Recruits Visiting USC This Weekend

Four-star defensive end Xadavien Sims of Durant, Okla., will be part of a big recruiting weekend for USC.

Three-star safety Kenyan Kelly of Denison, Texas, will also be on campus. Three-star cornerback Nikko Klemm of Serra in Gardena will also be visiting.

7 thoughts on “Recruits Visiting USC This Weekend

  1. hi john,thay nead a plaise to stay wile hear,i can cleen owt sum of my cloun koschumes frum the baismint and maik ruum fir sum poeple,jussed lemme now,thanx alot

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    1. hi John, guess what ? I just realized that I actually know how to spell, but I’ll continue to act like a dumb fuck whenever I post ridiculous shit. But anyway, let me get back to sucking my own Dick, because Missus breath smells like raw sewage this afternoon.. Yum Yum 😋


      1. I know you meant that as an insult. But George Carlin was always jealous of his dog being able to lick his own balls.

        He said, “If I could do that, I’d be home every Saturday night!”

        RIP, George. You were a freakin’ riot!!


    2. Ed, keep the clown costumes at the ready in case any of SC’s new recruits get a NIL job as a greeter on Hollywood Boulevard, you just never know


  2. George Carlin– Don’t worry about Mother Earth, she can take care of herself when we are all gone. Might take her a couple of centuries to undo all the harm we caused her but she will be fine.


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