USC Saturday Buzz: One Final Thought On Columbus

USC had the privilege of playing Friday at Nationwide Arena in Columbus before 20,000 fans.

It was the first game of the day in the NCAA Tournament, it was on CBS (no truTV), and it was guaranteed a large audience because for the first 90 minutes, the only other competition was Kennesaw St. vs. Xavier (on truTV).

I mention all this because this game was a chance for USC the university to really strut its stuff and lay down a marker to the Big Ten that it takes this all seriously.

Instead, USC meekly came to Columbus with three song girls and a baton twirler. And no mascot. That’s right. You’re facing Michigan State and Sparty in their backyard and USC couldn’t even be bothered to bring the Trojan Mascot.

Have you ever watched three song girls perform at a time out? It’s not inspiring.

Michigan State had more than a dozen cheerleaders and Sparty. USC did bring its band. Thankfully.

But it was not what the fans expected at Nationwide Arena. Or deserved.

Carol Folt was all for the Big Ten move when it came to making more money. Now she needs to spend some of it.

Back in the 1970’s, people couldn’t stop talking about the USC band. Now Northern Kentucky gets more publicity at the NCAA Tournament.

63 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: One Final Thought On Columbus

    1. parcelman007

      MARCH 18, 2023 AT 9:57 AM

      I say let’s build the offense first and then the defense……we’ll rebuild the band later.

      What a dumbass!


      1. Well that’s a very rational and logically thought out Phi Beta Kappa comment. I guess I shouldn’t be so dogmatic. After all, who made the rule that said you have make sense when you talk.


    2. Well, Parcel, Ghost touched on it a few months ago.

      Art used to allow non-USC musicians to play in the band. I’d guess 10%. Vogel might not be allowing that.

      Other than that, I’d flip those first two priorities. Our D was pathetic in 2022.

      Ignore Tebow. You’d think he would have been in a better mood last night, from having watched our game.

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      1. Speaking of the band… What a great feeling it was to stand next to the band as they warmed up in front of Heritage Hall before they marched off to the Coliseum

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      2. I’ll always remember the band playing outside my friend and fellow Trojan, Bill Telsi’s, window the day before he died from a lingering illness. Most inspiring.


  1. Instead, USC meekly came to Columbus with three song girls and a baton twirler. And no mascot. That’s right. You’re facing Michigan State and Sparty in their backyard and USC couldn’t even be bothered to bring the Trojan Mascot.

    Have you ever watched three song girls perform at a time out? It’s not inspiring

    – Scott Wolf

    If you knew the team had no shot at winning the game wouldn’t you keep travel expenses to a minimum?

    Why spend money you don’t have to on a one and done no defense shit show?

    Think about it


      1. If the authorities get a whiff of Gabby’s middle finger they’re going to lock her up in quarantine and might even set fire to her

        Triple Crotch Kick!


      2. T-bone…. Your cock popped out of the asshole(ouch!) after the double crotch kick. I am sure you couldn’t even lift a leg after that. Thanks for playing the game. You can pick up your parting gift as you exit


  2. I am actually happy basketball is done. I do believe that what we have seen the past few seasons will repeat each year until someone decides to do something different. Win just enough to get into the tourney, then take the first flight home after the first game.

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      1. Similar to the banquet every year to celebrate the football team’s moral victories.
        This year’s theme was “Mediocrity shall not escape us”

        (can we get an 8 clap)

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      2. Enfield’s Ladies of Troy were caught standing around so much they looked like spectators at a Michigan St. Spartan dunk contest.

        Man, it was ugly!

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  3. Scott has never signed my Retainer contract but he shies
    away from SC-basketball because most of You shy away from it too
    It doesn’t sell and he is in the sales business in a way.
    At SC it is Football followed closely by Spring-Practice

    However if I am arguing against myself I say Scott is a bit ‘bush’ at times, but nothing more serious than that so “chill-out” on the guy already, he is actually doing all of us a Big-Favor

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  4. A little side-note on these NCAAs going on–
    Only one team gets to ‘go on,’ all 63-others cry at the end

    That is 63 sad stories, nothing worse than losing your Last game
    If Trojans are dismayed, and count on that, Arizona Wildcats
    are devising about 18 different ways to kill their coach
    Dandy-Andy is safe on that count. Most Trojans are football-drunk

    Saturday early morn’ and I am feeling good, free at last from SC football and basketball. It is an addiction my compassion for
    SC-sports, so much so that I care nothing about any other sports
    teams, L.A. or U.S.A. But just so I don’t fall off the wagon and take in
    just a ‘small-puff’ of some Great-Game, I have never owned a television
    (But I do sneak over to my wife’s place when SC is playing!)

