USC Sunday Buzz: Does This Make Sense?

USC lists Korey Foreman as being 10 pounds lighter (235 pounds). Wasn’t he too light at 245 last season?

Foreman is now listed as a “defensive lineman” instead of a rush end. I’m not optimistic. He should play linebacker if he really weighs 235.

USC has been over the scholarship limit so three more Helton Era players are no longer on the roster: tight end Ethan Rae; cornerback Adonis Otey and offensive lineman Caadyn Stephen.

  • When linebacker Carson Tabaracci transferred from Utah to USC, it was viewed as a good pickup at a position of need. Now Tabaracci is moving to tight end.
  • USC beat Arizona State last night at the Galen Center and could face the Sun Devils again Thursday in the Pac-12 Tournament.

10 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Does This Make Sense?

  1. Also Calen Bullock +10

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    1. At 6’5″, 200 lbs, he must have been the lightest LB in Power 5. Would be great if he can add more weight while maintaining quickness.

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      1. Great point!…the key is to add bulk without sacrificing quickness. We can’t have him turn into Shane Lee… Who runs like he’s pulling agabby trailer

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    1. Zachariah Branch has enrolled early and will wear #1. Out of all the incoming recruits, he’s the one I am eager to see how his skillset transfers to the next level. Speed-wise, he might be the fast guy on the team.


  2. Gentry was the middle ‘backer because he read plays the fastest. With Cobb and Davis being able to play in the middle, I expect Gentry to move over to strong side or whichever side the tight end is releasing from. Depending on who USC plays and matchups, more man to man should be on display this year. Remember most of USC defensive turnovers came from zone reads.

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