Carol Folt On State Of USC

USC president Carol Folt gave her “state of the university” speech on Tuesday.

Folt said USC raised $770 million in pledges and gifts, which she described as “one of the top years in our history.”

She also said USC paid off nearly $2.5 billion in coronavirus and legal expenses.

Among the goals Folt mentioned were a commitment to the athletic and academic success of athletes, and the continuation of initiatives reducing carbon emissions. This was notable because the move to the Big Ten will strain academic performances for athletes and the travel will affect Folt’s carbon emission goals.

“I choose to see USC’s future as limitless,” Folt said. “I hope when people think of USC, they’ll think of a place where there is excellence in everything, everywhere all at once.”

She was asked afterward about USC’s rising tuition costs.

It’s a really complicated situation right now because inflation is almost double the rate that we even add in tuition,” Folt said. “So we’re adding services, adding programs, trying to increase it, and yet the value of our own dollar is lower.”


26 thoughts on “Carol Folt On State Of USC

      1. Pasadena is referring to Bugs calling Elmer a ‘maroon’….and an “igoraramus”….

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  1. gee,if she seas the fewchur as limmitliss than wye dont she jussed tel evry wun how the ewenuhvirs keaps eckspanding rathur than maik me hafta try to ecksplane it,smdh

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    1. You got to admit, Ed, that that God fella really gave the “Big Bang” quite a punch when you have objects still flying away 13-billion years later, but never fear, as with the world population now at 8-billion and reaching a culmination, there will be a contraction

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  2. I always feel better after a “Without-a-Folt’ speech–
    We took in $770-million last year and paid out $2.5 billion
    so I see USC’s future “as limitless,” until SC files for bankruptcy

    And yes tuition is high but “inflation is double the rate” and tuition on my watch has not nearly doubled.

    As the movie says, SC is” in everything, everywhere all at once” and that was a big reason for joining the Big-10 so our athletes could take in the world as long as they don’t flunk out from all those long flights away from school

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  3. Nothing but politically correct lip service from the troll known as the roaming gnome of Troy! Wouldn’t expect anything more or less from Folt the dolt.

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  4. Folt is a bureaucrat, not a leader. USC has generally fallen a couple rankings down the lists of the top Universities since her time. She is good for cleaning up the problems of the last administration. But is there a really big vision for the future of USC? This speech did nothing to tell me she has a big vision for the future of USC.

    The push to eliminate tuition for families making less than 80K a year is bad policy. When someone pays zero for something, they dont appreciate it. USC will be getting lots more applications from people who just want a free ride. Make them take some loans and pay some tuition, so they appreciate it. This will just shift the burden on the middle class families who have worked hard to save some assets and make a little more money.

    But of course, this is the whole point. The liberals just want to destroy the middle class/ upper middle class and give a few of the poor a lottery ticket to escape poverty. That helps to create the narrative that success is not earned, it is given as a gift from the mega-rich to the poor and those poor should be thankful for it.

    With Lincoln Riley as head coach, at least we will have a killer football team. That is the extent of the involvement I will want with this university.

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  5. Geez, gamer, ouch! You understand this university you choose to limit your exposure to have been giving out free rides to poor (and rich!) students for years? At least 100 based on court testimony.

    “It’s a really complicated situation right now because inflation is almost double the rate that we even add in tuition,” Folt said. “So we’re adding services, adding programs, trying to increase it, and yet the value of our own dollar is lower.”

    So offer remote learning as part of the curriculum and education process to reduce costs like paying for instruction while making certain subjects more vocational and giving school credits to students who learn at internships or complete remote work in their field of choice while at USC? Would that ameliorate the vicissitudes you can’t grasp?

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      1. Just Rent,

        I am sure that your parents forced fed you in reading the Communist Manifesto, watching commie and socialist proganda films, and Mao’s book. No wonder you turned out the way you did. However, while you were being brainwashed to worship at the alter of the false god of Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden, I was watching Bugs Bunny and having a blast. You could have learned more from him than all the Commie Atheist crap that was forced down your throat. I feel sorry for you. You have no life.


      2. PT,
        What a fantastic upbringing you had being able to avoid all of the typical indoctrination by going to private Catholic schools!


  6. PT, in my wildest dreams, I never thought a Clown U graduate like yourself could be soooooooo, proudly, ridiculously moronic.

    How the hell did you slip your short leash and remove your gag PT? Your family must be utterly mortified?


    1. Like yourself?!

      I’m always amused at how many people say & write that. It’s grammatically incorrect, which is funny considering you called him moronic in the same sentence.

      Reflexive pronouns have limited correct uses and that is not one of them. It’s 3rd grade English!


  7. Pasadena — Whatever else happens in our lives, I’ll always be proud of the fact we watched [more than] our share of 3 Stooges & Bugs Bunny….

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      1. Don’t know if you were a Supernatural fan, Boogs, but there was a great episode near the end of the series where they were cursed in a comic book store and became characters in Scooby Doo! Real demon hunters teamed up with animated demon hunters, (who always found their demons to be fakes).


    1. Michael,

      Bugs Bunny and the Three Stooges are the best. Then you have the Marx Brother’s but they were movie types. I met Mel Blanc one time at a Christmas function at the L.A. junior Blind Foundation on Crenshaw during my junior year at Loyola. He did his voices for the kids. Afterwards I was able to speak to him. Very nice man. To this day, I remember seeing the characters paying tribute to him in a cartoon picture. He was also on the Jack Benny Show. No one can replace him.

      Bugs and then Yosemite Sam were and still are my favorites. Whoever thought of the characters are geniuses. You have the Tsmanian devil, road runner, while coyote, and others. The funny thing is that the cartoons are still prevelant for today and for the future. God Bless. That is part of Americana.


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