USC Saturday Buzz: Memorial Service For Charles White

A memorial service was held today for Heisman Trophy winner Charles White.

Among those who attended were Ronnie Lott, Mike Garrett and Anthony Davis. The USC band also performed.

White died Jan. 11. He was 64.

43 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Memorial Service For Charles White

      1. And OJ was still prowling the night looking for his wife’s killer; Matt Leinart was busy admiring pictures of himself; Palmer has a basketball team size family to care for;
        “Celeb’ was still working on his nails; and Bush was, well, bush


  1. Charles White is the primary reason for me becoming a college football AND USC fan. You never forget the first one and #12 was #1 for me…R.I.P

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      1. Hooray, our old PT is making a comeback after getting stomped on by some Posters,
        but he is still a little upset over the matter as evidenced by his use of the word
        ‘newsman’ instead of Heisman, but we still love you PT as long as we don’t catch you enjoying some Chinese food–

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  2. Memo to: Crabs

    Somewhere on earth it’s 13 – 9…Ha, Ha. Little Petey was white as a sheet at the post game presser.

    #Utah 44 – SUCC 7 in the Vegas 2nd half…joka, joka, joka, joka.

    Cue: Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)


      1. That well maybe Dr. LJ, but I just can’t help it. It’s because bozo/Andyain’twinning schadenfreude so damn enjoyable.

        I don’t need a psychiatrist Dr. LJ; Clown U needs a real men’s BB team that doesn’t consider a UCLA victory its signature BB season achievement.

        bozo BB is, after all, OOOOOOOOOOOOOO ferever.

        Enjoy the SB big guy. It S/B be the Eagles by at least 7 points. The Eagle defense is #1 unlike SUCC’s cotton candy version.


  3. bozo BB goes OOOOO fer Oregon……Ouch!

    Losing to Ore. St 61 – 58, will certainly help bozo BB’s Tournament Prospects…..Oh well.

    # Tanks Enfield.


    1. I stopped liking sucla in the 1980s when at Pauley Pavilion while sucla was destroying
      the love of my life, my Trojans, by about 40-points, she was screaming,
      “We want more, we want more”


  4. Darn-it-all but I just ran out of Poster material to rag on.

    Still, lest we forget the Saturday night ‘anthem’-
    “Saturday night, Saturday night, we all get together on Saturday night
    ….on a Sunday or a Monday you just can’t do it right, ain’t you glad we got ‘Saturday night”

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  5. “Finally!” (coming from a lawyer that line means he is about half-way through)
    I don’t know, I love it all, I am probably tired from a long Saturday day and
    thus typically on Sat-Nite to be ‘overly-sentimental’
    But I love it all, your difference of political opinions, which could be argued in a more civil matter because otherwise they lose their ‘luster’ in the presentation, actually bore me


    1. I don’t know, George, non-football Season is called the dog-days of sports for a reason, not much of sports-interest going on so everybody goes cuckoo-cuckoo with the political and sometimes religious diatribe


  6. Ludwig is leaving Utah for Notre Dame. Alex Grinch will probably survive the season. Somebody on this blog has pissed off the wrong person.


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