USC Morning Buzz: Saturday Column Supplement

Two months ago, I wrote about an episode of the TV show “Emergency” that centered around the 1975 USC-Stanford game.

I finally watched the 1976 episode, “The Game” closely and it’s a great informercial for USC football.

Fight On and Conquest are played several times. There are multiple scenes of Richard Saukko getting aboard Traveler and riding him through the Coliseum, although it’s definitely not from that USC-Stanford game.

DeSoto (left) and Gage are busy treating fans at the Coliseum during a USC game

Paramedics Gage and DeSoto are assigned to work the USC-Stanford game at the Coliseum and Gage thumbs through the game program and says, “McKay’s kid? What’s his number?”

“You’re asking me? I don’t know,” DeSoto replies.

Never mind that J.K. McKay’s final season at USC was 1974.

You get to see Vince Evans throw a 69-yard TD pass to wide receiver Junior Lee. But in the show, a fan says, “McKay, what a beautiful play. Fantastic.” And Gage, who didn’t see the play while treating an ailing fan, says, “It was McKay?”

Later, Gage says, “Did you see the stats on Ricky Bell?” At least Bell was the starting tailback in that game.

Later in the episode, the TV play-by-play man (Jack Carter) suffers a heart attack during the game, leaving the analyst (Larry Carroll) to call the game while Gage and DeSoto are treating Carter. Carroll even calls the opponent the Stanford “Cardinals.”

Gage and DeSoto use a defibrillator on Carter a couple feet from Carroll, who is actually calling the game while Carter is motionless and flatlining before he gets taken to the hospital.

The running joke is Gage and DeSoto never see the game because they are so busy treating fans.

The episode concludes with another version of Fight On.

In real life, Stanford upset USC, 13-10, as Mike Langford kicked a 37-yard FG as time expired.

  • USC gave new coach Andy Stankiewicz the first victory of his Trojan career as it defeated Marist, 8-6, in the season-opener at Dedeaux Field. It wasn’t easy as USC built a 5-0 lead but surrendered six runs in the sixth inning to lead 6-5.

USC had back-to-back homers by designated hitter Bryce Grudzielanek and first baseman Nick Lopez in the bottom of the sixth to retake the lead and hold on for the victory.

  • USC graduate-student workers voted to unionize, 1,599 to 122 on Friday night.

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Saturday Column Supplement

    1. Don’t knock unions, Cal 75. They are the purest of all human institutions [as in hard working, honest members ….and backstabbing, conflicted top executives]…..

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      1. Unions are the proverbial goose that lays large golden eggs.

        Louis “Lepke” knew that. The Lucchese family had New York’s Garment district by the balls. Nothing was shipped w/o using Lucchese transportation. This way the Garment Mfr’s would avoid crippling strikes.

        The Brooklyn Longshoreman Unions were a huge cash cows for Albert A. and brother boss, Anthony. The Irish owned the Manhattan waterfront via LSM Unions.

        Let not for forget Las Vegas was financed and built by OC using Teamster’s Union sweetheart loans…i.e. @ near or zero interest.


      2. Owns…. You’re clueless when it comes to Las Vegas. Stay In your lane.

        Ronny said you felt extra tight last night, feel proud.

        Cue: Rode it hard!


      3. Cal75 and Micheal,

        I belong to Engineers and Arcehtiect union. They are decent and have helped me with management. I have a good union. But Michael, you are right about the top executives for unions. Like SEIU, they do pay themselves way too well for what they do.


  1. I guess I will have to answer my own question– over at sucla all the Midget-Bears are beside themselves for having reached 20-wins, a magic # for NCAA qualification–
    SC 18-8
    Stanford (hopefully a win but the ‘Cards played sucla like a joker for a half Thurs nite
    at Utah (probable loss)
    at Colorado (hopefully a win)
    Arizona (probable loss)
    Arizona St (hopefully a win)

    21-10 if all the ‘hopefully a win’ come through

    Then the Pac-12 Tournament where Troy could play Wash (win) then sucla (loss)
    22-11 and that should do it– NCAAs here we come!

