USC Saturday Buzz: Who Can You Trust On Pac-12 Deal?

Who can you trust when it comes to the Pac-12 media-rights deal?

The media who cover the Pac-12 closest seem to think everything will be fine. The national media are painting a more dire picture.

Someone I trust is John Ourand of Sports Business Journal, who said George Kliavkoff should have taken a deal six months ago. Kliavkoff is still immune from local criticism.

My fear is the Pac-12 ends up with a deal where most of the games are on a streaming service.

At this point, someone will say “It doesn’ matter because USC is going to the Big Ten.”

But it still matters because college football needs the West Coast to be healthy. Do you want a sport where 90 percent of the good teams are in the South and Midwest?

USC will always have a rich history in the Pac-12 and its predecessors. It matters to me that schools like Washington State are able to survive.

I’m hoping the Pac-12 will survive but if its new deal is for less money than the Big 12 and, more importantly, mainly on a streaming service, it will be depressing.

  • USC baseball had a dramatic 8-7 victory over Sacramento State on Friday night. Here’s the ninth-inning catch from Carson Wells. Carson Wells? Wasn’t he in “No Country for Old Men?”

26 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Who Can You Trust On Pac-12 Deal?

    1. Oregon? You mean the Middle School Girls who need to show off a new outfit and accessories every week to be popular?


  1. Hey Scotty!, they should of thought about that years ago, by firing, Larry Scott. Instead of letting him be a grifter and ruin the conference of champions. All the conference presidents and Ad’s thought it was a wise move by not taking care of business first. By not taking care of the number 1 market and brand in USC. Especially with out an NFL team around for years. In hindsight it was the lamest move ever by that fool, Larry Scott and co., with USC and UCLA leaving now to the Big 10 in 1 more year. Way to go Haden and Swann you 2 are also to blame for the PAC 12s demise. By not showing any testical fortitude, and going along with the status quo for years. I don’t put too much blame or emphasis on UCLA. Because nobody cares about them and they will take what they we’re given any ways. Just for being a UC system school, that was in debt 50 million, to their athletic program.

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    1. trojanboogs I think you are getting to the root cause of the demise of the PAC12. However, I think ALL the P12 Administrators and ADs are to blame. I don’t understand how this travesty could have been allowed. I suspect most administrators believe themselves to be “too academic” to squander their valuable time on sports……until their purses continued to empty and something had to change. Only when they saw how important football revenue is, did they make changes…..too bad so late it will be hard to recover. SC had double whammy smith and helton!!!

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      1. Helton, alone, constitutes a triple whammy…..

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  2. Fears of streaming content & tears for the Cougs. Did you also cry when the team bus went electric over a combustible engine? If I’m the 4 Corner schools I get the hell out ASAP per what the National Media are reporting may very well happen.


  3. * that idiot disgrace grifter puppet Max Nikias also. How can I forget about him? He didn’t give a Shyt about sports period and only cared about money when he was president. The fish head was rotten, with that disgrace running things, at the time. Letting perverts molesting women and druggies with prostitutes and hookers run wild. He didn’t give a rats ass, as long as they were bringing in doner money and revenues; within their programs to the university. That’s all he cared about.

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    1. I always wonder: where was the Board of Trustees??? Anyone watching or was that just an ego trip for a ship of fools. I’ve sat on Boards where most didn’t show up for meetings and those who did were often not prepared to discuss the issues. It reminds of the government.

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      1. Here’s Nikias’ initial reply to L. A. Times’ reports that our Medical School Dean was forced to make a 911 call to save the life of an overdosed coed he was shacked up with at a Pasadena hotel: “So many of today’s leaders are under terrible pressure…& it causes them to do this sort of thing to forget their worries” [or words very much to that effect]. Only prefacing his statement with the words, “as someone who was there with them at the time…” could have made Nikias’ quote sound more offensively clueless.

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      1. Thanks Owns/Bruin Rob never thought I would get a compliment from you. After going back and forth, through the years. But the truth is the truth. That clown disgrace, sat on his hands for
        years, for money.

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  4. Hmmm PAC 12 on my iPhone? Reminds me of those days when I couldn’t go to the games and video taping was years in the future. I would listen to the game to the game on a transistor radio.

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    1. That’s how I listened to the 1967 USC/Notre Dame game [while working at the WLA Public Library]. The Head Librarian made me turn it off with Notre Dame leading 7-0. By the time I took my break and turned it on again the Notre Dame band was playing the USC Fight Song and Tom Kelly was laughingly commenting “I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” He then announced the score, “USC 24, Notre Dame 7.”

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