USC Notes: Travis Dye Nearing Workout Date

Last week, former USC wide receiver Keary Colbert was hired as an assistant by the Denver Broncos.

But an NFL assistant told me working with new Broncos coach Sean Payton can be difficult.

“He’s in the office until 2 or 3 a.m.,” the NFL assistant said. “He can be tough for the offensive assistants. A lot of guys don’t like it.”

  • One player who will participate in USC Pro Day on March 21 is tailback Travis Dye.

Dye is performing medical tests and doing team interviews but not working out at the NFL Combine this week. Dye broke his leg last season although it was never officially disclosed.

USC baseball, which had its game postponed Tuesday against Cal State Fullerton, hosts UC Riverside tonight at 6:30 at Dedeaux Field.


14 thoughts on “USC Notes: Travis Dye Nearing Workout Date

  1. Scott: But an NFL assistant told me working with new Broncos coach Sean Payton can be difficult

    The only one to believe this is slooo troll. He told me Scott’s word is as good as GOSPEL.


    1. “To Whom It May Concern, I start shit online and post as if I’m a tough guy and when someone does the same to me, I want to report them for hurting my feelings!! Same way bad, orange man hurt my feelings, so I voted dementia! Waaahhhh!!!” LMAO


      1. Wait!!!! You told me you voted for Trump…. Another one of your lies… I am not surprised.

        Isn’t it about time for a diaper change and empty the drool cup… For someone who cares.


    2. Inner Gabby: So Cal has hurt my poor outer very, very deeply…to the core…poor Outer he eats, sleeps, drinks, dreams So Cal….it reaches him to his very being. He is now a broken man lashing out at the world (well okay, maybe not the world but on Scott’s blog). A mere shadow of his former self. Can anyone save Outer Gabby? Can anyone stop this train wreck?


      1. LOL, Inner! He’s in complete denial about how he’s viewed here.

        Your thoughts must be at a subconscious level.

        Fight On!! BEAT THE WILDCATS!!!


      2. You senile blind as a bat limpdick troll. This blog is a clown show and you lead the dog and pony act. I don’t give a shit how I am perceived. Your guilt shaming is hilarious.

        It’s creepy how you embraces the misfits… I guess you need them to tame your narccism.

        Still no diaper change


      3. If seeing you as a fool and a troll makes them all misfits, so be it. LOVE the misfits! At the end of the day, most of them are actual Trojans just as I am.


      4. So you’re a condom.. Nice! … I didn’t know they make them that small… Instead of fight on… It’s “troll on”


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  3. Sean Payton works until 3 am and is hard on assistants. Cancel him now and bam him to television. How is that news?


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