USC Plays Tulane And Again There’s Little Defense

USC defeated Tulane, 13-8, at Dedeaux Field today in a rematch of the Cotton Bowl.

Tulane might have a 1-10 record but it hit four home runs.

USC center fielder Austin Overn, who also is on the football team, went 2 for 4 with 3 RBI and scored 3 runs. Right fielder Cole Gabrielson was 2 for 4 with 4 RBI and a home run.

USC (5-4-1) has a big game tomorrow at UCLA at 2:30 p.m.

  • USC basketball player Drew Peterson (back) is out of tonight’s game vs. Arizona State. It’s also Senior Night for Peterson.

24 thoughts on “USC Plays Tulane And Again There’s Little Defense

      1. “I guess I’ll have to just go in another room and lick the cat’s butt.”
        —A Disappointed Mike Myers in “Wayne’s World”


  1. Radio works fine for me with the pleasant voiced Trojan play-by-play guy, although
    ‘790’ might not quite reach the Maui shores, MG, but come on Scott, how is a baseball game a “rematch of the Cotton Bowl,” and by the way, Peterson is playing and scored a couple of buckets in the first half of this important game against ASU

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  2. UCLA 82 – Az 73…Da Bruins are smelling a #1 seed for the NCAA Tournament.

    Is it true the NIT wants the bozo’s?


    1. Check out the Arizona State game! USC is at this very moment saying to the world “Listen to me roar!”

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    1. They were tired…. 2 halves of basketball is a lot to ask of any team….


  3. Scott, come on, you are giving more ink-space’ to SC baseball over basketball-
    That is a rhetorical ‘question’
    What is it you have such a negative Enfield-opinion that negates your objectivity

    Anyway, ha ha ha Scott, Enfield does it again, gets SC into the NCAAs 3rd in a row
    –with a gutty win tonight without our ‘Near-Dead-Guy’
    and a one-half Peterson w/ injury

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    1. Jaylen Clark is likely out for the season. That’s gonna be tough on UCLA going forward….he was great on defense.


  4. –At my last birthday (I am counting down not up these days)
    someone gave me a shirt that reads BRUINS SUCK
    –It goes well with my 40-year old placard that states BRUINS SUCK
    Yes ‘full-of-yourself” uncharitable to anyone outside your family
    West LAers


      1. …but….now the games that REALLY count are coming up…

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      2. Forget the teams, this is personal, I am talking about the sucla fans, and you are Exhibit One, Sir

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    1. Great stuff! Thanks for posting!
      I sure hope Riley isn’t counting on Raleek Brown as an every down tailback. Time to focus on him as a slot receiver. He’ll infrequently get past the line of scrimmage otherwise.


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