Bronny James A Top 10 Pick?

ESPN draft analyst Jonathan Givony has Bronny James as the 10th pick in his 2024 NBA mock draft.

Givony says James is “arguably the best perimeter defender in his class.”

That’s high praise for the USC target.

It’s also someone who averages 13.8 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.8 steals per game. It’s been debatable whether James is even the best player in the Mission League.

39 thoughts on “Bronny James A Top 10 Pick?

  1. Now wolf is an expert on the NBA draft and challenging a real expert who actually gets “paid” to voice his opinions.

    Slo troll thinks wolf’s word is Gospel…!


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    2. Now wolf is an expert on the NBA draft and challenging a real expert who actually gets “paid” to voice his opinions.

      Slo troll thinks wolf’s word is Gospel…!

      But then again, look at me, I’m a looser who logs on to read Wolfs blog everyday, then complains about what he says 😂😂. But it’s still better then eating my wife’s Stank Ass every morning, so I’ll keep on being a Scott Wolf fan 😀😀


  2. Here’s a ‘defender’ Brett Hundley had no problem running into
    Settlement reached between former UCLA QB, ex-wife

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Former UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley and his ex- wife have finalized the settlement of her lawsuit in which she alleged he broke one of her ankles and caused her to suffer a back injury during arguments between the former couple in 2016, lawyers in the case told a judge Wednesday.

    “The parties report that a settlement agreement has been signed by all parties,” a clerk for Judge Elaine Lu wrote in a minute order from Wednesday’s proceedings.

    In a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, the plaintiff, identified only as “Jane Doe,” alleged causes of action for domestic violence as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent misrepresentation. The two had met while at UCLA, where Doe was a track runner, and were married in July 2016.

    Doe’s lawyers filed court papers on Oct. 11 with Lu stating that a conditional settlement was reached. However, the attorneys told the judge during a hearing Feb. 16 that the accord was not signed by all parties and so the judge scheduled additional hearings Tuesday and Wednesday. With the current resolution of the case, the judge on Wednesday dismissed Doe’s case “with prejudice,” meaning it cannot be refiled later.

    Doe alleged that in January 2016, Hundley choked her during an argument in which she broke her ankle. In December of that year, Hundley “pushed her through an open garage door,” resulting in a back injury, she said. In July 2016, Hundley became infected with a sexually transmitted disease after having unprotected sex with an unknown number of women at a Las Vegas bachelor party and later passed the malady on to Doe, the suit filed in April 2020 further alleged.

    Hundley’s idea of ‘playing the man’ – what a complete ‘blank’

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      1. Inner Gabby: Oops…outer is the one who camps out here. Night and day. 24/7. Da’ ya think anyone noticed?


      1. Slo troll, men are born with balls.You seem to have lost yours. So don’t blame me for your cowardness. There is absolutely nothing wrong with real men meeting up to discuss their differences.

        Since you lack testosterone you wouldn’t understand… Must suxk to be ball-leas


      1. Been a Laker support back to the Magic era. But when Jennie Buss sold out to James, and basically allowed him to run the organization, especially when it came to player personnel, my support dwindled greatly

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  3. I’ve never seen him play so I can’t play but I am a little suspicious because the only big schools that are offering him are USC, Ohio State and Memphis.


  4. Anybody read about the Alabama bball player who supplied the gun, to a fellow teammate, in a murder of Alabama woman and is still playing??
    Supposedly they can’t charge him, but WTF?!?!

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  5. –The only SC topic I care about is 2023 Trojan basketball is going to the NCAAs–
    Probably. Still, as a “I am better than you Troy football fan,’
    We Trojans in basketball feel like ‘Avis to Hertz’


  6. Not only do they have a mock draft 2 years from now but they also predict the order of teams in the NBA a full season from now? Give me a break.


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