Lenny Vandermade Finally Gets Head-Coaching Job

Former USC offensive lineman Lenny Vandermade, who was recently a candidate for the Mater Dei job, was named football coach at St. Ignatius in San Francisco.

It’s been a long road for Vandermade to get a head-coaching job. He spent 10 years at USC, mostly as a quality control assistant before being let go last summer. He was also an assistant at Loyola and Santa Margarita. So it will be interesting to see what Vandermade, 42, does now that he finally gets to run a program.


27 thoughts on “Lenny Vandermade Finally Gets Head-Coaching Job

    1. SI is a big time private school up here in the Bay Area – I would consider a prestige gig. Not like Mater Dei, but certainly a brand name in the Bay Area.

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      1. CR Smith and others,

        St. Ignatius is a Jesuit high school which is very close to the beach, and located in the Sunset Hills area of San Fran. It is like Loyola High in L.A. You might consider them to be at the top up there because of the lack of power houses like Concord De La Salle. Loyola played them a few years ago and beat them. This is a good learning experience for Lenny. he is used to the Jesuit way of doing things and teachers from both schools know each other. If successful, he will produce around a 9-3 record normally for each year. The problem with St. Ignatius and Santa Clara have produced the worst commie politicians in the world like Jerry Brown, Newsom, Schllie, and others. Good school though.

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  1. Some people are just not head coaching material. Helton was way over his skis at USC… He sounds hard-headed.

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    1. “Barring a collapse in both games and an early exit next week in Vegas, the Trojans should enter March as one of its more dangerous sleepers.”

      I’ll run with this.
      Thanks CR for posting.

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  2. That ‘Charles’-guy really knows how to bring it–

    Vince I. of SC basketball almost died on the Trojan basketball court
    similar to Gains of Loyola and Bias of back east. Thank goodness
    there were Trojan medics on hand to save ol’ Vince’s life,
    I had no idea
    And so us fans continue on, imploring our SC heroes to do what it takes to WIN
    WIN, WIN, although all the while ignorant of what it takes to WIN

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