USC Sunday Buzz: Beware The Beavers

Oregon State’s NET ranking this week is 219.

But that didn’t stop Andy “Thanks” Enfield from laying an egg Saturday, as USC lost to the Beavers, 61-58.

Oregon State’s only other victory this season over a top 100 NET team was over No. 68 Colorado. The Beavers are 10-16 overall.

This is the kind of loss that can really hurt USC’s NCAA Tournament seeding/hopes. Joe Lunardi had USC a No. 10 seed before the loss.

Imagine what it will be like when USC joins the Big Ten.


20 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Beware The Beavers

  1. hi john,i dont wunna up set the virchoowuss poeple,sow can u let me now wut the rite wird too ewes too disskribe them poeples that is good at math,bad at driveing and awekwird arownd the womyn,thanx alot

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    1. No one asked me Ed, but I would say you have described the typical American male except for the “good at math” part, what with
      95% of the ‘gang’ guilty of serial tail-gating and maybe 50%
      (100%?) not giving women their due respect

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    2. Ed. G
      I don’t if this is the word you’re looking for……but….. in Maui we have a term that might do: “A.Schiff.”

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  2. An anonymous Pac 12 coach confided the following inside info to me last year: “By early to mid February all of USC’s basketball players have pretty much gotten sick of Andy Enfield —and it can be seen in their play down the stretch.”

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    1. I trust your source more than Scott’s, Michael, but ‘everyone was giddy just last week with the sucla victory and happy with ‘Infield’
      but lose 2-in-a-row and ask even Wiley how it feels

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  3. — And another thing, I bet most college athletes are glad at the end of a season when they are freed from their coach’s constant carping, and always telling them what to do (on the court or field), and having to hold their tongue when the coach chews them out

    ‘Infield’ has not had the players to make a serious run at a championship, he seems to draw one 5-star per year and has not been able to corral 3 such players at the same time, which of course is a basketball malady SC has suffered except for brief periods like with Sam Clancy & his gang in the early 2000s (which but for Duke almost went all the way)

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    1. I’m not proud of it …but…. by the time we got to the halfway point of any season of any sport I had coach’s mannerisms down & would start mimicking him behind his back until I’d get discovered and slapped down….


    2. I felt his lack of confidence in the Elite Eight two years ago against Gonzaga when USC was crushed within 3 minutes of the tip off. The team seemed completely transformed from a gritty opportunistic squad to outclassed and uptight and I think it stems from Enfield’s own confidence as a head coach i.e. ‘…what got us here will get us on to even further victories…’ No instead they seemed a mirror of his own lack of confidence and overwhelmed, amazed they were there = awful blowout defeat.

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      1. It was he was completely out coached and Gonzaga knew exactly what USC was going to do and beat them to the spot. That’s how Gonzaga got all those steals and fast break dunks. And Enfield still runs that stupid weave that everyone knows how to defend now. Dude cannot make an adjustment.


  4. Football is over for me as soon as SC is eliminated
    But meaningless games like today’s ‘Stupor Bowl’
    holding no meaning to about 250-million Americans and all of China, is only fun in the predictions while when the game starts it is almost anti-climatic

    Even a gimpy KC Chiefs’ Quarterback is still ‘clutch’ as few before have

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  5. -Ever wonder why the ‘soccer crowd’ cannot get into American football,
    it is like, “When does the action start in this stupid game– they play for 5-seconds then take a 45-second break- Are you kidding me”

    Aaah, but don’t get a ‘swell head’ you cocky soccer fanatics, yes your game has non-stop action, but it is the scoring, the scoring my friends,
    all that effort for a team to make it down the field but with no payoff-
    do something, those 1-0, 2-1 games will not win over the American footballers because hey are scoring-addicts.

    Widen the goals, heighten the goals, put in an equivalent “field goal”
    attempt, it is only the ‘score’ that keeps soccer from taking ahold here


  6. Mr. Wolf nails it. bozo BB, some things just don’t/won’t change.

    Cue: The new “B-” film going straight to video, “The Cooler,” starring the snaggle -tooth, Andyain’twinning.


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