Notes: USC-LSU Game Time Set

The USC-LSU game to kick off the 2024 season will take place Sept. 1, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. PT. It will be on ABC. The game is being played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

  • In case anyone thought USC was not thriving financially, it just paid $49.4 million for a seven-story building in Washington, D.C., that will be home to its new D.C. campus.

The 60,000-square foot building near Dupont Circle is located at 1771 N St. NW and be used for teaching, research, lobbying, recruiting, alumni networking and community outreach.

“So many of our students are deeply interested in the workings of our democracy,” said USC president Carol Folt said. “We wanted a vibrant East Coast center. We said this is the place for us to be.

“We got a very excellent place that suits our needs for a very reasonable price.”

USC has had offices in Washington for many years but this is expected to triple or quadruple its presence in the capital.


64 thoughts on “Notes: USC-LSU Game Time Set

  1. Scott…..thanks for letting us know the start time of a game 19 months away. That should give us adequate time to prepare. My little unhappy buddy said financial constants will keep him from attending, what a shame!

    PS…Can I get one for $49?…..


      1. Very funny, tebow…. but the zeroes go after the 9…and…before the decimal point. [That’s how one goes about increasing a number]….

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  2. If it’s Mikayla Nelson starting that game the Ladies of Troy are going to get pummeled.

    ‘Ol Mule Shoe better hope that Dylan Raiola commits to USC.

    Grinch, Nua and the other idiot Donte Williams should be long gone before the game vs LSU so the Ladies of Troy might have a fighting chance if Kris Richard is brought in to shape up the defense after the Ladies of Troy go 8-5 in 2023, including another humbling loss in a Holiday Bowl disaster as Boise State hands ‘Ol Mule Shoe another bowl game loss.


    1. What’s truly interesting is how you troll a rival blog on a daily basis and Riley coaches a blue-blood program.

      I am sure he’s looking for your advice.

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      1. Trojan football media sites have already picked up on me mentioning that ‘Ol Mule Shoe doesn’t give two shits about defense, they try and counter argue it all the time.


      2. Not giving two shits about defense ‘Ol Mule Shoe gets curbstomped against really good teams.

        Hell, even Tulane clowned ‘Ol Mule Shoe, Grinch, Nua and the other idiot Donte Williams

        Tulane? Really!



  3. Carol Folt: “We got a very excellent place. We said this is the place for us to be.”

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    1. Like you, Michael, whenever ‘Without-a-Folt’ analyzes, I scrutinize–
      “We got a very excellent place…for a very reasonable price,” says she
      When did she become a real estate expert on the price of buildings?–
      Looks like a pretty thin building, meaning a high per foot price

      “..our students are deeply interested in the workings of our democracy” Well, the last time I checked there were no “workings” going on in D.C.
      Gabby-So Cal work better together than the U.S. Senate and House

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      1. LJ…..I take that as a compliment, thank you! I am also 100% ok with all political rhetoric being banned from this site. Without formal moderation, the site has evolved into a troll fest. I can go elsewhere to feed my political appetite, but my little unhappy buddy would be lost since his actual intelligence related to USC athletics is very limited. I would label him out of his league!


      2. Says he’s 100% for it being banned, yet he goes for the bait each & every time! LOL

        Love it when he contradicts himself. Lame excuses, lies & spin in 3, 2, 1…


      3. So cal….Like I have told you more times than I care to remember, to me, you’re nothing more than sideshow entertainment to pass the time when I am not talking athletics. If you post like a child with the insults and name-calling and I respond in kind, and if it’s perceived by you as me taking the so-called “bait”, label me guilty as charged. You’re no different than an episode on the cartoon network, no other polite way to describe it

        I feel deep empathy for your family.


      4. LOL! As I stated, more excuses and lies. If you’re supposedly 100% against political shit, don’t post any and maybe people will believe that. Until then, it’s just lies.

        That’s OK about my family. The entire blog feels much worse for yours. Too bad COVID didn’t take more of them.


      5. You truly are an angry unhappy man. All you have been doing all day is ague about the price of tea. Can y


      6. (disregard my first post, edit feature is much needed)

        You truly are an angry unhappy man. All you have been doing all day is arguing about the price of tea. In all seriousness, can you please have someone read my comments and have them explain to you the context because you keep putting words in my mouth.

        It’s really disturbing how you call out Biden for the so-called pain and suffering he’s caused, yet you’re disappointed not more of my family died from covid. You have some major mental issues to wish death upon someone. That type to talk is complete grounds for me wanting to meet up with you. The true voice of a coward. Your comments are fighting words. You fucking weirdo.

        Does your wife know you wish death upon someone who posts on a blog? You crossed the line yet take no responsibility. You truly are an angry unhappy old man….I pity you.

        I truly feel great empathy for this man’s family.


      7. I’ve told you before, don’t mention my family and I won’t mention yours. Simple.

        Until then, fuck you and your family.


      8. So cal …..I have said nothing derogatory about your family. I feel sorry for them. And offering words of empathy is a kind act regarding what they are up against daily. If you act belligerent on this blog you’re doing it in other settings. You want to cry wolf when it’s convenient. I have refrained from name-calling due in part to advice from a blog member I respect. But it seems beyond you to offer the same respect.

        I am serious, you seem to have some issues with narcissism, please read up on ways to refrain from the triggered outbursts. Just because I debunk your rhetoric shouldn’t trigger a childish rant from you…..Another 30 consecutive posts from you and not one related to USC. Be productive!



