Andrew Vorhees Tears ACL And Still

Tests revealed USC offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees tore his ACL at the NFL Combine on Sunday.

But that didn’t stop Vorhees on Monday, as he benchpressed 225 pounds 38 times with one leg on the ground. It was the best benchpress mark at the Combine this morning.

This feat did not go unnoticed by USC coach Lincoln Riley.

16 thoughts on “Andrew Vorhees Tears ACL And Still

  1. Good thing he didn’t play in the Cotton Bowl – he might have gotten hurt before the combine. Best of luck to the guy, but he could have helped the team. #He’sNoBetterOff P.S. – if you play in fear of getting hurt, you’re well on your way.

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      1. I’m jus sayin’….the great ones weren’t preoccupied with self preservation – they can’t wait to play again.So what’s the economy, I ask. At the end, I still pull for all Trojans to succeed. I have a hard time with players bailing out on their loyal fanbase for money that will be there regardless.I grew up with players that gave everything to their school, the fans and the game itself.Sorry if I was a bit harsh, but it’s only one opinion, I guess.

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  2. Let’s forget football for a moment. There is a chance [small though it is] that USC will get the opportunity to play mighty Oregon State in the Pac 12 Tournament. My hope is the Trojans will rise up and get sweet revenge against the powerful [last place] squad that humbled us last month.

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    1. SC will probably do better the second time around with Oregon St, Michael, inasmuch as the Trojans were 22% from the field and 7%
      from the 3-point line (1 of 14) in that game

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  3. Andrew Vorhees was hurt for the entire second half of the season. He should have shut things down earlier. If USC didn’t have anyone good enough to replace him then that’s the coaches fault. Instead, like Caleb, he kept playing, like Caleb, because he felt obligated, like Caleb, to keep trying until his body broke down, like most of the guys who told anyone who would listen that they were having the most fun playing football ever and wanted to play. This need to question Vorhees integrity is pointless and petty. I’ll remember your opinion when you’re burning my French fries at your job.

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    1. I was with you till the “burning my French fries” part…..


      1. Having played this game, it was his (Vorhees) decision not to play. Let’s respect that and not question a guy who played six years with the program.

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      2. I do respect it.. but the “French fries’ dig was unworthy of the noble “This World”..


    2. Sacrificing for the good of bozo FB never pays the bills or enhances a a players future. You only spend 3 – 5 years at Clown U. Most players have 50 – 60 years more years to live.

      Vorhees would have better served himself and his future had he not felt compelled to play hurt. I mean didn’t why LR have a competent replacement for Vorhees.

      There’s no doubt he’ll be lowly draft project or signed as a FA. But it’s going to cost him the major $$$$$ that he might have earned if he was healthy.

      #Paging Max Browne


      1. Damn I need an seeing eye editor…

        1) S/B why didn’t instead of “didn’t why.”

        2) Excuse the double “a.”

        It’s bitch when your auld shrinking brain and fat fingers won’t work in tandem.

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      2. …no one ever paged Max Browne….


      3. Can you offer a salient or viable point when you try to disparage someone? What makes Vorhees different from Charbonnet or Dorian Thompson-Robinson? Were they stupid for coming back to a 9-3 season? Should they have bailed out and told Chip “unless you have Caleb NIL money for us we’re gone”? Your not funny, your lacking basic logic and your ignorant of the university that you fraudulently claim to support. Use ChatGPT for your responses next time.


  4. greetings, this bb enfield they are lousey that team is dead in the water ! the coach played his best players to many minutes and there worn down ! thats the coach this guy has many problems his taller players are all mediocre lousey !? Regards , E.


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