Morning Buzz: USC’s Going To Look Like Arizona West

One other item from the first week of USC spring practice.

It’s already a given that Arizona transfers Dorian Singer and Christian Roland-Wallace will start. Roland-Wallace is not at the same level as last season’s big corner transfer, Mekhi Blackmon.

The third Arizona transfer (defensive lineman Kyon Barrs) could also start after the first week.

“He’s flashed a few times,” a USC coach said. “It was an encouraging early start.”

  • Five-star linebacker Jadon Perlotte of Buford, Ga., is visiting USC and UCLA this weekend, according to Scorebook Live. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound ‘backer is rated the nation’s No. 32 overall prospect and No. 4 linebacker in the class of 2025. 

“I’m very interested in (USC),’ he said. “They are a (college football) legacy program. I’ve been wanting to get there ever since my ninth grade year. It’s a dream come true.”


12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC’s Going To Look Like Arizona West

  1. Scott’s football IQ might be lower than my blog buddy who enjoys a bromance with Biden. ……

    Hey, So Cal!…. Biden wins in 2024(anyone but a republican))…..Let’s put some money on it. I know Biden is really stretching your SS check, what a shame. A little wager can’t hurt!


  2. This is SC Football-lite material; save it for post NCAAs–
    Why is it called “March Madness” when the best part lasts but 1-week
    At the beginning of this week the 68 are being reduced to 64
    Then after tomorrow the 64 will be further reduced to 48
    After Friday the field will be down to 32-teams
    Then late Saturday it is 24 left
    After Sunday the remaining field is the “16,’ with much of the fun over

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  3. hi john,the playurs shudnt be flashin no wun espeshully neer skools ore the judje wil maik em go to jale end than keap a way frum the skool fir a wile,jussed letin evry wun now,thanx alot


  4. I appreciate that kid’s interest but if he’s class of 2025 that means he’s a HS sophomore now, so that burning desire since 9th grade to go to USC goes way back to …. 1 year ago.


  5. Marcus Cobb said he decided on being at USC because they get you ready for the NFL. He said other schools talked about equipment. He also said he’s being pushed harder by the talent around him.

    Tebow, can’t you write better than Red Skelton?


  6. Greetings, the loser enfield is a mediocre coach and most of his players the same ! need to release some of deadwood players white,johnson etc need to be jetisonned ??arizona lost to a girls team prince aaahhh !!! Regards , E.


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