USC Sweeps Naismith Awards

This is a first: The Naismith Boys’ and Girls’ High School Players of the Year are both going to USC.

Point guard Isaiah Collier of Marietta, Ga., won the boys’ award while point guard Juju Watkins of Sierra Canyon High School was the girls’ winner.

It is the first time the winners of both awards will go on to play at the same college. Lisa Leslie, who won the award in 1990, is the only other USC player to claim the honor. Leslie also won the 1994 Naismith College Player of the Year Trophy.

Does this mean Andy Enfield won’t lose to Arizona next year? Or Lindsay Gottlieb won’t get bounced in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament? One can hope.


53 thoughts on “USC Sweeps Naismith Awards

      1. Ed’s got a whole team working for him, with one person dedicated to monitoring “Inside USC”.

        If Vincent stays next year, USC hoops could be very good.

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      2. I noticed Ed is always the first to voice his opinion. If not first you will not hear from him through the thread.

        Regarding basketball, we currently have the #10 ranked incoming class. Oregon is at #9 and not a sign of ucla………Owns will show up soon with some pathetic excuse

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    1. If the glove fits you must convict! Criminal justice was served

      He was also looking at many years in prison related to his financial crimes. Did you watch the recently released Netflix series “Murdaugh Murders” good stuff


      1. says the guy who lives in a single-wide….owns, why are some goats walking funny…..asking for a friend


  1. Crabs you f**king, infantile POS. If you’re 18 or close, save some paper route money and visit a Nevada brothel. Based on you constant bestiality sexual references, you remind me of some mouthy 8th grader, who claims amongst his friends, he’s done more women than Wilt Chamberlin.

    Now back on point, Tixas, a state public University, has more oil $$$$$$ in the bottom of its cowboy boot than Clown U could accumulate in say, 500 yrs.

    #”Facts matter” ~ Dear Pissley.


    1. One word “TRIGGERED”…someone pissed in rents oatmeal…

      1955….facts matter!

      PS… Ronnie said he enjoyed last night… Proof is still in your chin…


      1. Vince Young wasn’t bozo FB’s QB!!!

        Young waltzes untouched into the end zone in the waning seconds of 2006 NC game to help bozo FB snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That Tixas natty victory was so sweet.

        BTW, WTF does 1955 mean. The only ref. I can find is bozo men’s BB lost its last 4 games (Two to Wash. and two, to surprise, surprise UCLA.).

        ‘Dem’s the facts. Some things just don’t change.


    2. If Wilt Chamberlain has actually done anything close to that number, wouldn’t you have expected either a Paternity Suit or a Me Too lawsuit by now by one of them against Chamberlain’s Estate, the Lakers or the NBA? Gloria Allred, where are you?

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      1. Wilt, unfortunately had a sad case of a large inferiority complex. In Wilt’s mind his 20k consensual sexual congress boast enhanced his maleness psyche.

        On the other hand, Crabs’ boast of doing 20k barn yard animals is another can of sexual worms.


      2. Speaking of 20k…wasn’t that the average attendance for a ruin home football game. ouch!.. Thank Abbott for the extra 10k he bused over.


      3. Someone wrote that Wilt had an inferiority complex, right, you should have such a complex, and I recalled his boast was something like 10,000 women bedded down not 20,000 which would still defy logic as in if he had a different woman every night for about 28-years he would reach 10,000. If you believe this I have an Easter bunny story I can rivet you with


      4. Maybe Wilt was simply being funny as in, “How many girls have you had, ‘Stilt,’ in your day?— Oh, I don’t know, 10 maybe 20-thousand.


  2. Hey Crabs, your chickens want you to shave your teeth.

    Now back on point, Tixas U has more $$$$$ stashed in their 2006 FB NC cup than Clown U has paid, or will pay, re: the Geo. Tyndall settlement.

    #Az 87 – SUCC 81….That makes Andyain’twinning something like 7 – 33 vs ranked BB opponents (That’s a 0.175 winning %). Just f**king monumental!


  3. In reply to SW’s question of whether the infusion of new talent into SC’s basketball program will assure an Arizona victory next season, no Scott it will not, but it gives the Trojans a better chance of beating them

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  4. Damn Crabs, the only time bozo BB can fill their crummy, little BB Chicken Coop is when UCLA shows up.

    Yesterday’s must win bozo BB game drew only 7,043 fans. And I’d bet $$$$$ to donuts half the bozo U fans got in with free, complimentary tickets…..winos and the homeless seat fillers in the nose bleed sections excluded.

    Every time the Galen Chicken Coop is opened, it’s a major loss leader for Clown U.

    #Mic-Key Mouse, Mickey Mouse.


    1. Your football attendance is pathetic. You only sell out basketball venue when we come to play. Athletic dept is 130 million in debt. Your only saving grace is we decided to drag you into the Big10 with us. No shot they want your pathetic offerings without riding the coattails of USC football.

      Facts matter

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      1. Oh that really hurts Ms. Helton.

        Just yesterday UCLA was just in the red $100 million. Today you’ve jacked it up 30% more.

