USC 2024 QB Derby Preview

There are now some forecasts five-star QB Dylan Raiola would commit to USC over Nebraska.

The question is whether Raiola would be worried about the fact USC already has a five-star QB (Malachi Nelson) who just started his first spring practice for the Trojans.

So I asked a Pac-12 coach who watched Raiola in Arizona last season and also observed Nelson.

“They are different types of QB’s,” the coach said. “Nelson likes to be in the pocket. Raiola likes to move around if he can. If I’m Raiola, I commit (to USC) absolutely believing I can win the starting job (in 2024). It wouldn’t surprise me if he did. But obviously it depends on what Lincoln Riley wants. Each quarterback thinks they can be the starter but it will be hard adjusting from Caleb Williams.”

  • Cal has fired basketball coach Mark Fox, who went 3-29 this season. One candidate is Kennesaw State coach Amir Abdur-Rahim, the brother of former Cal star Shareef Abdur-Rahim.
  • USC plays Arizona State tonight at 8:30 PT in the Pac-12 Tournament.

37 thoughts on “USC 2024 QB Derby Preview

    1. Mikayla Nelson has already proven herself to be as delicate and fragile as a little flower. You might as well take her out of the equation once Dylan Raiola commits.


    1. Loved every second….


      1. You triggered an instant flashback to the bonehead play against Tulane. It lasted for a short two seconds. He has redemption on his mind.

        YES!….loved every second also


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      1. Not sure why she posted this…. it’s almost like Sark posting his “punishment” pushups….

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      2. Like my high school coach used to say when he watched the linebackers doing laps, “Run, run with the grace of the antelopes.”


      3. Though MYG is dumb as Fuck…she’s pretty f’n strong! Weak kipping pull-ups but big time respect on the “strict” pull-ups.
        Did I mention she’s dumb as Fuck?!?!

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  1. Memo to: So Cal
    Re: Trip, Stumble and Fall


    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is being treated for a concussion and is staying at a hospital for observation after a fall at a hotel in Washington, DC, on Wednesday evening.

    “Leader McConnell tripped at a dinner event Wednesday evening and has been admitted to the hospital and is being treated for a concussion. He is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days of observation and treatment,” David Popp, communications director for McConnell, said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

    #Was McConnell over-service the problem?

    At least Biden stays on his feet.

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    1. The rumors are already flying, Mister Owns:
      [According to CNN: Doctors detected brain deformity when McConnell was examined —- but nurses, having checked his medical record, assured the attending physicians that McConnell “had the brain defects as early as 2009″]….

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      1. I think we’re all agreed: time to just start over again.


      1. take a vote to oust him as minority leader?


  2. Memo to: Salami, “Un poco de mortadela frita”

    One game down, Colo. 69 – UCLA 80; two to go for a NCAA, #1, West Seed. “How sweet it is.”

    #NIT Tournament, paging Andyain’twinning.

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  3. WOW!!!!…. Here’s the hypocrisy, she claims her 180k salary is not sufficient enough for all the time she puts in as a member of Congress.

    Liked the woman’s quote…”This is what happens when you elect a meme to Congress”

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    1. If the gun [Big “If”] has actually been destroyed — the case will have to be dismissed on due process grounds. Whenever the prosecuting agency destroys evidence that the defendant is entitled to have retested [blood, urine, firearm, etc.] the case has to go bye-bye.

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      1. IF [still big “If”] the prosecutors intentionally destroyed possibly exculpatory evidence in a case of this high of visibility they are fucking idiots….

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    JUAN ON JUAN !!!!!! 😝😝😝😝😝😝

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    1. What do you call a Mexican bodybuilder who runs out of protein?
      No whey José.

      How do Mexicans slice their pizza?
      With little caesars.

      What did the Mexican fireman name his two kids?
      Hose-A and Hose-B.

      How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb?
      Just Juan.

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      1. I hope these jokes are taken in the spirit in which they were made…. with love and respect.


      2. Proper diaper fitting: If the legs turn blue, it’s too tight, if they turn brown, it’s too loose…..

        Three old men talk about their problems.
        The first one says: I wake up at 7 a.m every morning with a terrible urge to pee. I go to the bathroom and I stand there for two hours and nothing.
        The second one says: I wake up at 6 a.m every morning with a terrible need to defecate. I sit there reading for four hours, and nothing.
        Finally, the third one says: Don’t look at me. There’s no drama here, my system works like clockwork. I pee at 7 a.m, I shit at 8, and at 9, I wake up

        What do anniversaries, toilet bowls and clitorises have in common?
        Some men miss all three.

        Why have they started putting pictures of politicians inside toilet bowls?
        So the assholes can see who they voted for.

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    2. Hospital jokes are the best!
      When I was at the emergency hospital in L. A. for chest pains during my prosecution of Olympic track star Edwin Moses [too many 3 hours of sleep nights in a row], all of the guys in the waiting room were engaged in gallows humor. We did more for each other than any fricking doctor. I left before even being seen.
      Guys supporting guys.


      1. Hey MG, what were you prosecuting Edwin for? Im a track guy and have been heavily involved and I don’t remember him getting in any legal trouble. Either that or Im getting dementia?


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