USC Pro Day Closes A Chapter

Among those who participated at USC Pro Day was wide receiver Terrell Bynum, who had another year of eligibility if he chose to use it.

Bynum’s decision to transfer to USC backfired because he hardly got any playing time after spending four seasons at Washington. So there was little incentive to remain at USC, obviously.

He ran a 4.5 40, which pretty good considering the state of the wet field.

  • Former USC tight end Erik Krommenhoek, who last played in 2021, also was at Pro Day although he didn’t appear to actually do anything. Former USC tailback Vavae Malepeai did six reps on the bench press.

12 thoughts on “USC Pro Day Closes A Chapter

      1. PTSD flashback from Poli Sci 101. Bynum? Really? That’s relevant? Might as well mention tebow’s continuation school grades on a post.


  1. “USC tailback Vavae Malepeai did six reps on the bench press.”

    And in doing so he re-aggravated a sprained toenail that has plagued him his entire football career…he’ll be out who knows how long.


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