Where Will USC Go For NCAAs?

USC is going to hit the road for the NCAA Tournament. But where?

Jerry Palm of CBS Sports and Joe Lunardi of ESPN both have the Trojans headed to Columbus, Ohio.

Palm has USC playing San Diego State while Lunardi has the Trojans playing Northwestern in the first round.

For those planning to join USC, the least convenient sites are Albany, N.Y., Greensboro, N.C., and Birmingham, Ala.


6 thoughts on “Where Will USC Go For NCAAs?

  1. You can have 2-streets Columbus, Ohio and the Buckeyes
    Give me the South in North Carolina or even Alabama
    And Albany isn’t so bad after one gets used to the fortress-like government buildings


  2. So living in San Marcos, in Northern San Diego county, we get a local 10:00pm new station. KUSI they rarely covers anything that isn’t San Diego related. While they were ecstatic over Ucla losing last night, they also covered San Diego State basketball winning their conference. If we play SD state first, we’ll go one and done. That is okay because rumor has it the Basketball team is excited for spring football.


  3. Peterson has to be healthy and playing well or we have no shot at any kind of run. Boogie will carry the water but he needs help. Matchups mean everything in the tourney. If we draw a team with a good front court, we are in big trouble. We shall find out in a few minutes.

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