Where Are The USC Defensive Changes?

I’m encouraged by some of the defensive transfers USC added recently.

But I’m still going to wonder how the defense is going to do if some major changes aren’t being made.

So far, the strengh workouts look the same. I haven’t heard anything yet about practices being different this spring. These are two areas where adjustments need to be made to significantly impact the defense . . . in a good way.

Until I hear or see differently, I’m assuming Alex Grinch will continue the same approach he has had as defensive coordinator at Oklahoma and USC. Lincoln Riley claimed he will be more involved but what does that mean?

Riley’s 2017 defense allowed Georgia to gain 9.3 yards a carry at the Rose Bowl. His 2018 defense let Alabama blow him out in the College Football Playoff.

So can we expect a vast improvement? Aside from the arrival of a few better players.

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46 thoughts on “Where Are The USC Defensive Changes?

  1. Scott: “So far, the strengh(sp) workouts look the same”

    Wolfman(bark at the moon)….is that based off of your own personal opinion or the opinion of a random PAC12 coach….let us know

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    1. The defensive changes are in Lincoln Riley’s imaginary head, it’s all verbal just to appease the fans until next season. Mike Leach wannabes don’t play defense, they just hope to outscore the opponents until the end of the game. That philosophy and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee not a National Championship. TCU found out the hard way, didn’t they? 😂😂


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  2. I think LR has got the proper plan. Create a great offense first(because the rules favor the offense) and then move on to the defense. But I still think that he should have gotten rid of Grinch. They have brought in some pretty good defensive players via the transfer portal but they could use a few more.

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    1. If we score the same number of points per game this year as we did last year…and hold the opposition to 3 fewer points per game…..we’ll win it all…


      1. Very True!!! SC was ahead 17-3 and getting ready to score again when the injury occurred. Would Utah have scored a lot of points in the rest of the game…..yes but with SC’s offense, SC would have scored just as many. You can’t win a game by trading TD’s when you are behind. I still say SC should have beaten Utah twice last year.

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  3. Talent added to every defensive position group. Expect transfers, returning players, and recruits to better themselves through the offseason conditioning program and Spring Practice. Grinch and Riley need to reassess their defensive schemes.

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  4. I always thought Tee Martin got a bad rap at USC. Robert Woods, JuJu, and Agholor are still in the NFL. Clay had this f’d up approach where Tee would call running plays and Tyson Helton would call pass plays.

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    1. And Tee was a great recruiter … I’d put him right there with Orgeron at the time. Comparable to Donte Williams, though think of Tee as a better position coach.

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      1. Speaking of Marquise Lee, if I remember right he was recruited as a D-Back out of Serra. They tried him at WR and liked what they saw.


  5. Well that went downhill fast. About the defense… (not of the country) Spring practice starts in a few weeks and Scott will be able to ask the grounds keepers if the grass is really greener or it’s painted on.
    But if tackling doesn’t get emphasized in Spring training, USC has no defense.
    Riley doesn’t see this season as a make or break season ( I asked my brother who once coached the East Valley Trojans Pop Warner team )

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    1. CR, thought he had big sophomore year, and left after his junior year?
      Seems like once he had that big year he kinda mailed it in the next year, like he was afraid to get hurt before heading to NFL. Seems like he was injured a lot and didn’t give a f*ck.

      Wish they coulda put Robert Woods heart into Lee’s body.

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  6. Norman, Oklahoma doesn’t generate the same amount of attention as USC as far as exposing failure. No one begged for Grinch to stay at Oklahoma nor is anyone asking to hire him. Grinch has to get his act together. No one will tolerate bad defense even if they’re undefeated.

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  7. I wish someone would delete the comments that are vulgar, racist or threatening. I love the fun banter but the comments get so far away from USC sports that the comments section becomes useless.

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