It’s Transfer Portal Wednesday

USC tight end Malcolm Epps has entered the transfer portal. It’s a smart move.

Epps caught only three passes last season despite being 6-foot-6 and athletic. He needs to go somewhere that will feature him in the offense. He also intercepted a pass last season.

  • Meanwhile, USC guard Reese Dixon-Waters has also entered the transfer portal. He was the Pac-12 Sixth Man of the Year, averaging 9.8 points per game last season. Guard Malik Thomas has also entered the portal. He averaged 2.4 points.
  • Arizona point guard Kerr Kriisa has also entered the portal.

33 thoughts on “It’s Transfer Portal Wednesday

    1. WTF, beloved Andyain’twinning loses Dixon-Waters, P-12’s 6th MoY, to the portal…OUCH!

      UCLA wouldn’t hesitate to welcome D-W to its BB program…LOL.

      FYI, only 4, Div. 1 University’s have their men’s and women’s BB teams in the Sweet 16:

      UConn; Miami; Tennessee and UCLA…

      #Both of SUCC’s BB team were DOA.


  1. Epps has been 6 years out of high school. He needs exposure if he wants to be anywhere above the XFL. The thing is when he catches the ball he scores if you believe he only had 3 catches last season he also is listed with 3TDs so if he actually leaves he should find a team that uses their tight ends more.
    I wonder what he’d look like as defensive back.


    1. Epps decision to leave might have been based on Duce coming in and them not needing two big receivers/TE. I say it means Duce will announce for USC.

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      1. I agree with you. This clearly opens the door for Dunce to get early playing time. I am going as far as anointing him the starting TE. My crystal ball prediction he’s ours to lose. Georgia is going to close hard. We need him to stay strong and not bite on the kool-aid they will feed him.

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      1. Scott said he’s going to use the “shoe-phone” tomorrow to connect with Dunce. It’s how Scott communicates with “The Coach”


    2. The only time ‘Ol Mule Shoe used Epps was when they were in the red zone, actually around the 10 yard line and the play was so predictable, Epps at the back of the end zone and Caleb would throw it up high where Epps had the height advantage.

      That play is played out, straight out of a high school playbook.

      Robinson would be a fool to play for ‘Ol Mule Shoe, he’s not going to get the ball thrown to him, he would be better off at Michigan


  2. Last thing I think of when I think of Waters Dixon is him pushing an ASU player in the back after a basket and giving ball back to ASU. It almost cost us the game (last regular season at home). I was thinking what a stupid selfish play and this team has no discipline!!
    Would I want him to transfer, no, but curious as to why he’s leaving.

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      1. Only 37% have a mom and dad at home. So they often make it apparent to all. Not so horrible when you think about it. Good on dad, for stepping up!

        With Mexicans, men taking mom’s maiden name as their middle name is almost a given.


    1. Didn’t bozo BB have center a few years back that liked to kick opponents in the balls when frustrated? Just asking for a friend.


  3. All this is a moot point if Grinch is still around.

    Great the offense scores 45 but the defense allows 46 points scored.



      1. That idiot Grinch can’t coach, his resume speaks for itself. If it weren’t for the offenses that Grinch has been fortunate to be paired with at Oklahoma and now USC, his defenses would be giving up 50+ points a game.

        Grinch has no business being a D1 defensive coordinator.


  4. The timing of the transfer decision is interesting – second week of practice right after spring break. Why not compete until the end of spring ball and try to beat out McRhee. I bet a USC coach told him that he is #3 or lower on the depth chart and asked him to transfer so they could open up another roster spot. Too bad. The kid passes the eye ball test. A huge frame but that doesn’t guarantee that he can block.

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      1. Thanks George. I like Tirebiter. Especially the photo that shows him humping the Bruin mascot’s leg before biting him in the ass. Your namesake was a real hell raiser.




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