      9. so cal: fuck you and your family.

        Is that really necessary…. grow up….exactly why I call you an unhappy angry old man.


      10. Your insincere, childish empathy is lame. There’s a reason Plow Horse said half the blog wants to kick your ass. (Some of them would actually show up, if they thought they could trust you to show up alone.) So no one feels more sorry than for those who know you.

        So as I said, fuck you and your family, especially the whore who raised you.


      11. Debunk? You’re stupid enough to try and deny Joe’s dementia. You haven’t debunked shit.

        Not only the entire country, but the entire world knows he has dementia. The only people denying are those who don’t want to admit what a mistake they made.


      1. One or two punches get thrown … nobody gets hurts ….poison is let out…. hugs all around…..
        [btw, Most of my family inexplicably favors Gabby’s positions so I’m bidding my time in the hopes we can come to come sort of accord —I think they’re wrong but I still love ’em]….


      2. I accidentally said “come” twice….. not sure what that means in this Gabby/So Cal context….


  4. What a f**k’g roar.

    2015-16: O & D; 9-9 in conf.
    2016-17: Two & D; 10-8 in conf.
    2017-18: NIT, Two & D; 12-6 in conf.
    2020-21: Elite Eight 19 point debacle; 15-5 in conf.
    2021-22: O & D; 14-6 in conf.

    Ten years of choka, choka, choka, choka choking.


      1. With no due respect Crabs, nobody at UCLA is tweeting CK FB program, oak cluster, BS accolades.

        #Utah 47 – Clown U Chokers 24.

        Cue and Loop: The Tulane Fight Song.

        #SUCC rah-rah’s are so hard up they’re proud of Andyain’twinning less than stellar, bozo BB, 10 yr., career.

        LR say: “CW da’ boss of me.” He say, excuse me, “I gotta to wax CW’s apt. floors.


      2. Gabby,
        Point of information: How does my friend Owns catalog the bruins ‘five- minutes- before- Holiday Bowl -stampede-outta-town’ ?

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      3. Whether it was a win or lose, just getting the Holiday Bowl invitation has a moral victory for the mediocrity the football program has embraced for decades.

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      1. Does that include their “covid” forfeit ?
        [Remember when Oscar de La Hoya backed out of a “return” match …cuz…”covid”? He gave a raspy telephone interview which you could barely hear….cuz the “covid” had “attacked his vocal cords”]……

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      2. After further review, a home game against Utah was canceled due to a forfeit by UCLA. It was not reflected the in original “lost total” at the time of posting. The newly amended loss total should now read 51 losses.

        Good eye in asking me to review the 2020 season.

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      3. Memo to: Crabs Jeremy

        re: “Some poor individual effort cost us the Tulane game. please review the game.” ~ Crabs Jeremy

        Oh well, Crabs’ weeny-whines, the usual bozo FB loser excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses routine, ’cause SUCC snatched pathetic defeat from the jaws of victory…and, that’s a fact!

        Cue&Loop: The Tulane Fight Song.

        #Crabs, somewhere on Earth it’s 13 – 9…After that elite FB loss, Little Petey Pom-Pom was whiter than a Roman Toga; he could have attended a KKK meeting in a dunce cap, w/o a sheet.


  5. 49.4 million for an office building in D.C! C’mon Folt. We could have bought at least three five star lineman, a cornerback and an edge rusher for half that amount.

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      1. If you’re paranoid enough to post about it, I recommend you contact your local FBI field office…. It’s always better to err on the side of caution


      2. These Chinese-National students work on the behalf the CCP to recruit Chinese-American scientists and professors to spying for the CCP..


      3. Carol Folt isn’t so stupid that that she doesn’t realize. She just doesn’t care. The CCP money is too good. So good Carol Folt would sell out her country for it.


      4. Carol Folt has been making her Bones with the CCP and Chinese for the last 20-30 years since her time at Dartmouth. Besides her being female, this was why she was hired at USC.


      5. CR you da man and I hear you. I’ve been whining about the ugly espionage situation money hungry Universities court by admitting CCP students. SUCC has been training CCP spies for years.

        These SUCC CCP Intelligence candidates load up10 terabyte memory sticks and then hightail it back to mainland China to receive great jobs shoving a sharp stick up the US’ ass.

        But hey, SUCC FB is more important than national security. Is it any wonder why CML war materiel’s are, in the main, close copies of US Military War materiel.

        # Next thing you know SUCC will begin recruiting students from No. Korea @100k a semester.


  6. Charles, your being paranoid. There’s nothing to steal/we give it to them anyway or sell it to the Chinese. Battery tech? Elon Musk. Crypto? They said no thanks and banned it. Ports, containers and shipping yards bought by the Chinese. Since Russia is being run by a doofus (who some of you bastards supported over your own President) we need a new boogeyman. Riddle me this. . .why did China shut down their country with a zero tolerance plan when America and the rest of the world went about their business? And that’s who were supposed to be afraid of?


    1. It’s not a shock that CCP speaks with forked tongue.

      How often have the MLC read about the US treatment of the Native-American population. The US didn’t invent forked-tongue treaties, but they definitely improved the practice. I would be surprise if 3% of all the US treaties negotiated with NA tribes were not arbitrarily ignored, especially when gold, oil or silver was involved.


  7. Memo to: Crabs Jeremy

    Do’h 8ball, MLC is considered, by the US military, the greatest war threat to American. Imagine US Universities training SS, DH goons prior the WWII.

    Damn, you’re just outright, pathetically stupid.


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