Super Bowl Predictions

It’s Super Sunday. Time for you to pick a winner between Philadelphia and Kansas City.

There are some big questions:

  • Can the Chiefs protect Patrick Mahomes?
  • Can the Chiefs stop the run?
  • Will Jalen Hurts be too elusive to pressure consisently?
  • Will the Eagles’ defense be as good as advertised?

  • Now here are some of the crazy bets you can make at BetOnline:

National Anthem

Length of National Anthem

Over/Under                                   125 seconds (2 minute and 5 seconds)

Length of “brave” during National Anthem

Over/Under                                   5 seconds 

Number of planes during flyover

Over/Under                     5

Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than Anthem Length

Yes       -300     (1/3)     

No         +200     (2/1)

Will the Anthem Singer Forget/Omit a Word during the US National Anthem?

Yes       +900     (9/1)     

No         -3000   (1/30)

Who will be shown first during the National Anthem?

Andy Reid            -120    (5/6)     

Nick Sirianni        -120    (5/6)

Who will be shown first during the National Anthem?

Jalen Hurts                      -110     (10/11)

Patrick Mahomes           -130     (10/13)

Length of America the Beautiful by Babyface

Over/Under                                   109 seconds (1 minute and 49 seconds)

Who will be shown first after kickoff? 

Andy Reid                                   -120              (5/6)     

Nick Sirianni                                -120      (5/6)

Who will be seen first during the National Anthem? 

Jason Kelce                                +125              (5/4)    

Travis Kelce                               +150     (3/2)

Both (split screen)                       +300     (3/1)  

Video of Mahomes’ injury from Jags game shown 

Yes       +170     (17/10)   

No          -250    (2/5) 

What happens first during broadcast? 

Greg Olsen mentions Super Bowl 50      -1000              (1/10) 

Kevin Burkhardt says “Mets”                   +550                (11/2)  

What will be said/shown first during broadcast? 

Video of “Philly Special” from Super Bowl LII                      -150     (2/3)       

Video/picture of Rocky statue                                         +175     (7/4)

Video/picture of cheesesteak                                            +250               (5/2)    

What will be shown first during broadcast? 

Video/picture of Andy Reid with Eagles                             -200     (1/2)           

Video/picture Andy Reid punt/pass/kick competition        +150    (3/2)

What will Chiefs offense do first? 

Shovel pass to a Tight End                       -700              (1/7)                  

Direct snap to non-QB                             +300          (3/1)     

“Ring-around-the-rosie” formation           +600                (6/1)               

Philly Special                                           +2500                (25/1)             

What will happen first during broadcast? 

“Kelce Bowl” said                         -200                (1/2)       

Either Kelce parent shown          +150              (3/2)     

What will happen first during broadcast? 

Will Smith shown/mentioned                      -300              (1/3)                  

Kanye West shown/mentioned                 +200                (2/1)      

What will happen first during broadcast? 

DJ Jazzy Jeff shown/mentioned               -150              (2/3)                  

Will Smith shown/mentioned                    +110                (11/10)     

What will happen first? 

Jackson Mahomes kicked out of game                -5000     (1/50)   

Brittney Mahomes kicked out of game                +1200    (12/)

When will Donna Kelce be shown first after kickoff? 

1st quarter                     +170     (17/10)

4th quarter                     +175     (7/4)

2nd quarter                    +325     (13/4)

3rd quarter                     +325     (13/4)

Which celebration will be performed first? 

Uzi                     -200     (1/2)      

Griddy                +150     (3/2)

Which Chiefs fan will be shown first? 

Jason Sudeikis               +100     (1/1)

Paul Rudd                      +170     (17/10)

Rob Riggle                     +300     (3/1)

Henry Winkler                +450     (9/2)

Which coordinator will be shown first? 

Eric Bieniemy                 +140     

Shane Steichen             +175     

Steve Spagnuolo           +250     

Jonathan Gannon          +400     

Which Eagles fan will be shown first? 

