USC Women’s Basketball Bounced From Pac-12 Tournament

Lindsay Gottlieb laid an egg in the Pac-12 Tournament on Wednesday night, losing to Oregon State in the first round, 56-48.

How big an egg? Oregon State was the 11th seed. The Beavers won just four Pac-12 games and finished tied for 10th in the conference. They were 12-17 overall entering the game.

Even worse, USC dropped to 21-9 overall, and damaged its NCAA Tournament hopes. ESPN had USC as a 10th-seed in its mock bracket before the loss to Oregon State.


33 thoughts on “USC Women’s Basketball Bounced From Pac-12 Tournament

    1. Our women, btw, played great basketball for 3 quarters! That should be enough!


      1. Hilarious! I’m right there with you, Buddha.

        Women’s indoor volleyball is all I follow. I’ve always wished we had a softball team.

        NCAA softball is far from being the snoozer that women’s bb is, especially when the tournament comes arorund.

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    1. Will ucla be able to afford to even field a team in 2024. How does it feel to be totally broke and destitute, and married to Cal, your sister. Love that “equity” BS.

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      1. But [allegedly] that’s what the majority of Los Angeles voters want, So Cal. [I say “allegedly” since Bass won on the “last-in” mail-in votes]….

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    2. I hope UCLA does well this weekend, Owns….. and, obviously, I want the same for USC….

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      1. Well, SC ladies’ basketball will carry on whether supported or not, it cannot do much worse attendance-wise than the Trojans’ men’s basketball program, and give Coach Gottleib some credit, she inherited a poor team last year and many thought SC could not recover, but then she develops a pretty good team this year

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  1. The betting line started out Arizona by 1 1/2 points then it
    went to 2 1/2 and now it has returned to 1 1/2 to beat SC. Sounds like a pretty close expected score what with SC having home court, such as it is, although I believe the Trojan faithful will show up tonight

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    1. If you had a choice, John, would you rather sweep the Arizona schools…or…. take the Pac 12 Tournament?

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  2. Shut up SoCal, your stupid ass lives in Las Vegas now. Bass can put up the fake Lori Lightfoot agenda all she wants but the City Council and Police Commission decides how to run the police. Your not in L A so be queit and stay out of family business unless you want to move back and live here. It’s a fake political stunt and watch what happens to phonies like you and her. She’ll be in Cancun with Lightfoot while they sing the blues about being black women in politics. There’s too much crime for anything like that stupidity and the police union has already come out and said give the non-violent calls to reservists or specialists. What going to happen is the Bass Fake Police Force will be created and they’ll be staffed with police wanna-be rejects who can give Bass a political win while being monitored by that failed excuse of a police chief Moore.


  3. For claiming to be an SC grad, Wolf, the only time you show any support to the basketball teams is like never-its only joy and glee and derision when they have negative results which seem to give some odd Gargamel-type ecstasy. Your more pathetic than Owns, who can’t get a blog started about UCLA even if he paid folks to participate. It must be the organoid intelligence field that keeps Wolf from supporting anything related to USC basketball-men or women.


      1. I’m wondering the same, Michael. Though the one we’ve know leans left, he’s always been quite a bit more level headed.

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      2. we’ve KNOWN

        Every day this week, I’ve mis-typed something. I need to have my secretary…oops, my administrative assistant (gotta be PC) start posting my replies. 😉

        She’s meaner than I am, so it might get a little crazy in here!

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  4. So Cal
    MARCH 1, 2023 AT 7:57 PM
    Here you go: 1650 Community College Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89146

    Perfect place for you and for the sake of the entire blog.


    1. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Dumb enough to think I gave that whacko my actual address?!!! That’s hilarious. I haven’t had a laugh this good in weeks!!

      Besides, read the last sentence. Why would I suggest that my address was the perfect place for my stalker?! WOW!!


  5. Women basketball will never be any good until the right coach is
    hired. They play out of control season after season. They also need
    a great inside player to draw attention to the program similar to an
    Evan Mobley type. The Cheryl Millers and Lisa Loves and Tina
    Thompson’s are going elsewhere these days.


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