USC Notes: Been Overdue For A Scandal

USC’s been overdue for a scandal.

Never fear. Sales have been suspended for a new book by USC oncologist David Agus after the L.A. Times found 95 instances of plagiarism.

Agus is well-known because he is a contributor to CBS News and founding director and CEO of USC’s Ellison Institute in Santa Monica.

  • This video probably isn’t what Carol Folt has in mind to promote Parents’ Weekend.

47 thoughts on “USC Notes: Been Overdue For A Scandal

  1. Yes, I saw Agus in the papers this morning and they printed several instances of his copying other scientists, sometimes word-for-word

    Agus’ response was that he was suddenly made aware of the plagiarism and he and his publisher stopped printing&promoting his book until he “amends” it. Right, as if the guy was not aware he was copying others’ material as he was writing this book through the night

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    1. Not as bad as The Three Stooges Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton having access to Norm Chow’s playbook, trying to put their own spin on it and fucking it all up.

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  2. bozo u pops another cap in their feets. “The L.A. Times found 95 instances of plagiarism…” in USC oncologist David Agus’ new book!

    Oh well Clownster’s, I’m hardly surprised. Academic integrity is so far down the bozo list of scholastic priorities that plagiarism is de rigueur for lazy Clown U author/MD’s.

    #Can’t wait for Geo. Tyndall’s self-edited, sizzling, excuse driven biography; soon to be published by bozo u.


      1. Cm’on LJ, The disgraced former Clown U Univ. President wouldn’t get ill-deserved Univ. tenure and a lifetime membership on the BoT at UCLA.


      1. Crabs, I’m not Nancy Claster, the Romper Room hostess.

        Ask your mommy to ‘splain it to you.

        Cue: “Puff the Magic Dragon.”


  3. It amazes me just how stupid this generation is and just how stupid the generation is that raised them. I’m no prude nor am I “that guy” but now I know we are doomed as a society, in the next 20 years. I get it, they are in college. I was too but not like that. The problem seems to lay in the fact that they don’t seem to pay attention to anything else in this world but this crap. My university seems to keep embarrassing me every chance they get. I learned at this place, fought for this place competitively, and volunteered 30 hours a week for this place for 5 years. And the caretakers let it get to this? WTF

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    1. Btw, I was mostly commenting on the twitter post but it seems to me that leadership continues to violate ethics over and over for personal gain. My volunteering (not patting my self on the back) was at great financial loss and setback, because I saw a need that was going unfulfilled. We got more done for the program than most of these seven figure admin stooges do for the university. It is a joke.

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    2. Vault91 –I assume the the danijackass video is what triggered these comments. I just watched it.


      1. Are we talking Secretary General of the United Nations? Commanding General of NATO?…..


  4. seems I read somewhere that humans sin…lie,cheat,steal and so forth…it is always good to read someone more than willing to point that finger, with glee I might add.

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  5. Well Carol came in with an attitude that she was going to run a proper university. Them she became seduced by the glitz and glamour and Voila! Mediocrity still reigns! UCLA still hasn’t said how they attend to pay for their alimony/separation bill set forth by the UC Regents for UC Cal. They can’t ask Chip because he received a raise! Can’t wait to see what Cronin asks for-he won the useless regular season for a conference with only two teams guaranteed to make the NCAA tournament.

    Hey Owns! Why is Brett Hundley still being honored at UCLA? Don’t they know?

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    1. Would uclol hurry up and lv the PAC.
      Cal needs that $10 million.

      Happy trails uclol to Rutgers in November. Or any place in the big16 in October/ November. And remember, when you play Michigan st, they play for keeps in the tunnel.

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      1. Yes ’86, UCLA will miss the 2022-23, 3 and 28, Kal BB team.

        #Kal is such a total loser, they have to SUCC on the Bruin tit for cash.


      2. Not picking on Cal, just asking the question most people are whispering; when the PAC breaks up next year and CAL drops football the way CSULA did in the 70s (students voted it was too expensive to keep a losing team) will Ucla still have to pay CAL? If Ucla had only told the governor, no money would be changing hands.


    2. I give.

      Remind me why is Reggie “I saws the money and I tooks it” and OJ “The Felon” Simpson still revered at Clown U?

      And why is bozo u casting a bronze monument of Geo. Tyndall M.D. ?


      1. Because they’re rich and famous. It’s disgusting and sometimes all universities have that in common. Why didn’t anyone at Cal St Westwood question Dan Guerrero about losing shoe contracts, apparel deals while sticking the Cal Extension campus with $100 million debt? Because he made your school relevant in football.


      2. Reggie Bush and OJ Simpson we’re two of the best football players USC has ever seen. This is true regardless of how you feel about them personally. Whether you believe Reggie’s parents broke NCAA rules or OJ murdered two people and got away with it, has no bearing on how well they played or the prestige they brought to the school when they played.
        (Okay the OJ thing is a bit shaky but Reggie’s case was always slanted by the head cheat of the NCAA)


      3. MG and I last week had a conversation regarding the most disgraceful AD, Paul Dee, in modern college football history. It’s amazing all the corruption Mimi got away with under his watch.

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      4. Look at that first sentence! My friend Owns finally cries “Uncle”….


      5. Gabby — You could say that Miami and Dee got away with it —but, big picture-wise, they didn’t get away with anything…

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    3. Well, it is a ‘He-Said She-Said’ typical situation where lawyers write in over-used cliches,
      “My client is completely, totally innocent of all charges, by the way what were the charges as if it matters how I respond.”


      1. Memo to: LJ

        “Thus far, Tyndall has maintained a not guilty plea on 35 felony counts.” ~KCAL News

        # Georgie Boy will be the Queen’s of the prison GYN. Georgie is very likely to die in prison.

        Sounds good to me.


  6. Wow, I read fast and the ‘impression’ I get from you folks is pretty negative

    Is it human nature to favor the negative over the positive in your life?–

    Well, some entreprenuers put out a publication with nothing by sweet news.
    They filed for bankruptcy within 6-months


      1. There must be something redeemable about a guy who enjoys his work too much… I just can’t put my finger in it.


  7. Owns

    If you want to have cred,

    It would pay to have been an alum. Otherwise you’re barking at the moon.


    1. Sure it would ’86, but it’s hardly necessary to graduate from a Univ. to root for a specific Univ. Athletic program.

      Do I need to be Czechoslovakian to own a CZ nine mm do I?


  8. I feel so lucky that I had a Dad that I could tell anything to… and we laughed so hard at so much of it! He had more than a few outrageous stories of his own too. He knew so many people and had so many stories…

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  9. Here’s another SUCC scandal:

    In 10 years @ Clown U, Andyain’twinning was P-12, CoY in 2021

    In 4 years @ UCLA, M. Cronin is the P-12, CoY twice.

    #Oh well


  10. Memo to: Ghost of Me

    Maybe if you pull your finger out of your kazoo, you could, after you thoroughly wash your hands for 20 minutes, you could put your finger on it….as it were.


    1. kazoo: American musical instrument that adds a “buzzing” timbral quality to a player’s voice when the player vocalizes into it.

      Please explain how that’s possible?……. Details matter


  11. Cronin is waiting for that call from Michigan St. to replace Tom Izzo. Can’t UCLA get a practice field that’s 100 yards? What’s the cost? $100 million or something? Rick Caruso would build one for you if you ask nicely. Casey Wasserman ain’t doing that for the school.


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