Jordan Addison Makes Quick Impression At NFL Combine

Jordan Addison ran the 40-yard dash in 4.49-seconds today at the NFL Combine.

That’s a time that won’t hurt his draft stock. He actually ran his fastest time on his second attempt, which is unusual.

Addison also caught some passes but then shut it down because of a minor back strain. That means he will have to finish his workout on March 21 at USC Pro Day. So he will be there.

Because the NFL combine is all about measurables, Florida QB Anthony Richardson is wowing everyone with a combine record for quarterbacks in the vertical leap (40.5 inches), combine-record broad jump (10-feet, 9-inches) and a 4.44-second 40-yard dash.

6 thoughts on “Jordan Addison Makes Quick Impression At NFL Combine

    1. Every team pumps millions of dollars into their player evaluations each year. If this stuff didn’t have any value, they would ignore the data and the event would cease to exist. I also think that from what we saw during the Helton years, past on-field performance is not always indicative of future performance if the kid never received any coaching. I agree that much of it seems useless to us civilians, but none of us are on the staff of an NFL team.


    2. I kind of think some of the stuff guys go through in the combine is BS. What you see in game film is basically what you are going to get. That’s why NFL teams should hire me, because I can show them that the money they spend at the combine is going to waste. People don’t realize that I know everything there is to know about USC football 🏈 , which is why I want Lincoln Riley’s Dick in my mouth at all times 😀


  1. Pasadena, we shared the California burger, the Sloppy Joe sliders and the fried mac n cheese balls! All of them EXCELLENT!

    Grabbed it all to-go. No way I was sitting in a cool joint like that during Lent. Too much temptation to partake in an adult beverage. 😛

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