        Ms. Helton, kindly reference the Internet source for your claimed 30% increase in the last 24 hrs. Unless you’re a traitor UCLA athletic dept. , CPA, I think you’re FOS…..with all due respect.

        In Africa, Europe and So. America, USC stands for the Univ. of So. Carolina.

        UCLA , the # 1 rated, US Public University, on the other hand, is known world wide for its academic and athletic excellence.

        Nobody outside of the So. California, gives a SHIT about bozo FB and its moldy, mothball stinking FB history; but, they do know the saga of OJ Simpson, SUCC’s most famous alumnus.

        Cue and loop: the video of the 2022, P-12 FB Championship game in Vegas.

        #Ah choka, choka, choka, choka choke.


      2. rents: In Africa, Europe and So. America, USC stands for the Univ. of So. Carolina

        Kindly reference the Internet source for your claim?

        Cue: Icicle On My Chin

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      3. LA Times- UCLA’s debt of $28.045 million during the 2022 fiscal year was less than half the record $62.5 million from 2021, though it still left the athletic department facing a hefty four-year shortfall of $130.8 million roughly 1½ years before it can tap a spigot of cash from the Big Ten Conference.

        Facts matter.

        talk about mothball history, you haven’t won a basketball title in decades and that’s the only one for about 50 years. You are low hanging fruit. It might just be better for you to say thank you for USC saving you from the mountain west or WCC.

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  5. Friday night in L.A., I should be happy at the work-week end but too tired to frolic-But no Wolf-Poster threatened to kill me or my family this week, so I am pretty secure
    But ask me tomorrow night

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    1. Jim Malone: You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson.

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  6. Memo to: Ms. Helton

    Two years ago the Bruins were in the Final Four.

    On the other hand, bozo BB was in the 1940 Final Four (83 years ago) and lastly in 1954 (69 years ago) when they finished 4th.

    And just so you don’t forget Ms. Helton, bozo BB is still OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ferever and proud of it.

    If the LA Times says so it must true because UCLA financials are public transparent.

    But SUCC financials , as a private METHODIST University, remain opaque ’cause they don’t have expose their revenue deficits. Just because Clown U says the athletic dept. operates in the black, it doesn’t mean it’s so.

    I remind you of SUCC’s CS, College of Education, self publishing false Information, in order to a obtain a better grade from US News and World Reports College Rankings.

    SUCC always substitutes gross CHEATING for wimpy, honest integrity.


  7. Ooooh that’s super impressive. “We were in the final four recently” That’s a claim only the juggernaut athletic schools can claim the likes of Loyola Chicago, Wichita State, Butler, Texas Tech, VCU, and a few others. You have changed my mind. I do hold you in that esteemed company. That’s exactly where you belong, hold your head high!

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    1. Well it is impressive considering it’s been 69 years since bozo BB has been to a NCAA Final Four. In short, bozo men’s BB is a perennial, epic failure. Competition @ the Div. III level is toooooo steep for the bozos.

      Hell Helton, bozo BB best former player is still a chick; Reggie Miller’s sister Cheryl.

      SUCC Athletics: a joke that chokes. The SUCC Baseball team is already in last place; the only P-12 team with a sub .500 winning record…In f**king impressive. I know you’re a proud joke that chokes Helton.

      Cue: The “Green Wave” fight song.


      1. Baseball national championships-
        USC 12 The little gutties 1.

        At some point you should just stop and be grateful that you have our coattails to ride on, or you would be broke in two years and on a WCC blog talking trash to Santa Clara.

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      2. owns, wave the f’ing white flag, for chrissake. Mrs. H is tossing you around like Raggedy Ann.


  8. — How many days did you say before SC football opens the ’23 Season?
    — Only about 6-months or 180-days, and tomorrow it’ll be 179-days,
    but whose counting

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  9. Memo to: Old lady Helton

    UCLA 11 BB tournament NC’s. They won 7 straight NC’s. For 7 straight Tournaments, UCLA was PERFECT….no second chance necessary against the best NCAA Div. 1 BB teams while the bozo men’s BB team watched on TV.

    Clown U OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ferever. bozo BB can’t stand real competition. You know Helton, the joke that chokes.

    Helton, your last Baseball NC was 25 years ago, in 1998; SUCC was 9 -2 in that tournament. That means the bozos got 2 second chances (Dbl. elimination competition) to compete from the losers brkt.

    UCLA won ALL its 11 BB NC in the NCAA’s single elimination BB Tournament. The degree of difficulty to win a BB NC is at least 10x that of a Baseball NC.

    SUCC Baseball won 5 straight Baseball NC’s 1970 – 74. They won 4 of those NC’s from the F**KING LOSERS brkt.

    Da little bozos needed second chances.

    BTW madam Helton, UCLA was perfect in its lone Baseball Tournament NC. No Bruin LOSER brkt. BS necessary.

    #bozo FB, BB and Bball: the joke that chokes.


    1. Since you brought it up

      Gutties FB BB and Bball combined championships – 13

      USC- 23

      Would you like to continue? It’s really like shooting fish in a barrel.

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