An Optimistic Mock Bracket

Have you filled out a mock bracket yet? Snoop Dogg has USC beating Michigan State, Marquette and Kentucky before losing to Duke in the Elite Eight.

He also has UCLA winning the NCAA championship.


71 thoughts on “An Optimistic Mock Bracket

      1. You post what you want to. I’ll post what I want to. Well, until Scott censors it anyway. 🙂

        Have a great evening!


      1. He’s concerned about the arthritis in your hand and your tennis elbow.

        You’ve already almost gone blind from yanking it, give it a rest


    1. You all got, what, less than a week before Enfields Ladies of Troy get bounced by the Spartans until you start saying, “Yeah, but just wait until next year…”


      Same old shit with those chumps, always wait until next year and the same shit will happen…they’ll tank.


  1. Tebow trying so hard, but never a mark to be left. Hoping to dash our pride by using his middle school humor. Tell me, sir, are you proud to let us know that you love us so much?


    1. Yeah TebowObama is pretty lame. I can’t believe anyone finds him to be even slightly interesting or remotely funny. And his use of impostor profiles (Lawyer John, SteveG49, etc.) is equally lame. However, he does remind me of my first day in law school when the professor said, “look around the class and if you can’t find the idiot, it’s you! TebowObama is definitely the class idiot. With that said, I hope he keeps commenting so we all feel better about ourselves.


      1. I will have to agree with you that impostor “TebowObama” is a class idiot. Multi-talented one at that with his other handles.

        Comes as no surprise that he is one of your fellow republican brethren.


  2. Memo to: So Cal

    UCLA has been to Final Fours in the 21st Century.

    bozo BB hasn’t been to a Final Four since 1954 (69 years of utter BB futility); and dammit, that’s a fact.

    I don’t see bozo BB banging with Mich. St. heavy-duty, blue-collar players.

    #Andyain’twinning: The Joke that Chokes.


    1. LOL! Final Four. I didn’t realize that was their goal.

      Doesn’t change what I stated: USC has the same number of basketball championships as SUCLA in the past 27 years. But you can keep clinging to “Almost”.


      1. In the last 27 years, ah so what.

        Just for the record So. Cal, and you can look this up ’cause it’s a fact, UCLA has 11 NCAA, BB NC’s. The Bruin NC’s were achieved via single elimination Tournament competition, not by the votes secured from drunk, dilettante pundits at an open bar sponsored by Clown U FB.

        That’s why bozo BB has exactly OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BB NC’s.

        #”Facts Matter” ~ Dear Pissley


      2. SO CAL: LOL! Final Four. I didn’t realize that was their goal.

        the most sense you have made all day…it’s a start.


  3. Memo to: So Cal

    Kindly show me a box score that is proves Sam Gilbert suited up and was on the court passing out benjies during Coach Wooden’s10 BB NC run.

    Take your time So Cal.


    1. So cal has 5 talking points. Biden …Biden ,,,,,Biden …..Biden…..Biden. You will not get much out of him beyond his obsession with Biden. He let us know 14 times today that Biden suffers from dementia yet has zero facts to support his claim. He often confuses his opinions as being factual.

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    2. To Owns, the quote of the day “Ah, so what”. To be used in the future for a response to everyone of his posts.


    3. Just Rent,

      LA Times had an aritcle about Sam Gilbert. It said he paid for abortions, apts., cars, and gave cash tot he players. Bill Walton has come out and said that Sam Gilbert bought ugly. Sam Gilbert had a heart attack on the steps of the Courthouse when he was going to spill the beans on Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden. I bet you Johnny cheetin’ Wooden spiked Gilbert’s coffee. We will never know. But yeah, those 11 paid trophies are from the sponsor ship of Sam Gilbert. Reminder, before Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was involved with Sam Gilbert, he was just known as Johnny Wooden, just an average basketball coach.

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      1. We all know that, Pasadena, same as we all know that Joe has dementia. But some people enjoy living in a fantasy world. It’s quite amusing.

        Hope you caught my note about our trip to Sliders. We’ll definitely hit them up again, when we’re in the area. Thanks again for the suggestion!


      2. PT you horse’s ass, Gilbert was dead when UCLA won its 11th BB NC.

        And PT, I’m still waiting for proof Gilbert suited up for the Bruins and got numerous on court minutes. Take your time.