Bradley Cooper              -200     (1/2)    

Kevin Hart                      +200     (2/1)

Ryan McElhaney           +400     (4/1)

Pink                                +900     (9/1)

Which highlight will be shown first? 

Super Bowl LII (Eagles vs. Patriots)        -140               (5/7)                 

Super Bowl LIV (Chiefs vs. 49ers)           +100                 (1/1)         

Which remote fanbase will be shown first? 

Eagles                -200     (1/2)            

Chiefs                +150     (3/2)

Who will be mentioned first during broadcast? 

Tom Brady                     -150     (2/3)

Lebron James                +300     (3/1)

Mike Trout                      +500     (5/1)

Peyton Manning             +500     (5/1)

Michael Jordan              +700     (7/1)

Terrell Owens                +650     (3/2)

Carson Wentz                +1000   (10/1)

Who will be seen first during broadcast? 

Ryan Reynolds               +125     (5/4)

Mark Wahlberg              +250     (5/2)

Matt Damon                   +250     (5/2)

Will Ferrell                      +250     (5/2)

Who Will Be Shown 1st After Kickoff? 

Roger Goodell                 -150     (2/3) 

Jeffrey Lurie                   +275     (11/4)   

Clark Hunt                      +325     (13/4)

Who will be shown first after kickoff? 

Both at same time                       -125      

Kelce’s mother (Donna)              +125     

Kelce’s father (Ed)                      +300     

Who will be shown first during broadcast? 

Peyton Manning             -175           

Eli Manning                    +135     

Will “Damar Hamlin” be said during broadcast? 

Yes                               -200           

No                                +150     

Will Kevin Hart be on stage during postgame? 

Yes                   +1000   

Who will be mentioned first during broadcast? 

Drake                             -1000   (1/10)

Mattress Mack               +550     (11/2)

How many patties will be on Andy Reid’s postgame burger? 

Over/Under                                 1.5 

How many times will Roger Goodell be shown during the broadcast? 

Over/Under                                  1.5  

Which will happen first during broadcast? 

Tom Brady retirement mention                      +110  (11/10)

Tom Brady video/picture/camera shot            -150  (2/3)

Who will be mentioned first during broadcast? 

Drake                          -1000       (1/10)

Mattress Mack            +550         (11/2)

How many times will Donna Kelce be shown during broadcast? 

Over/Under                 3.5 

What will happen first during broadcast? 

Past picture of Kelce brothers                                        -325     (4/13)

Kelce brother kisses other on field postgame               +300     (3/1)

Mention Kelce brothers podcast                                   +500     (5/1)

Jason Kelce wife goes into labor                                  +1200   (12/1)

Will Jason Kelce leave game if wife goes into labor? 

Yes      +1000    (10/1)

Will Jason Kelce retire if Eagles win? 

Yes       +170     (17/10)

No        -250     (2/5)

What will happen first during broadcast? 

Video/pic of Len Dawson at Super Bowl IV              -120 (5/6)

Mention that Nick Sirianni was fired by Andy Reid   -120         (5/6)

Will broadcast mention first Super Bowl with two black QBs? 

Yes       +150     (3/2)

No        -200     (1/2)

Primary color of Patrick Mahomes headband? 

Red                     -150     (2/3)

White                 +150     (3/2)

Black                  +500     (5/1)

Burkhardt/Greg Olsen mention odds (spread/total) 

Yes       +300     (3/1) 

No         -500     (1/5)

Will unauthorized person enter field of play? 

Yes       +250     (5/2) 

No         -400     (1/4)

Gender of unauthorized person on field? 

Male                  -700     (1/7) 

Female             +400      (4/1)

Trans                +450      (9/2)

How many seconds will unauthorized person be on field? 

Over/Under                                  17.5 seconds 

Will unauthorized person on field contact a player? 

Yes       +200     (2/1) 

No         -300     (1/3)

Will unauthorized person on field enter the endzone? 

Yes       +150     (3/2)

No        -200     (1/2)

Will unauthorized person on field touch midfield logo? 

