault91:
        Maybe that’s who he meant, but Gus didn’t arrive until 1972-3 when Westphal and Riley (and Mackey and Monroe Nash) had moved on. The third star on the great 70-71 team was point guard Mo Layton, but there were plenty more important players.

        Also, it would be malpractice to fail to mention Brian Scalabrine if you’re gonna bring up Bibby’s 2001 trip to the final 8.

        Then there’s Rodney Chapman, Phil Glenn, Yamen Sanders, Lorenzo Orr, Robert Pack, Duane Cooper. . . Come to think of it, that “Big Three” cliche is kind of a myth.


      3. Hey Avocado (my favorite fruit) (and I’m not calling you a fruit by the way). The last group of guys (Phily, Yamen, Lo, PackMan, and Uncle Cooper were my boys. I saw them every day in the training room. It’s where athletes spend most of our time when we arnt on the field/court or classroom. Also my room mate was a walk-on bench player with them so i got to know them even more. Good dudes. I think Parker was the coach that year post Rav. But maybe that was the next year Parker was coach. Years start to blend together when you get old.

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  3. What about the circus that will accompany him?
    YES, there will be. Howver, the increased entertainment value will enhance the basketball experience, plus, we can then fire JO’s Bozo and send him back to Pauley. So no issue.

    Will that continue at USC?
    YES, but the body guards will have to wear Trojan hats. It will also provide external protection benefits to other players. Sort of like having your own personal Sam Gilbert. No problem.

    Would it be a distraction to the rest of the team? NO. They will enjoy the extra media attention, which will lead to increased exposure to NBA talents scouts, which will help recruiting efforts. Plus the guards will be on hand to toss out unruly Bruin fans like JO. Win, win.

    And would it all be for one year? NO. Bronny is not good enough to be one and done, but that just allows us to extend the above mentioned benefits. Win again.

    Uhura!! Get that damn thing out of your ear and start paying attention–get on the horn and connect me with this Wolf guy!!


    1. All that off-the-court stuff is fine, Captain Kirk, but what about on the court, will James’ kid help the team win. Like its Trojan football counterpart SC needs big men, men who can rebound and guard the rim

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      1. If he has the necessary talent then should help the team win. If he does not, then presumably he does not get many minutes in which case he will probably transfer.


  4. With his circumstances it seems a necessary inconvenience. I think the other players would find it amusing and would understand the need for those measures. USC is used to handling celebrity.


  5. CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone suggests the Trojans both are the best fit.

    “USC has been on the radar monitoring Bronny for a long, long time,” Boone wrote. “USC coach Andy Enfield hinted in a 2018 interview that Bronny was on the staff’s watch list years before he was considered a potential one-and-done prospect. An official offer wasn’t reported until last fall, but that seems as if it was only a formality. USC runs a system under Enfield that prioritizes guard play and is at its best when it has multiple weapons in the backcourt who can function as shooters and creators. Enfield was the mastermind at Florida Gulf Coast during the ‘Dunk City’ era, you’ll recall, which thrived when its guards could push the floor with athletes who could finish above the rim.”

    Boone went on to write that 60% of him expects that USC lands James, with Oregon the second-most likely choice and Ohio State a distant third.

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  6. On recruiting Bronny James

    “I tried to get involved, but you had to jump through a thousand hoops just to get to the mom,” an ACC coach told On3. “You’re not allowed to talk to the kid. You have to schedule a time on Tuesday or Thursday with the publicist just to talk to the mom.”
    Lebron James & Bronny James remind me of……Will Smith/Jaden Smith (son).
    LeBron thinks his son can play anywhere. Will thought his son could be in any film he was acting in.
    Sounds like a headache to me.
    And he’s not gonna be anywhere near his dad.
    When Sierra Canyon lost to Corona Centennial in the Playoffs last year Bronny finished the game with ZERO points. Not making fun of the kid but if he was gonna be anywhere near LeBron was or is he wouldn’t have games like that. Never.

    Good luck but I’ll pass on the kid if dad thinks he can call up the locker room to give our coach instructions and demands.

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