USC Notes: Two Interesting Facts On Tuli Tuipulotu At NFL Combine

A couple things about USC defensive lineman Tuli Tuipulotu, who is at the NFL Combine this week, that an AFC East assistant coach pointed out to me from the combine.

He weighed 266 pounds. At USC, he was listed at 290.

And he is still only 20 years old. That feels unique these days when so many players get held back a year or two before starting high school.

  • USC opened as a 2.5-point underdog to Arizona tonight at the Galen Center but the line quickly went down to half-a-point. A reminder: Bill Walton will be the analyst alongside Dave Pasch tonight.

22 thoughts on “USC Notes: Two Interesting Facts On Tuli Tuipulotu At NFL Combine

    1. Ed — John hasn’t accepted any basement invitations since he saw “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” ….

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  1. I know bb purists can’t stand to hear Walton call games. But for us casual fans…love it! He’s one of the few Ruins I don’t dislike. (His honesty about Papa Sam is commendable, even if it came years later.) The banter between him and Pasch is great!

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      1. It’s the end of the world! This is a sure sign of the apocalypse.

        I’ll be looking for the four horsemen as I ride my own [steel] horse home in a few minutes. 😉


      2. Hold the presses and cameras, this might be bigger than the end of World War 2–
        Gabby and So Cal have made a ‘truce,’ sort of, subject to many amendments
        Even Wolf is thinking about changing the Blog-title from his name to “Gabby&SoCal’

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      3. The Trojan Horse tactic…..funny!…..Since you’re a movie-buff, my favorite Trojan War movie was Troy……part of my movie collection


      4. You need to watch Bana portray Australian gangster, Mark “Chopper” Read in only his second film role. He put on 30 lbs for the part. You’ll enjoy it! Read was one crazy mofo. Both the movie and several actual interviews of Read are on YouTube, including one by “60 Minutes Australia”.

        Ridley Scott saw Chopper and decided he wanted to have Bana in Black Hawk Down (2001). Ang Lee saw Chopper and cast Bana as the star in Hulk (2003). Brad Pitt saw Chopper and insisted that he play Hector in Troy (2004). Steven Spielberg saw Hulk, watched Chopper on DVD and cast Bana for the lead in Munich (2005).

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      5. So Cal; Read was one crazy mofo.

        Read had a fellow inmate cut both of his ears off to be able to leave the H division prison block temporarily. In his biography, Read claimed this was to avoid an ambush by other inmates by being transferred to the mental health wing. His later works state that he did so to “win a bet”



  2. Why is it I think of Walton whenever I hear the song lyrics, “You tell that hoodlum friend outside, you ain’t got time to take a ride….Yakkity-Yak don’t talk back”

    Funny thing about Yakkity-Yak Bill is that he was almost a mute all the way through sucla with a serious stuttering problem, and so now he is making up for lost time

    But I don’t hear him ever, I listen to the games on the radio.

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  3. Walton was hitting on all 3 cylinders last USC-gutties game:

    “Mick better sit down if he doesn’t want to get tossed! Somebody find him a small chair!”

    “What can you say about Andy Enfield! The coach, the recruiter the scholar! What a fantastic job he has done for these USC Trojans!”

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  4. — First time I see Walton (live) he is walking by me leading the sucla basketball guys
    –Onward to a ‘massacurreeing’ of an SC squad who saw their idol as being ‘Walton’


  5. Tuli gave a lot of compliments to his position coach at USC Shaun Nua. I thought that guy was a bum who couldn’t coach a 3 year old to sit still?


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