Yes       +150     (3/2)

No        -200     (1/2)

Halftime Show

Rihanna 1st Song Sang on Stage
This Is What I Came For(+400)
Where Have You Been(+450)
Don’t Stop The Music(+500)
Rude Boy(+1000)
We Found Love(+1200)
What’s My Name(+1200)
Only Girl (In The World)(+1800)
Hate That I Love You(+4000)
Rihanna Dress/Shirt Primary Color
Rihanna Eye Shadow Color
Purple (Light or Dark)(+500)
Rihanna Hair Color
Rihanna Last Song Sang on Stage
Don’t Stop The Music(+200)
Where Have You Been(+650)
We Found Love(+700)
Love On The Brain(+900)
Rude Boy(+1400)
What’s My Name?(+1400)
Only Girl (In The World)(+2000)
Pon de Replay(+2500)
Man Down(+3300)
Rihanna Lipstick Color
No Lipstick/Clear(+275)
To Make an Appearance on Stage With Rihanna
JAY Z(-225)
A$AP Rocky(+250)
Kanye West(+800)
What Will Happen First on Stage?
Umbrella Used as a Prop(+250)
Football Used as a Prop(+325)
Shown Wearing a Bathing Suit(+450)
Wardrobe Malfunction(+575)
Cover Song(+700)

How many headlining artists will wear sunglasses?

2                           +150

1                           +175

3                           +225

4                           +400

5                           +600

Rihanna Total Number of Songs Performed 

Over/Under                     8.5 songs

Rihanna Wears Necklace on Stage

Yes        -500     (1/5)     

No         +300     (3/1)

Rihanna Wears Sunglasses on Stage

Yes       +120     (6/5)

No          -160     (5/8)

Commercial Props

What will Dodge Ram commercial show first?

Ram (animal)                  -120

Rams player                   -120

What will be said first in “He Gets Us” first commercial?

Love                  +125  

Hope                  +150  

Faith                   +225 

What will be said first in “He Gets Us” first commercial?

Jesus                 -125  

God                    -115 

How many athletes will be shown during commercials?

Over/Under                                  27.5

What will M&M’s cartoon spokespeople do first?

Get hired for another job              +100

Eliminate Maya Rudolph              +150

Joke about Tucker Carlson         +300 

How many QR codes will be seen in commercials?

Over/Under                                   3.5

How many commercials will mention AI?

Over/Under                                  2.5

Will Dave Grohl sing a song in Crown Royal commercial?

Yes       -300     (1/3)  

No         +200     (2/21)

Which song will Dave Grohl sing in Crown Royal commercial?

Everlong                          +250

My Hero                          +400

Learn To Fly                    +400

All My Life                       +400

Best Of You                    +425

Times Like These           +475

Monkey Wrench             +550

Will Rob Gronkowski make field goal?

Yes       -200     (1/2)  

No         +150     (3/2)

How will Rob Gronkowski miss field goal?

Wide left                          +175

Wide right                        +225

Hits crossbar                   +275

Hits left upright               +300

Hits right upright             +375

Will Adam Vinatieri appear in Kick of Destiny ad?

Yes       -400     (1/4)

No         +250     (5/2) 

Which beer will be mentioned first?

Coors Light                     -110      (10/11)

Miller Lite                        -130      (13/10)

Which slogan will be mentioned first?

Made to Chill                                +250  

It’s Miller Time                              +300

Cold as the Rockies                     +325

Great Taste, Less Filling             +350

Mountain Cold Refreshment       +375

Original Lite Beer                         +400

What type of floor does the bar have?

Wood                                                       +125  

Shag Carpet                                            +150  

Checkered                                               +175  

How many beers will be shown in High Stakes Beer Ad?

Over/Under                                              15.5

What object will shatter in first half of ad?

Coors Light Neon Sign                             +150  

Miller Lite Bottle                                          +200  

Fancy Watch                                            +250  

Stained Glass Window                             +325  

How many people will have facial hair in High Stakes Beer Ad?

Over/Under                                              2.5

Which branded coaster will be used?

Miller Lite                                                  -140              (5/7) 

Coors Light                                              +100                (4/1)

What is the bartender wearing?

