Morning Buzz: Could USC Line Up Back-To-Back 5-Star QBs?

USC is recruiting five-star Class of 2024 QB Dylan Raiola since he decommitted from Ohio State.

The question is whether Raiola would seriously entertain USC?

He obviously knows USC has five-star QB Malachi Nelson of Los Alamitos coming in this fall.

“The offense (Riley) runs and the way he develops people, it’s about how he gets playmakers the ball from a quarterback and play-calling standpoint,” Raiola told 247 Sports.

For USC to have a chance, Raiola needs to think he is better than Nelson. But Nelson will still have a year head start.

Here’s something to watch: There’s been rumors Raiola might transfer to St. John Bosco, which could make USC a stronger possibility.

One other thing to remember: Raiola’s uncle, Donovan, is the offensive line coach at Nebraska.

  • USC plays UCLA today at 6 p.m. at Pauley Pavilion on ESPN2. The Bruins are 5-point favorites.

35 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Could USC Line Up Back-To-Back 5-Star QBs?

  1. There has been other Qb stables with competition. It is a good thing, but in today’s college football a five star almost never sticks around if he is sitting. So someone would leave and the winner would be sticking to USC. But I have to say, what I have seen of Nelson in high school is very comparable to what I saw of Caleb. He is that good.

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  2. hey scottie, what happened to you monday morning winners and losers column. i’m putting you in the losers column because the game tonight is not at pauley

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    1. I’m totally convinced that Lincoln Riley is more of an entertainment coach than a national championship one. He’s always going to try to beat you anyway he can other than playing defense. But guess what? DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! !!!! Riley is going into his 6th season as a head coach, and still doesn’t get it. Georgia destroyed TCU with defense, and Riley still doesn’t get it!! Is a matter of fact, all coaches with the Mike Leach philosophy don’t get it, that’s why they never have, and never will win a National Championship!!

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      1. Hopefully Lincoln Riley finds a defense to compliment his extraordinary offense. Otherwise you may be right that Riley is Peter Pan and the USC football program, with Lincoln at the helm, is marooned on Never-Never Land. Time will tell.

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      2. So let me get this straight, what you are saying, if I understand you correctly, correct me if I am wrong, but “defense wins championships”. You might want to emphasize that a bit more.

        Beam me the hell up, Scotty!

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      3. Rushmore — I kinda like the idea of being marooned in Never Land. Friendly Indians playing hide & seek! Sword fighting with pirates!
        Mermaid lagoon!

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    2. There has been a last minute change on the site of tonight’s game. Scott is the first to report it.
      [Whoa! Just in! The game has been switched back to Galen]!

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      1. Pauley Pavilion—I hope they never check the foundations. For some reason, Sam Gilbert used to stroll the grounds when it was being built.

        Captain’s log, stardate 235.7. Our destination is planet Shish Kebab II, step on it Sulu, I don’t want to miss the damn game!

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  3. You cant too much talent- tho this may be our host trying to create something out of nothing. I doubt Riley would want to plant any seed of doubt in Nelsons commitment. Lets focus our efforts on the areas we wreally need help in!

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  4. ugh,he aint lines man john,we nead moar lines man so no wun got enny,wut iz we gunna do wit theese so calld qwatr bakks wen we neads the lines man,this probaly wye we aint the comincemeat speeker cuz we gunna let evry wun now thare aint enuf lines man,smdh

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      1. P. S.
        When it comes to integrity Lincoln and Meyer are many miles apart….


  5. It will take two years of recruiting in the top 5 classes – 2024 and 2025 – before USC is even close to the depth of talent at Georgia or Alabama, so if we want to win a nattie in 2023, it will all be on the shoulders of Caleb and the offense to simply out-score our opponents.

    We wont make the CFP unless the defense gets much better, our schedule is way too difficult for the offense to pull us through with the same level of defense.

    Even with a better defense, USC would need to draw a straight flush in terms of luck to win it all.

    So I’m saying we have a chance.

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    1. Grinch promised “big improvements in 2023.” So all looks good!


  6. This is serious: time to send Donte Williams out to have a little “talk” with Duce….


  7. Nelson will get a headstart but I’m sure that LR will let him know that if he shows that he is better than Nelson he will get the job. Spencer Rattler was a 5 star coming out of high school and he started for 2 years under LR and LR replaced him. The great coaches will set up a system where you will not only have to win the job but keep it. So if Riola is afraid of competition, then maybe he will not come. But learning under LR is worth more than gold if you are a QB. Again, just look at Rattler…..he played 3 years under LR, lost his job and now he is doing great at the other USC.


    1. True what you said about Spencer, but his biggest problem was that he was so damn immature!!! Once he lost his starting job it really brought him back to reality, so when he left to the other USC, he went in with a whole different mind set and much more mature which is why he’s doing so much better. He needed to grow up a lot, I think him being on that show totally ruined him, it all went to his head and he thought he was the shit around here in Arizona!! So once he left to OK, he went thinking he was untouchable and the job was all his and no one could take it from him, but then he met Caleb Williams!!!


  8. John Wooden used to emphasize that his players should concentrate on being the best players they can be. Don’t worry about how good the other teams players are, just focus on being the best player you can be.
    I would expect that DR knows that he’s good right now, but that he can be a lot better. So he should go wherever the best coach for his position is – and it just happens to be Lincoln Riley. Nobody has produced the outstanding players that he has, and it’s not even close. It’s not about how many games you play, it’s about how you play those games. DR has a wonderful opportunity to red shirt a year, and take the controls when he’s ready. Injuries can happen at any moment and being ready to go is what it’s all about. Any young Quarterback would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to play for Lincoln Riley


  9. IF Raiola does come to SC you can believe Nelson will leave and go play somewhere else. College kids nowadays are built differently, they don’t like and can’t handle a little competition. They don’t have that fight in them anymore, why do you think so many players jump into the transfer portal now? It’s because they’d rather go somewhere they’re going to play right away rather than stay where they are and FIGHT for their job!!! Around 5 years ago you NEVER heard of someone going into the transfer portal, they stayed where they were and fought for their jobs!!! And if they lost their job, they worked hard to get it back and keep it. You don’t see that anymore, it’s now I’d rather jump into the transfer portal then work hard to keep my job!!


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