        Bottom line PT, nothing Gilbert is accused of helped the Bruins on court. UCLA won their NC’s, in single elimination tournament competition; not by votes or vs double elimination competition.


      1. It’s comical how many times they have….. choka….choka….choka at the final four in recent memory. I forgot ucla keeps track of “moral victories”

        Ron said you’re starting to walk like John Wayne…..too many butt-darts?…..ouch!


      2. If you keep getting to the final game you will win it sooner or later. The days when you could win 10 NC’s in 11 years is over.

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      3. speaking of winning……USC football still shares the record, along with Miami, with 34 conservative wins, the 5th-longest streak. In the last 17 seasons, not one team has even come close to that number.


      4. The ring leader was Paul Dee, the same rotten scoundrel who put his thumb down on USC. He was drowning in an ocean of hypocrisy.

        He died at 65 of cancer, how fitting


      5. I’m not saying that it is impossible. Stranger things have happened. UCLA is deep with players who are not just walk-on types but who can perform. But Jaylen Clark was maybe the best defensive player in the country who could supply offense, not to mention all the points that the Bruins got off of Jaylen Clark steals. If he came back in the next few games, I would pick them to win. They have some guys who are really good player who need more time to develope(Andrews, Canka, McClendon). Will they be able to step up their game at the end of this season? We’ll see!

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  4. Duke is most talented team- NBA guys on roster. Kansas seems most tourney ready with the most big wins, and a lottery pick. Alabama has best player in tourney. Purdue has a dude nobody can match up with. All of that means nothing and that’s why the tourney is awesome. There are only 2 or 3 football teams that have a legit shot at a national championship. There are 15 basketball teams that can win it.


    1. Helton say; “Kansas seems most tourney ready with the most big wins and a lottery pick.” What an ignorant load of BB, BS.

      FYI Helton, Kansas lost the Big-12 Championship game by 20 points.


      1. Hey there, low hanging fruit.

        Kansas quad 1 record. 17-7

        The gutties 8-5.

        The 17 quad 1 wins are a record.


    1. bozo BB is 200-1 to win the NC. I think that’s extremely generous odds for a P-12 team that’s prone to choka, choka, choka, chokes on Andyain’twinning hairballs.

      Show some balls Geo., lay a Benjie or 5 on the bozos…you know show some “Fight On” rah-rah, family, spirit crap you like to exhort. LOL.


      1. How many choke jobs have we seen from the ruins in recent memory with final four appearances…..number, please


  5. So Cal,

    did you go to Slater’s 50/50? If so, I did not see it. I hope you enjoyed it. You are right about dementia Joe. When President Trump was in office, he had Putin and the chinese commie atheist leader in check and he had the midget from n korea cow towing to President Biden. With Dementia Joe, both Russia, China, N. Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Venezula commanding and having him a on neck chain pullling. Joe should be fired.

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    1. Yes, we grabbed a California burger, the Sloppy Joe sliders and the deep fried mac & cheese balls. All of it was delicious! I look forward to going some time when it isn’t Lent, so I can indulge in an adult beverage.


    2. As for Dementia Joe, true on all counts! They were bound to believe they could as they pleased once weakness was installed.

      Fools point to Putin being proven wrong as something to celebrate. I’m sorry, I’d rather the world had STAYED at peace without billions being wasted and tens of thousands dying, but that’s just me. Dims don’t care about peace and human lives unless it’s THEIR sons dying. They’re too selfish. Same way they can’t relate to us saying anything about Bidenflation, even though it doesn’t affect us as much as it does millions of others. In their messed up world, you only mention such things if YOU are suffering as a result.


      1. I am laughing my ass off at how uneducated and misinformed you are. Still using childish name-calling. I really pity an unhappy angry old man like you. Joe must keep you up all night with all the pain and suffering he continues of causes worldwide.

        Let’s meet up!…. and talk about all your grievances. Send me your address.


      2. Well Gabby, I was hoping you would look at it and understand what I was talking about. I just come under the $400k by about $300k. The fact is we are getting fucked today, not by the orange man, so deflecting does not help us. Then Joes says the little guy is safe and the big guy finally gets to “pay his fair share”, yet in his bill the big guy skates and the middle class gets bent over further and further. I guess what pisses me off is both sides think it is okay. NOBODY gives a shit about the people, only about protecting their power.


