Pac-12 Fights Back

Most conferences just complete their new TV deals and then announce something.

But the Pac-12 has to put out a statement that says it will have a “successful media rights deal(s) in the very near future.”


The Pac-12 is unhappy because of reports the new media rights deal might not meet expectations and even some speculation that the “four corners” schools might bolt.

So with all that, we get this statement that really doesn’t say much.

  • Lt. Margaret “Peggy” Dente and Lt. Lyndsay Evans, who flew an EA 18G Growler together as part of the Super Bowl’s first-ever all-female flyover, met while attending USC.

29 thoughts on “Pac-12 Fights Back

  1. Pac12 is now a wasteland. The commish is lost. The leaders from the schools don’t care, just give them some money. I hate to see some of the schools going down the tubes, I always enjoyed the WA schools and the Beavers. Cal and Stanford now fit in a conference mired in mediocrity. Oregon ought to go independent, then finally close down due to lack of teams wanting to play them. I don’t understand wanting SMU before Fresno St. SDSU kind of makes sense, but it will never be the same without USC who carried the conference.

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    1. No, Steveg! Everything is Aces! The Pac 12 is “looking forward” to “success” in the “near future” with “potential partners” …and it “remains confident” in “future growth.” Anyone familiar with advertising who reads a jack-off statement like that can smell big trouble around the corner.
      –DeNiro in The Untouchables


      1. John,
        As your self-appointed advocate [and someone who is fond of you] I must ask you not to go the record with statements like that…..

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    1. Eddie my beautiful invisible ‘Partner-in-Crime,’ you want to talk about L.A. drivers–
      Well, I did not believe in a ‘Hell’ until I was confronted by ‘vigilante’ drivers flawlessly driving on Freeways-101, 105, 170, 210, 405, 57, and Freeway-1,000,457
      -Point is L.A. drivers (Heck, throw in ‘All the World’s Drivers) are pretty competent
      but very very careless in safety i.e. 95% of you otherwise marvelous folks TAILGATE

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      1. A lawyer from Fresno once told me, ” I always know when I’ve crossed into L. A. County cuz some driver will flip me off within 2 or 3 minutes.”

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      2. go to confession and tell the priest you indulged in racist bigotry often. I am sure the real Christians in your family hide from you…I would.


      1. Gabby,

        I won’t call you a name, but your comment about LA drivers are the safest made me laugh and spit out my coffee. See, I drive over 70 miles each and every day on the freeways that i have mentioned. Maybe your eyes are not as good as they use to be, but I will tell you again the freeways that I drive each and every day to go to work, they are: the 210, 134, 2, 5, 110, and 105 freeways. That is 6 freeways that I use everyday. I drive prime time going and coming from work. It is my opinion with experience that they are horrible. I have seen over 6 white sheets on motorcycle riders while driving.


    1. Next year at the Rose Bowl: “Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome YOUR Mighty Fried Chickens of the University of Knotts Berry Farm!”


  2. Typical Corporate Schmuck Speak. There’s Fk’d, there’s totally Fk’d, and then there’s the PAC-12. After SC and that other school leave, the only thing the rest of country will care about is what pretty little uniform Oregon picks out each week. Maybe they can sell their media rights to the Fashion Network.

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  3. This statement does not mention the PAC 12 channel. It merely says they want to consummate. In marriage consummation occurs as an act of sex. So it seems the conference wants to have sex with the TV executives. This indelicate situation could prove interesting due to the plethora of different sexual appetites. In other words the PAC ? Is fecked by the feckles

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    1. Knowing the Pac 12 execs the way I do I’d say the kinda “consummation” you’re referring to is the only kind they have planned for 2023…..

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      1. Yes, gentlemen, although I believe it goes deeper than that
        –Money ‘Intercourse’ is what they are ALL after
        (And we ae all guilty as charged fellow-hypocrites or is it we simply hide the ‘bad-stuff’ from ourselves-)


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