USC Notes: Mike Garrett Doing Interview

Mike Garrett is doing a radio interview with an Alabama sports-talk station today at 4 p.m. PT. You can listen here.

Although the Super Bowl will probably be the main topic because Garrett played for the Kansas City Chiefs (and lives in Kansas City), you never know what Garrett might say.

  • Former USC cornerback Iman Marshall is playing for the New Jersey Generals of the USFL.
  • USC women’s basketball is ranked No. 25 in the AP Top 25 poll, the first time the Trojans were ranked this season.
  • More USC players have won Super Bowls than any other college.

42 thoughts on “USC Notes: Mike Garrett Doing Interview

  1. ND loses a coach and “you never know what Mike Garrett is going to say?”– Sorry, I am not ready to cut loose that SB-feeling quite yet

    And returning to the ‘holding call,’ which seems to be the only play many viewers recall, I have been nicely reprimanded for my ‘calling’ it pass interference instead of holding, but are not the 2 somewhat interchangeable,
    meaning if I am the ref judging that play do I not factor in whether the immediate subsequent pass was catchable or not before I call ‘holding or decide to call pass interference instead of holding?
    — Pass interference would have resulted in a more serious yardage penalty, but either way in this particular situation it meant the game was effectively over

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    1. John,
      The difference between defensive holding and pass interference is the holding infraction takes place before the ball is thrown and interference when the ball is in the air.
      Wether the ball was catchable or not only applies to pass interference.

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      1. I get that, Frank, but this can a very close call as to whether the ball left the QB’s hands or not, and how can the ref be watching the receiver-defender and QB simultaneously?

        Anyway, MG told me to shut-up about this so being a married guy I am used to being told what to do

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      1. Sincere answer to John’s sincere question: I don’t know if Trojan fans can get too excited by a team that got just beat by the worst team in the Pac 12…..

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    1. Speaking of spring practice, where are we on the scholarship count. I thought someone said we are over the limit, with still another portal window down the road.

      Riley might have to give some more tough love

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  2. hi john,wuzzint u sayin lassed yeer that the womyns baskit ball couch wuz a bad higher cuz all them laydees wuz leevin heer and i aint the caws of that eethur,smdh

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  3. LJ: but I seldom but I seldom allow facts to influence my arguments

    slo troll: See!….I am not the only one who allows facts to influence my arguments. Hey Gabby, can you tell me what a “fact” is again. Old slow and senile is getting the best of me, thank you


    1. Re SC baseball and basketball, “…winning breeds interest.”
      I see, something like “Build it (a winning team) and they will come,” huh?


    2. Inner Garry: yes, my outer self puts on a tough exterior, but deep inside I am just a tiny little boy who So Cal keeps humiliating, keeps making me look like a court jester, cannot get him of my head–he is always there, laughing at me. Yes, I put on a brave face, but deep inside I am crying…crying up a river. I wish, oh I so deeply wish, someone would be my friend. Will you be my friend? I will get you some cookies if you will be my friend.


      1. And yet the Village Idiot tries to claim victory of some sort.

        It’s really quite sad. But as I stated before, she never had a positive male role model in her life, so she took on traits of the women around her. Holds on to things forever, says the same things over & over again (Depends, outhouse, drool, Pinto, etc.). They don’t come any dumber.

        I hope he can at least use excessive drinking as his excuse. It would explain a lot.


      2. for the 2000th time…I have zero respect for you…and treat you like a clown… with it…..I use all the things you mention to fuck with you….I take pleasure in it….

        So stop the crying and whining, you earned what you get…… calling someone a woman when you have no balls is comical, spoken like the blog dunce….pathetic!


      3. No one is whining & crying but you.

        But thanks for admitting AGAIN that you are always the one who starts shit.


    1. Get a new playbook, you say the same thing over and over and over …..Joe is laughing at how senile you are.

      Go ice the mushroom if it’s bruised, you earned it!


    1. No problem, LJ!

      The blog dunce reminds us of his Biden-related grievances every day. I think he forgot USC has an Athletic department


      1. you’re cheap entertainment!!!….why throw it in the trash……FOCUS!

        I love getting you all leathered up, then watching you up-wind with childish rants…..


      2. Says the guy who EAT SLEEPS SHITS BIDEN, 24/7 ….365

        That’s a true example of someone who refuses to let it go…..put the blog dunce fails to comprehend his hypocrisies


      3. Dumbass still cannot comprehend. Making fun of NEW things that Dementia Joe does is not the same as her repeating the same, lame jokes over & over again.

        The Village Idiot earns her title again!


      4. Once again!……you say the same lame-ass bullshit…..Claiming victory when you bring a knife to a gunfight….Inner Gabby feels sorry for you. Another blog dunce, with no traction


      5. Inner Gabby: Ooooh, So Cal did it again to my outer Gabby! He turned the tables, made me look the fool, the buffoon, the chump. Golly gee whillikers! I am like a puppet on strings, falling into these traps every single time. Now I know how Charlie Brown feels.


      6. Exactly Inner Gabby.

        Look above. Who always has to start shit, but then try to claim she isn’t acting childish. I hadn’t even posted. The same person all the time…the Village Idiot.


      7. slo troll…..for the 1000th time….you’re a joke and are treated in a childish way….thanks for reminding me….go service the outhouse hinges


      8. Says the troll who calls me out for childish comments yet swims in an ocean of hypocrisy……The blog duce can’t remember what he complains about…..SENILE!!!!


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