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      1. By the way, Michael, I read your guy but he was discussing the makeup of the universe, not whether we all go on in some spiritual form to resume our partying with departed loved ones-


  5. According to a source, when Vegas found out about only three cheerleaders and lack of a mascot the betting line moved 4 points in favor of Michigan St.

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      1. The players need to be in uniform to play ball [NCAA rules]….


  6. The seeds of scaling down the USC tradition and fan enthusiasm started with shutting out the band at the Coliseum – they put in a 110 decibel DJ system to prevent any potential conversation between fans and then they blasted pre-recorded music at every conceivable break in the game. No more band to create the classic atmosphere, no more fan interaction, far less fan involvement with the game. When they cranked up the DJ and silenced the band, it took the crowd out of the game completely. I know I declined to go to a couple of games because of the hellacious noise and I will certainly skip a few more this season and catch my guys on TV – if that’s possible given the sorry state of the PAC-12 network

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    1. Well…we soon won’t have to worry about the Pac 12 Network….
      [I was at a bar and grill in Maui when, for some reason, the words “Pac 12 Network” came on the screen —-it made everybody start laughing]…


    2. I like the band better but let’s face it, the sellouts stopped when we started losing. People do not come to watch a band, they come to watch winning football. Riley will have us back to where we belong and tickets will once again be hard to come by.


      1. Right, losses to the likes of Tulane are really going to put asses in the Coliseum seats…LOL!


      2. We go to watch the band, Mrs. When halftime is over, we drive home to watch virtually the entire 4th quarter.


      3. That would explain why you were clueless when the drone interrupted the game and a football IQ next to nothing…..mystery solved!

        #Fight On!

        PS…. Joe has a book you may want to read!


      4. The drone was about 15 minutes after kickoff. I didn’t feel the need to pass an idiot’s test as to whether not I was at the game.


      5. Three people asked you the same question and a one word answer would sufficed. You clearly passed the idiot test.

        According to the wifey, you were too busy texting petty nonsense about Joe.


  7. “Woke” defined by SVB: Broke But it isn’t all bad, to each depositor that lost their life savings will be given a free ball point pen.


      1. Wow!….this whole article flew right over your head, doesn’t surprise me at all. Let me explain it terms for dummies, got it. The vast majority of depositors at the bank in question have their accounts insured as “revocable trusts”, meaning they can have multiple beneficiaries each worth 250k in additional insurance. Joe is doing the majority of depositors no favor.

        Any half-wit with over 250k in deposits at an individual bank knows how to protect their money legally. Since you have nowhere close to that amount I wouldn’t expect you to understand the FDIC protections

        Get educated, I can’t do it for you….try this site:


      1. 11% of SVB accounts were covered by FDIC. A lot of those not covered were Chinese accounts. Did my homework.


      2. Steve….By law, every individual depositor is insured, at minimum(minus any beneficiaries)for 250k. So you’re trying to tell me 89% of depositors had over 250k in assets per account(I am trying not to laugh)….. post a link to where you found 11%, please!


      3. “Financial analyst S&P Global Market Intelligence reported 97% of SVB accounts had above the $250,000 insurance limit”

        Can you please explain to me how an “analyst” would have access to privately held accounts needed to make this 97% determination ?….they don’t…..nice try!

        Here’s the most recent statement from the FDIC: “The amount of uninsured deposits will be determined once the FDIC obtains additional information from the bank and customers. The amount of deposits in excess of the insurance limits was undetermined.

        slo troll….it’s interesting because the FDIC has yet to release any numbers or percentage that supports 97%. Once again, you’re confusing an opinion with a fact….get educated.

        I need to rest my arms, it’s exhausting slapping you around like a pinata.




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      1. Yeah…actually I’d say 93% of us are with you on that….


  9. Wasn’t watching, but Scott Wolf is spot-on. USC has historically run the football program on the cheap and (Riley notwithstanding) so it goes.

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    1. CR: “Scott Wolf is spot-on. USC has historically run the football program on the cheap”

      There was no mention of the football program…..sounds like you’re out in left field AGAIN!….I see slo troll out there with you. pathetic!


    2. CR, most of us knew what you meant. If USC goes cheap on football, their pride & joy, why would anyone be shocked they went cheap with bb.

      But some people went to school on the short bus.

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      1. So Cal…. Please define cheap with respect to the USC football program.

        It interesting how you still ride the short-bus, except it’s paint blue how for seniors only.


  10. Regional banks got greedy and now they will pay literally and figuratively. Scott wants to speak about failure, not USC basketball. He’s really becoming a vampire. I find it funny that old men need young people to validate their allegiance to institutions who choose people dedicated who disrespect tradition.


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