      3. steve: yet in his bill the big guy skates and the middle class gets bent over further and further.

        Can you please provide details, you’re too vague? Trump was an example of why it’s broken, not deflecting. I would have used Biden if he bragged the same way.

        What’s interesting, you voted for trump again after he gave the rich a 2 trillion dollar tax break. It’s hard to respect your opinion when you voted for the same issues you complain about….just saying!


    3. PT, get it right, putin had trump in check, and trump was kissing Xi ass over a trade deal that he failed to secure, and placing tariffs on Chinese imports was actually a tax on the consumer, get educated.

      “he had the midget from n korea cow towing to President Biden”……can you please translate what this means

      “commanding and having him a on neck chain pulling.”……can you please translate what this means.


      1. Hey, talk about a tax on the consumer. Take a close look at your daddy’s new budget bill. What is funny about it is everyone gets screwed except the really wealthy. He has to protect his kid I guess.

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      2. steve……I don’t think you make over 400k a year… a nutshell, you’re safe!

        When the self-proclaimed billionaire(who so cal voted twice for) brags about paying only $750 in federal income tax the codes need to be changed….I am sure you would agree!


      3. Steve, don’t bother. You’re dealing with someone dumb enough to have claimed nothing Joe does has any effect on inflation. That is all on the Feds according to the simpleton, who claims WE are the ones who are uneducated & uninformed.

        YES, they are the ones charged with trying to combat what he & the other Libs are doing. But the Feds are not the cause! What a dimwit.


      4. Please, describe in detail how, when, where, and what Biden has done to affect inflation. In reality, Biden has done things recently to lower inflation by 4%, get educated before you make another false comment.

        If you truly want to voice your grievances with respect to inflation, write letters to corporate CEOs venting your outrage over excessive profit margins and price gouging. You seem to always be barking up the wrong tree.

        You are correct on one thing, Feds are not the cause. But they are tasked with the instruments to address inflation. The bottom line is, trump started the inflation ball rolling, how easily you forget. Plus, the rise in inflation is a global issue and Biden has us in much better shape than the rest of the world.

        Try to do some homework when you want to talk about economics. You might come across as having a clue!

        Tell the wifey to hang in there. I know it’s tough living with you


      5. Bringing family into it AGAIN. But he’ll cry, play the victim and LIE about being the one who starts that shit as he always does. No wonder he’s lying Dementia Joe’s biggest cheerleader.


      6. I am voicing empathy for your wife. It’s obvious you have political grievances that continue to haunt you 24/7 and your wife is subjected to your constant venting. If you can’t keep it off the blog you sure as hell are not keeping it from family and friends. That’s a “you” problem.

        I have refrained from name-calling, something you continue to do on a regular basis, yet you’re the “adult”, right? Can you please show some tolerance when a contradicting rebuttal is presented to you? Once again, be an adult about it.

        So exactly what “shit” am I starting? I have responded in kind minus the name-calling. Based on your perception of Biden “YOU” seem to be the victim of his Presidency. It’s difficult conversing with someone who displays signs of narcissism. Please take some responsibility for your childish rants….thank you!


  6. So Cal and Gabby, we can put all argument to bed as soon as you both realize neither side gives a rats ass about the welfare and protection of the American people. If you agree to that, argument done. We are all getting screwed and nobody is going to help us.

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    1. Our buddy thinks because they put FACT sheet in the beginning of the link it makes it so. I’m sure it doesn’t address the millions of illegals coming into our country with ZERO vetting (or vaccinations)! That makes us LESS safe, not safer.

      Meanwhile, Djokovic can’t come in to play tennis OUTDOORS!


      1. My little unhappy buddy confuses an “illegal” with an “immigrant”. He wants to be taken seriously but can’t comprehend the terminology….. Why am I not surprised.

        I express empathy for his family!


      2. So Dementia Joe can ban AR-15’s & AK-47’s and we’ll merely call them undocumented. They won’t be illegal. OK, got it!


      3. Sometimes it’s to better to say nothing than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        I express great empathy for your family!


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