Everything Has A USC Connection


Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi were at Dedeaux Field this weekend watching their son, picher Jaden Agassi, pitch against Marist.

Jaden Agassi is 1-0 with a 1.42 ERA after going 6.1 innings on Saturday night.


20 thoughts on “Everything Has A USC Connection

  1. I always admired Steffi and Andre as players and people — a lot of royal blood runs thru the veins of their talented son, Jaden Agassi.

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      1. I saw them play in a seniors tournament against top flight competition …and they both played at the highest level, 67.

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      2. Off subject:
        Andre would kick Dana’s ass….
        [Have you ever seen the video of Tyson walking up to White on a private flight and telling him to get out of his seat and go to the back of the plane? It’s SO humiliating]…..


    1. Nice to see Agassi stay, he had entered the transfer portal, maybe he was lured back by a pitching coach who can actually team his a few thing, what a novel approach by head coach Stankiewicz , hire competent assistants, maybe Riley should take note.

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    1. You were posting this exactly one year ago, Ed. I don’t think he’s reading our posts.

      Which is why it’s funny when someone cries about non-sports comments. As if any of these posts are going to make one bit of difference to how good the team is this year! LOL

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      1. I like to dream about Coach Riley reading our off -the -cuff opinions and saying to himself, “you know, these guys really have something!”

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    1. Continuing down the road of So Cal’s [sound] opinion [i. e., that our posts don’t matter] — it’s time we complete the loss of our credibility by urging Lincoln to come up with a 2 QB offense ….

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    1. I’m still wondering how Clay Helton didn’t figure out that one of his “preferred walk-ons” never came to practice…..

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  2. Scooter,

    I went to the game on Sunday. What I noticed was that the pitch count on average dropped by two to three pitches for each batter. they look better and seem more discplined. Hitting is good. however, the competition was not up to top play, no disrepect to Marist, but they do not have the players like SC or some other PAC 12 school have.


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