Five-Star QB To Visit USC

Five-star QB Dylan Raiola will also be part of USC’s recruiting weekend by making an unofficial visit on Sunday.

Raiola is also considering Nebraska, of course, where his uncle is an assistant coach and to a lesser extent, Georgia.

28 thoughts on “Five-Star QB To Visit USC

  1. Everyone says GA is out of it, he is either USC or NE. The only thing causing hesitation is he knows at USC he has to earn the starting job by taking it away from either Nelson or Moss. If he signs with USC expect one of the others to transfer quickly.

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  2. He had a great official visit to USC and cut GA out after that visit. Seems to me like he is headed to USC.

    I hope USC uses the first 6 games to give the backup QB substantial playing time this year. 4 touchdown lead by 3rd quarter and send in Moss or Nelson. We need to develop the backup in case CW is injured.

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  3. My crystal ball predicts Raiola to Nebraska…..His uncle is on staff as an O-line coach, 16k fans at a Nebraska basketball were chanting his name at a game he recently attended, but the main reason is a clear path to early playing time in Lincoln…..

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    1. i dont think legacy status is going to make a difference if he thinks Riley can develop him. it all depends upon if Rhule can convince him that he will get the same development at Nebraska.

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  4. I think he is heading to USC, simply based on his desire to be coached by the best to prep him for Sundays. He won’t win a Heisman at Nebraska, but he could at SC.

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      1. It was the same thing against UCLA. They got killed in the first half and then Boogie Ellis caught fire. Enfield doesn’t do shit. They run the same sets and standard defense no matter what. He never tries to exploit another team’s weakness or even confuses them by doing something they aren’t suspecting. Thanks drunk Pat Haden and Minister Bohn for the Enfield experience. His dumbass didn’t even think to give Evan Mobley the ball every damn time when he had him. They’re never winning anything with Enfield there.

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  5. Another Drew Peterson shit show brought to you by Andy Enfield. 29 minutes, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 turnovers, 5 points and his dumbass thinks he can play in the NBA. He’s great when he’s guarded by dudes that are 6+ inches shorter than him.


  6. smackyd, what up with V. Iwuchukwu’s ugly game:

    12 mins, 3rebs , 2assists, 0 points

    #Good Time Andyain’twinning Got the Bruise.


    1. Prob some combo of the first time he’s had to play against guys who were his own size, Arizona being well coached, and being a freshman.


  7. Only 7,043 (Official attendance) or 69% of chicken coop capacity showed up to watch bozo BB get rolled. Just wondering for a friend, how many disappointed SUCCsters actually paid to attend?


    1. Rent…Let me refresh your memory… UCLA football set a program low this past season for single-game attendance at the Rose Bowl during it’s Bowling Green in Week 1. Only 27,143 fans purchased a ticket for the game, snapping a record that has stood for roughly 30 years.

      The previous low point for the Bruins at the Rose Bowl came on Nov. 7, 1992, when 32,513 fans were in attendance for a 26-14 win over Oregon State in a game that followed a five-game losing streak

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