Cal And Stanford Keep Hiring Each Other’s Athletes

Cal hired former Stanford basketball player Mark Madsen as its head coach.

Stanford has former Cal basketball player Jerod Haase as its head coach. Stanford’s new football coach is Troy Taylor, a former Cal QB.

Cal women’s basketball coach Charmin Smith is a former Stanford basketball player.

Now the funny part: Madsen wanted the Stanford job but the Cardinal kept Haase, who has not made the NCAA Tournament in his seven seasons. So Madsen decided to take the Cal job instead. We’ll see if that backfires on Stanford.

Of course, Cal will actually have to spend some money on its basketball program if it wants to win, so who knows how Madsen will do in that environment.


24 thoughts on “Cal And Stanford Keep Hiring Each Other’s Athletes

  1. Is there no allegiance to one’s alma mater anymore?– I mean, if sucla were to offer me a million to coach one of their teams I would turn them down. But at $10-million I might have to think it through


  2. ugh,necks thing u now ucla wil try to higher couches that aint mijjits end aint got boobees bigur then ol’peenus breth muthurs boobees,smdh


  3. Scott, all this love for the North? Sounds like he plans on moving up there to really get in the Inside of something.


      1. Everyone agrees that USC SONG GIRLS ARE




    1. That’s awesome, you should get T-shirts or a trophy made. The gutties have to win something in football, it might as well be the #2 early season transfer portal rankings title. Prestigious! I change my mind, hang a banner in the rose bowl and make it huge. That way you could cover even more seats and brag a little.


      1. Yes Mrs Helton,
        Uclol claim to Fame is to be #2 in the transfer portal. They managed to take the Cal #1 all American WR on the first day the portal opened. Remarkable timing. Just like they were negotiating before hand. The ghost of johnny cheatin Woodin lives. Cal has not reduced admission standards for athletes. Unlike uclol. At least DD chipper knows he won’t need to vet transcripts when he recruits from Cal.

        But, they went after the Cal leading tackler LB also.

        I’m happy uclol is gone. Just drop off a $10 Large check on their way out the door and see if the UC Regents tolerate the huge losses the Athletic Dept. accrues from here on out. The Regents aren’t pleased with that school. Pay back is a bitch, I hear. Those tickets they give away on Colorado Blvd don’t pay the bills.

        Just fuck the baby bruins. Worthless trash.


      2. LOL, are you mad Helton? You sure sound like it. I mean mighty, mighty, semi-elite SUCC FB is out recruited from the portal by CK… shocking uh?

        FYI Mrs. Helton, SUCC FB goes 8 – 4 in 2023.

        BTW Helton, what’s it like living in a swampy, mosquito infested, tiny village in Georgia? Shopping at Uncle Ted’s Emporium must be so thrilling for you.

        #LR say: “CW is the boss of me.”


    2. Just Rent,

      Did you see the value of the NIL for ugly? As usual the tax payers will have to make up the difference because uglies NIL is dirt cheap just like ugly. It is only $3.7 mil while SC’s is $7.8 mil You have two more players coming in than leaving as well. Ugly sucks


  4. Now, now ’86, just ’cause Kal Athletics is the road kill of the Pac-12 Conf. , doesn’t mean it’s UCLA fault. I mean Kal gets to SUCC on the UCLA tit for cash indefinitely…why? What’s Kal done to deserve UCLA welfare payments.

    UCLA does all the labor to insure a good harvest, while Kal sits with a stick up its kazoo, doing nothing but sharing the fruits of UCLA labor.

    Cue: I’m Back In The USSR


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