Football Jersey                                       +150  

Suspenders                                              +200   

Leather Jacket                                         +275   

Tuxedo T-Shirt                                        +300  

What type of dog is picture behind the bar?

Samoyed                         +150

Golden Retriever            +175

Collie                               +200

Boston Terrier                 +225

Will the Coors Light Silver Bullet Train be seen?

Yes       +100     (1/1)

No          -140     (5/7)                                           

What will be shown in High Stakes Beer Ad?

Mega Explosions                         +175

High Octane Martial Arts             +200

Dancing Animals                          +225

Celebrity Cameos                        +300

Who wins the High Stakes Beer Ad?

Coors Light                                              +125

Miller Lite                                                 +150  

Coors Banquet                                         +400  

Fosters                                                     +500

Blue Moon                                                +500  

Vizzy Hard Seltzer                                   +700  

How many Adam Drivers will be seen in Squarespace ad?

Over/Under                                              17.5

Which Pepsi Zero Sugar ad will run first?

Ad featuring Ben Stiller                -200     (1/3)

Ad featuring Steve Martin            +150     (3/2)

Which commercial will air first?

Tesla                  -120      (5/6)   

Twitter                -120      (5/6)

How many babies/toddlers will be in Kia ad?

Over/Under                                             7.5

How many State Farm commercials will there be?

Over/Under                                  1.5

Will all State Farm commercials feature Patrick Mahomes?

Yes       -500     (1/5)  

No         +300    (3/1)

How many commercials will have a dog in it?

Over/Under                                  2.5

Will Sam Bankman-Fried appear in a commercial?

Yes       +1000   (10/1)

No          -4000  (1/40)

How many NFT/Crypto/Web3 commercials will there be?

Over/Under                                  1


58 thoughts on “Super Bowl Predictions

  1. Ha!– I got a 4th of the way and quit.
    This is great stuff for Gamblers Anonymous, teaching them that we can gamble on most anything imaginable, so be on the ‘watch’

    Liked by 6 people

      1. Chip & Ma at halftime:


  2. -Ever see your ‘stuff’ you write on this blog disappear into oblivion as Scott mows down and instills still another obscure topic-
    (So in repeating)
    Football is over for me as soon as SC is eliminated
    But meaningless games like today’s ‘Stupor Bowl’
    holding no meaning to about 250-million Americans and all of China,
    is only fun in the predictions while when the game starts it is almost

    Even a gimpy KC Chief’s Quarterback is still ‘clutch’ as few before have


  3. Since slo troll is preoccupied, seems to be deep shit. Someone tipped over the outhouse while he was in the process of dropping a duce.

    He wanted me to pass on his prediction, USC by 8 points.


      1. I never said ANYTHING sexual or perverted in nature about your old lady…..wake up, you senile troll…..and wipe the drool…gross


      1. name the people or it’s another fucking lie…..

        That’s too funny because they have been calling your stupidity out….another senile moment from the blog dunce


  4. Memo to: Crabs

    Eagle 24 – Chiefs 14 @ the half. Hurts won’t choka, choka, choka, like the bozo H/T winner.

    Crabs you are one stupid F**k.


      1. the senile slo troll picks KC to win yets agrees with Owns comments related to the game…..For 1000th time slo troll fails to comprehend context….and he claims I am stupid…..he wonders why I slap him around like a pinata after he continues to beg that I stop.


      2. Lying again. If the Village Idiot could read, she’d know the most important thing to me is my numbers coming up in the office Super Bowl pool.

        Also lying about slapping anyone around. Same way she lied about the blog being better. It’s always her who starts shit, cuz she can’t let things go and will forever be butt hurt.

        As CR Smith said, GFY.


      3. SLO TROLL: If the Village Idiot could read, she’d know the most important thing to me is my numbers coming up in the office Super Bowl pool.


        You’re the one butt-hurt because Joe is prez….lololololol!!!




      2. poor slo troll fails to accept the fact his cognitive ability to process information is in decline…so he lashes out with clearly false information related to the discussion….it’s been going on for as long as I can remember.


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