USC Notes: Conspiracy Theory Draws Little Pushback

It’s sad that Mick Cronin can push a conspiracy theory about UCLA being punished in the NCAA seedings because of the Bruins’ move to the Big Ten and no one calls him out locally.

What it demonstates is UCLA has its own fanboy media. The only criticism I’ve seen of Cronin has come from the national media.

This is the way it is for college sports these days. Internet sites are only interested in currying favor with coaches and the athletic dept. So they don’t write or say anything to offend.

  • Too bad the Boy Wonder (Brandon Sosna) isn’t at USC anymore to witness first-hand the demise of BLVD. He was certainly instrumental in its creation.
  • The best part is we won’t have to listen to this guy.


37 thoughts on “USC Notes: Conspiracy Theory Draws Little Pushback

  1. If Sosna were still at USC I would venture to say BLVD would be rocking it and USC may not have missed on a couple of recruits. Everything I have ever read has had Sosna in the background being the brains while Bohn, Folt, and others took the bows.

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  2. Bill Walton on Mick Cronin during second half gutties collapse versus USC:

    “Mick is screaming! Mick’s gotta sit down if he wants to finish this game! Somebody go find a small chair for him!”


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      1. Maybe he knew Eddie at Zachary All. Meanwhile, back to football…….Frank & Hot Lips (props to Charles) can’t get their hands on the new collective so good riddance indeed to BLVD. Fight On! (and forward too.)

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      1. Hey dart board….no one gives a shit about ruin basketball on this blog….. FOCUS!

        Perhaps Doctor Feelgood needs to adjust your meds….

        Way are you walking like John Wayne?

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    1. Have you noticed one of “those two idiots” stars in a video of himself yelling platitudes on an empty street corner?


      1. 😂😂😂 I was thinking the same thing. Who is he talking to? And what the hell is he talking about? Steph Curry was a top 10 pick. I would think a top 10 pick was chosen to help the team win 🤔 maybe I don’t understand left coasters.

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      2. What a fucking half wit senile retard. What he was saying flew right over your head. Get educated, I

        can’t do it for you.

        Sucking MG’s cock already….. Smile when the flavor changes…

        You’re now my #2 little bitch.

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      3. When people add “Right?” to the end of their thought, it is not only irritating but it suggests that they do not have confidence in their own thoughts and need outside validation.

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      4. Guys! Let’s face it: Nobody’s gonna drive Gabby or So Cal or F*ck USC [or me] from this blog. We’re all too tough for that. I admire us for being able to take it out and dish it out 24/7. Nothing’s gonna change that.

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      5. I could do without the childish, vulgar shit. But when they’re lobbed in my direction, I’m happy to reply in kind, since it seems to be what dimwits comprehend.

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      6. LIKED!…..But when they’re lobbed in my direction, I’m happy to reply in kind, since it seems to be what dimwits comprehend.

        We might have our ideological differences, but you’re a brother of the blog and I respect that. F*ck USC has made threats to kill me and my family which goes way beyond what should be said in this blog. Parcelman spoke out against his behavior with a post directed at Scott.

        Did you read the latest update(s) on future Yellowstone episodes….Isn’t looking good!

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      2. “Come gentle sleep — balm of my woes and softener of my blows and lull my weary body to sweet repose”….[until we’re ready to “fight on” tomorrow, George]!……

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    1. At the tone, General Telephone time will be ………I recall when it was only five numbers to make a local call, but you also had party-lines. Had to wait for others to end their call or get rude and tell them to cut it short

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      1. Ok Gabby! I tried to end it but now I will continue my assault. I feel for you other bloggers but this faggot asked for it.


      2. How about I empty a clip in you! Dumb ass bitch. Stop dick riding the real alumni. But since your a gay man all you do is ride dick 😂😂😂


      3. Before you use the words lame ass, go look in the mirror and know you are worthy of the same words. Post after post reeks of it.



      4. Fuck you you stupid bitch! I hope your family dies. If I get my hands on them it will definitely happen. Move to France faggot!


  3. I’ve always felt that the “One and Done” thing has simultaneously destroyed College Basketball and the NBA. Suddenly, immature, undeveloped players are being given tens of millions of dollars to leave college and play in the NBA. The college season is virtually meaningless except for the 60 some odd teams who are in the tournament. And the tournament is meaningless because there’s no team chemistry and it’s just playground run and gun play.
    Then when the players hit the NBA, they are really just Sophomores who usually don’t go on to play well. I think about half of them wash out

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