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    1. Eddie, based on Scott’s rendition of that god-awful t.v. show
      I would say I would start believing in a Hell if I had to watch that thing 2-times


  2. Assuming USC makes the tournament, they will not be in it for long. At 22-11, they will draw a high seed, 3 or 4, who will likely blow them out. Thanks Enfield.

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    1. Plow Horse, I am a Trojan who attended SC-sucla basketball games at Pauley Pavilion since the 1970s witnessing beat-downs usually of SC

      So any crumbs Trojan basketball can bring me such as an NCAA-invite
      are welcome

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  3. Guess who represents most of the graduate students in the U.S.?

    The United Auto Workers. Such a seamless transition from auto assembly lines to Phd students studying particle physics.

    The UAW did such a wonderful job in the auto industry, now they can do the same thing at universities.

    The UC system agreed to increase teaching assistant and research assistant pay considerably. And they are going to significantly decrease the future number of PhD and postdocs they admit.

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  4. This is Emmy Award-winning stuff. The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been a cameo by OJ Simpson. Also Diana Ross performing the National Anthem.

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      1. So many opportunities for that crowd scene, Michael. Clay’s mouth open image could replace the (in)famous Macaulay Culkin mouth open image from “Home Alone”. This could be a reason to bring back BLVD, yes?

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      2. …Yes! In a sense Clay’s face works better than Macaulay’s cuz it doesn’t steal the thunder from any other face in the crowd…. it just blends in and, finally, disappears from memory …

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      3. A bug flies into young Clay’s agape mouth and he begins to choke. The boys save him as he’s turning blue. Clay vows to become a coach just like John McKay.

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  5. Funny coincidence but this past Wednesday at 7 pm on KCET was a Huell Howser episode a full 1 hour dedicated to Traveler the Saukko family the step-son who was riding Traveler VII – it was first shown around 2006 as the ‘game’ showing Traveler was against AR @ the Coliseum a 70 – 17 tsunami over the Razorbacks

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  6. Memo To: Crabs Jeremy

    Once again you assume your stupid, ignorant, informational opinion is fact. Some things don’t change.

    Bugsy Siegal put the small, dirty, city of LV, and in particular the LV strip on the US radar by building the ‎Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

    After the Flamingo’s major success, the Casino’s built along the LV strip, were, by and large, OC (Chicago/New York) contracted (Using sweetheart union loans) and operated to reap the huge benefit of tax-free, skimming profits.

    When Vincent “The Chin” Gigante tried and failed to assassinate Frank Costello, the NYC Police discovered written information on that day’s LV skim totals that Costello was holding when shot (Really just nicked upside the noggin).


    1. Once again you assume your stupid, ignorant, informational opinion is fact. Some things don’t change…..right back at you….

      You’re confusing “THE STRIP” with actual Las Vegas. To this day, the Las Vegas Strip is not part of the City of Las Vegas…..get educated….dipshit

      In 1940 city officials began coaxing Californian hotel mogul Thomas Hull to build one of his successful El Rancho hotels in Las Vegas, recommending spots near Fremont Street. Hull surprised them by purchasing a massive tract of land south of the city on the Los Angeles Highway. By being officially outside of the city, Hull was able to avoid certain city taxes. The El Rancho Vegas, a huge, sprawling resort, opened in 1941 and was soon joined by other opulent resorts including the Last Frontier, Flamingo and Thunderbird.

      No mention of the mob crook Siegal….you lose!…. The mob shit ended in the 80’s.



      1. Hey Crabs you Dumbo, the LV strip is LV. Who goes to the dirty, cheesy City of LV for a vacation. Without the strip you stupid 8 ball, the City of LV would be nothing more than Nevada’s Barstow, stinking of tweakers and losers like yourself. Crawl back in your gopher AH.

        You can thank Ben Siegal for the LV strip.


      2. you’re trying so hard to press your opinion as factual. ……you stupid 8 ball!

        Ronny rode you hard and left you wet….

        Cue: Slippery When Wet


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