USC Saturday Buzz: A Flip On Dylan Raiola

USC has had a lot of momentum with five-star Dylan Raiola, especially with Nebraska looking like its main competition.

However, analyst Steve Wiltfong of 247 has flipped his prediction on Raiola from USC to Georgia.


Raiola visited Georgia two weeks ago and then Nebraska but canceled a future visit to the Huskers’ spring game. Wiltfong switched his prediction to USC following Raiola’s visit to campus in early March.

So it all seems a bit flip-floppy and based on whoever Raiola’s visits last. He is supposed to visit the Oregon spring game on April 29th, for what that’s worth.

But this is the game of predicting recruits’ commitments.


12 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: A Flip On Dylan Raiola

  1. Wiltfong is smart and reliable…but… let’s face it…’s difficult to keep a daily board interesting without creating drama…


    1. This kid is incredibly egocentric. Team means nothing to him. See how he’s switched high school for his own purposes. I predict multiple use of the portal in his college career.


  2. MG, maybe Raiola doesn’t want to compete, like CW… you know, be anointed QB, as it were…LOL

    #LR say: “CW is the boss of me. ‘Cuse me, I have to shine CW’s shoes.”


  3. The guy loves Lincoln Riley there’s no way he goes anywhere else. He’s thinking Heisman Trophy and being the number one draft pick in the NFL.

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  4. Raiola really needs to get this settled, then he can help recruit the guys he likes to come play with him. The longer he takes the tougher it will get.

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  5. I don’t think that he’s going to Oregon. Oregon buys his players. I don’t think this guy will go anywhere for money. Without the money aspect, Oregon is just the Calvin Kleins of NCAA football who look real pretty in their multi-colored uniforms but when it comes to football tradition and championships, they are one big nothing burger. I don’t think he will go to Nebraska just because his uncle is the O-Line coach. His own parents said that they loved SC. Georgia is very much of a possibility. I still think that he will go to SC. SC should have a great year this year and that should be incentive to come to SC.


  6. He should resurrect NU. He comes here and we’re automatic top 20 with whom he’d bring in in wave of recruits. Big 10 great conference who is expanding with west coast teams so he’d be playing over there as well, kinda like home games turf. Kid has got the world wanting his signature.


  7. I think these schools are putting too much stick on this one young man. He may be great, but no guarantees. I love Nebraska, but it’s time to move in from Raiola.


  8. Two things: (1) funny how so many claim to know where Raiola is and is not going as if he has shared his plans with them.

    (2) Some attack Raiola (or any top player) when they select a team those fans don’t support, thus, we hear “he’s egocentric, he’s afraid to compete.”

    As a Georgia fan I hope Raiola picks the Dawgs. I do not believe Raiola is an ego maniac nor do I believe he is afraid to compete with anyone. If Raiola picks Georgia, great! If not, I wish him well wherever he chooses to go.


  9. Greetings ,bb fans this fellow enfield aaahhh whatever recruits a russian who cannot speak english and he wonders why hes having problems there??? well russians and chinese are cloning !!!!!! Well uconn and the over all bring more good luck in the ncaa tournament !!!! steam rolling the field ???? Regards, E


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