Andrew Vorhees Injured At NFL Combine

USC offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees suffered an injury during a lateral-movement drill at the NFL Combine today.

He fell to the ground and was helped off the field. Trainers checked his right leg/knee before he was helped to locker room area.

There’s been no definitive report yet on the extent of the injury so hopefully it is not too serious.

6 thoughts on “Andrew Vorhees Injured At NFL Combine

    1. This cannot be!
      I don’t believe it!
      [Seriously, there was a long run by Tulane on which it looked like 7 or 8 of our guys messed up before the runner was pulled down from behind at, like, the 5 yard line]….

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  1. Andrew Vorhees, a Trojan since 2017 who endured the final years of Ton-o-Hel and left SC after the ‘miracle’ 2022 turnaround season, injures himself while performing for NFL scouts, is there any mercy left in the world?–

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  2. I guess not playing in the Cotton Bowl wasn’t a selfish act after all. This guy was seriously hurt. He should have sat down earlier in the season. Or the coaches need to speak with medical staff and get a better understanding of how bad injuries are. Winning at all costs call become too detrimental.


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