BLVD, the USC-run NIL collective, is no longer in existence.

And frankly, good riddance.

The partnership with the media agency Stay Doubted always seemed questionable and what did it really accomplish? Caleb Williams got his deals himself and Jordan Addison was the Biletnikoff Award winner when he transferred.

The rank-and-file players didn’t see a lot.

The donors who funded BLVD will continue to have an NIL but it will be separate from USC and it will be a non-profit.

At the end of the day, BLVD was all hype and little substance, so it’s a positive to see it disappear.

And let’s not forget that disastrous initial video they produced that Mike Bohn had to apologize for.


34 thoughts on “RIP, BLVD!

  1. What is the problem? Why is it taking so long to get this USC NIL ball rolling? Most of the other big schools in the country have their NIL thing up and running. But not USC. When someone outside the university tries to get it done(Student Body Right), USC shuns them despite the fact that they haven’t got a clue how to do it themselves.

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    1. It’s USC, they should have called it FUBAR or SNAFU, USC can’t get out of their own way these days unless it’s to educate as many Chinese kids as possible or find another word that is triggering to many, like ” field “


    1. Parcel, Frank & Hot Lips were characters on M*A*S*H.

      Carol sort of earned her Hot Lips nickname. Bohn only gets his because “Frank” was Hot Lips’ war time lover.

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      1. No So Cal, Major Houlihan was “Hot Lips.” Dr. Frank Burns was just Frank.

        If there’s anybody on this blog that could be a “Frank” it would be a toss up between Crabs and ’67. I lean slightly more toward ’67 as the blogs “Frank.”


      1. I just finish dealing with an attorney whose adversary claimed he had me for his lawyer, and now this Lawyer John fraud pops up. What are the odds?– L.A. certainly has more than its share of nut-cases and most of them are males


      2. When I click on crazy stories, a lot of them happen in Forida, too. I guess they gravitate towards nice weather, John.

        Sane enough to not want to deal with snow or triple digit heat.

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  2. Hence part of the reason Riley and USC couldn’t get a majority of those recruits. The fact that USC was in the finals for some of those players were nothing short of amazing when you consider how amateur the BLVD really was. Hopefully Lesson learned…

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      1. Gabby, you are a punk ass bitch! Wants to threaten So Cal but won’t meet up with me huh? I will sever your fucking head and mail it to your piece of shit parents!


      2. Let’s meet up…..I know Dana White. I’ll see if we can get in the Octagon at the UFC training center…..SWEET!

        Hurry!!!!!….This next one has been roasting for a few hours…..double your pleasure.


      3. You don’t know Dana White you bitch! I don’t need an octagon or ring. I’m gonna lay your bitch ass out right where you stand


  3. WEll fore warned is fore armed, this fellow with beard duke sims who lived in bethel park pa was rumored to be on the list for the penn hills pa. fiasco !!!!! was a basketball coach ! now lets talk turkey i solved this case and others ! kathryn bigelow of hollywood with funds is the culprit uses bad actors to do her work busey, devoe etc. also briberty evedent here with the bigelow !?and iam sure there other cases since this one !!!! bigelow is a vicious person !? Regards ,Edward


  4. Nothing could have been more uninspiring than “Stay Doubted”.Why not just call it , “Don’t Believe?” Or, “Be Sceptical?” LAME. BLVD lost it’s cred when Clay wore an apron with their logo on it while Barbecuing. LEAVE NO DOUBT is a better fit. GO WITH IT! Charles – The “Frank & Hot Lips” is a Classic that is gonna stick! Well done.

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  5. If there is a group of upright business men wanting to do the right thing and not trying to make a buck, then USC admin has to get the fuck out of the way. They should stand back and perhaps learn some things that they obviously got wrong to begin with. Funny how it all went to hell after Sosna left. He was the only brain in the admin room.


  6. I wonder if other collectives will be put together or if the remaining people at SBR decide to restart. SBR really only ended because Bohn-head was threatening that the people involved would be disassociated from the university.


  7. Never ends the vitriol per Foyt and Bohn….how many here are willing to admit they wanted that clown Meyer as the head coach which Foyt specifically cited would never happen? Now we see the demise of some NIL ‘cowboy’ cabal that amazingly imploded and was forcefully ignored by USC admin..

    You all want to be: OR, OK, TX, WA, FL, FL St., LSU have at it yeah just keep assuming a lot of money equates with ‘success’. Let’s do a ‘deep dive’ on the ‘players’ ….how many of these West 28th Street fratties ‘BLVD’ insiders ‘knew’ this was a ‘winner’?

    Scott nailed it “…And let’s not forget that disastrous initial video they produced that Mike Bohn had to apologize for….”

    Time for ‘kegger’ fratties


  8. Is Scott finished dishing out SC “news” for the night?–

    Well, time (for me at least) to turn to the likelihood of SC basketball making a dent in the 64-team basketball tournament that is called “March Madness:–
    Well, SC is in 3rd place in the Pac-12 with the possibility that only 4 teams will be invited–
    Arizona St has a remaining schedule that will ‘kill them off’
    Utah is the most worrisome for SC fanatics as they get ASU tomorrow night (Feb 19)
    and then Colorado later on, with sucla and SC waiting in the wings
    SC has Stanford tomorrow Feb 18 in a “must win game”
    then the team is traveling to Utah (probable loss) and Colo (hopefully a win)
    while finishing with Arizona at home (probable loss) and then Arizona St.
    (a game that SC might need to qualify for the NCAAs)


  9. Why boulevard was my original question. A wide tree lined street in a city? What does that even mean? Sounds racist I’m sure I could convince Carroll Folt of this thought. Why trees Carroll?
    Anyway perhaps the tree lined streets are supposed to denote wealth, but in LA it means outdoor plumbing for the tent at its base. We need something called, “Show me the Money.”


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