USC Morning Buzz: Let’s Go Crazy Over Player Weights

There are always some people who go gaga when new weights are released by USC for the football players.

Eric Gentry gained 5 pounds. Justin Dedich lost 10 pounds. Mason Murphy gained 10 pounds. Wow!

First off, let’s be clear. Some of these players probably weighed close to these marks during the past season. But they haven’t been officially weighed for the roster since the summer. Or maybe the previous winter when the spring roster is compiled.

You don’t think these players are experiencing significant weight gains in the two months between the Cotton Bowl and start of spring practice, do you? I mention that because some people do tell me that is precisely what they believe. USC, which always hypes its strength coaches (and towel wavers), probably likes that perception too.

Look how amazing the turnaround has occurred. Well, we already saw what didn’t happen in the Utah and Tulane games when it came to strength.

In rare cases, it might be worth discussing a player’s weight, which is why I highlighted Korey Foreman being down to 235 officially. He looked too light last season so it will be noteworthy to see how Alex Grinch intends to use him.


24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Let’s Go Crazy Over Player Weights

  1. hi john,howe wuz ur weak end,dos enny thing maik u hapey,u seam sorta up set alot,did the fan bruthurs hirt u ahgen ore tutch u in ur nawtey plaise,thanx alot


    1. Forget chin straps. Carol is insisting on Nike’s “new, invisible uniforms” this year.


  2. Re “what happened in the Utah game”—- I was amazed at how physical USC was in the first Utah game —we easily hung in with the most physical team in the Pac 12 on their home field [our physicality was no match for the officiating, though].

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  3. Riley said that last year’s team wasnt even good yet. It simply takes time to go from where Helton left this program to where it needs to go.

    The problem with any USC fan site is that during the off-season, there just isnt much to talk about, particularly since the practices are closed.

    Seems like USC might get the top QB in two successive years. That is going to start to pull in other top players as well. I’m looking for SC to do much better this year in the area of recruiting. They need to start by locking down the top o-line and d-line prospects from California and the top skill players from CA. then add in top players from other states.

    The goal should be to only need 5-7 or so transfers this coming year.

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    1. I’ve taken a long look at projected starters for the 2023 season —if [big “if”] we stay healthy, we beat everybody on our schedule.


      1. Giving Utah a good ass-whipping in the 2023 PAC12 championship game would be a nice “last laugh” as we exit the conference!

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  4. What I really want to know is what they are going to do about the fingernail polish remover scandal? I haven’t seen anything reported about that. Scott covered the bed scandal, he said it was made up. The roof scandal was over our heads, broken pencil scandal was pointless and the invisible player is waiting to be seen.
    A hole has opened up in Riley’s back yard, the gardeners are still looking into it. The administration has found three unused scholarships in a reverse investigation, unfortunately they are leftovers from the 1960’s and do not amount to one full-ride week in today’s tuition.
    In other news Biden is still working on voting rights for the recently deceased (Good morning Gabby ) and Trump’s doctors said his brain would be eligible to vote immediately if the legislation is passed soon ( Good morning So Cal).


    1. You must’ve missed it, Ghost. I’m rooting for Haley in 2024. But I’ll likely have to settle for her being someone’s running mate.

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      1. Is it easier to admit I scroll past some of the back and forth with respect to politics( and missed it) or say that I was just trying to put a smile on a Monday?
        What really matters is, who is going to make tackling, techniques, assignments and communication a priority before the spring rutting season is over?

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    2. Good morning ghost! I enjoyed your sense of humor. Both of those old relics are past their prime. The country as a whole would be better served if they just rode off into the sunset.

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  5. According to a source, Donut Depot and Scott Wolf are in negotiation for a sponsorship deal to fly an advertisement banner over spring practices. This state-of-the-art drone will also provide aerial footage of practices…..

    winner winner chicken dinner!

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      1. ….in that vein…for up to date Spring Practice news go to “Chinese Military Balloon/WestCoast. Com” …..


      2. Make it 60,000 feet—-[to avoid interference with civilian air traffic]…


  6. Scooter,

    Weight is up to the indiivual. if he feels better being heavy then he will achieve that. If he feels better at beingt lighter, then let it be. There is a happy medium in between. For Gentry, he could gain 15 lbs in the arms and legs and that would help him. But I am not his dr.


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